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Date of publication:2004-1   Press: The publishing house of the Chinese Dictionary   Author:Liu Kang   Pages:310  

Liu Kang, the famous calligraphy and seal cutting artists, Macao daily "Shanghai feeling" columnist. Born in Shanghai in 1948, when grandfather Lu Danan period, for the family, and Chen Julai Peterman india.
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Objective a nostalgic Article 1 Shanghai name origin 2 recall of Huaihai square 3 Jewish Shanghai margin of 4 East Lake Road 5. 6 world daydream at the coexistence of sun Tong Hui 7 beats a century 8 Eileen Chang Memorial Library in 9 old houses have Guiqi 10 Feng 履堂 collectors 11 white substantial world 12 incense to dress 13 nostalgic style 14 cinemas 15 the International Opium venue 16 Bank Museum 17 in the bank Coffee fragrant 18 sea old two fashion 1 elements 79 restaurant birthday 2 new 3 top Gallery 4 Japanese shampoo 5 sunshade under 6 have the Spring Festival leisure wear is 7 six thousand yuan to fly God 8 into the boudoir 9 shredded a pool of spring 10 Shanghai yacht the dream of 11 wonderful in Speechless 12 Shen kiln taste 13 originated from the Shanghai's stunning 14 retain life 15 Shanghai Dongmei 16 popular 17 minority characteristic shop 18 Starbucks experience 19 Hongkong Street three Food four people five news article six article seven article @##@ miscellanies Tour "Shanghai" the mood is long in Shanghai and settled in Macao, a famous calligrapher and seal the columnist, with its unique artist eye strokes and the Chunshen affectionate, show the Shanghai charming demeanor and new look to the readers in the form of essays. Fluent in writing, Weiweidaolai, the "nostalgia", "fashion", "commercial", "tour", "Food", "character" and "miscellanies" and other seven categories, more than 130 articles, and decorated with beautiful pictures and photos of more than 130 frames. "Shanghai state of mind" illustrations, is an understanding of today's Shanghai style of the excellent books. "Shanghai state of mind" is the author of the essays, respectively from the nostalgia, fashion, Food, figures, business etc. description of Shanghai, this paper has: Shanghai name origin, Jewish Shanghai margin, etc. more than 70 restaurants in the church.
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