Shaoxing Dayu Festival

Date of publication:2009-5   Press: Zhejiang photography press   Author:Wu Jun, Luo Haidi   Pages:181  
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Cultural geography [preface preface Da Yu festival in a Shaoxing city], [II] breeding ground for mountain Kuaiji, like [3] the mausoleum temple worship the holy land, Yu Huaxia Zu Da Yu's life, stories and legends [a] Da Yu's life and deeds [II] Da Yu and the Shaoxing Da Yu festival the origin and history [a] Da Yu [II] Da Yu Festival origin in history [3] at the new China after the establishment of the Da Yu Da Yu festival festival form and system [a] [2], offering memorial [3] people offering Da Yu Festival worship places, sacrificial offerings and offerings, period [a] Da Yu Festival worship places [II] Da Yu Festival sacrificial utensil, sacrifices and offerings at the Da Yu inheritance, protection and carry forward [a] dynasties mausoleum Temple renovation [II] new Chinese chronicle after the establishment of the mausoleum Temple protection and repair [a] the appendix [II] the Song Yu Oration excerpt select @##@ poems postscript Da Yu is a great hero of water control in ancient Chinese, by the broad masses of the people respect and love. Shaoxing is located in the mausoleum and the Yu temple festival has a long history, memorial and the people offering endless, become one of our province and even the most traditional religious activities. Da Yu and Chinese two emperor as the sons and daughters who founding father, Da Yu spirit is the treasure of Chinese national spirit.
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