Shanghai Temple records eight

Date of publication:2006-12   Press: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences   Author:Office of local chronicles of Shanghai City   Pages:302  

"Shanghai temple in the old eight" use traditional characters horizontally, the original for the specific format honorifics, modest, were cancelled, switch to modern style. "Long Huazhi" eight volumes, the Qing Buddhism and the original essays, Zhang Chen series, Qinghai 寜 Chen Co reading building reserves. This Shanghai city within the administrative area, from ancient times to 1949 before the planning of Township, Li, Bao old Chi Kan Ben, unpublished manuscript has been, of all the books published object. One and has a variety of, have to include. Temporarily unable to collectors, let when complement. Between the Republic of China, the local government has professional organizations for the di Shanghai special city, town as high basic investigation, including politics, economy, society, culture and education.
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Organize the roll before poetry poetry all illustrations Longhua Zhi roll a form of order 2 construction of Longhua Zhi Chi Longhua volume three Chen Zhi Longhua records which give monk Longhua style chronicles Vol. five French Chi Chi Longhua volume six Yi Wen Zhi Chi Longhua volume seven poetry Zhi Chi Longhua volume eight anecdotes of
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