Shanghai style culture and communication (Second Series)

Date of publication:2008-12   Press: Shanghai ancient books publishing house   Author:Xie Bailiang, Zhan Renzuo.   Pages:349   Words:270000  

The editor of this book by cross culture research center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai culture. The book consists of Jiaotong University in the spring and autumn, Noah's ark, old China hands, ink film, maritime customs and the Shanghai Painting of six parts, the main contents include the eagle wings and the development of Jiaotong University; to create the Chinese culture under the background of global platform -- Shanghai Jiao Tong University, cross cultural communication and Research Center; Reflections on the "old China hand" of life,; achievement and influence of Sinologists 马若瑟; Hong narrative in Shanghai -- the film as an example; Shanghai elevated: a reflection of city landscape. A person to be successful, not without passion and dream; similarly, to be a great university, is also not without great passion and dream. Because the dream is, we can go far. University 112 years of the development process, is to realize a dream process. At the beginning of twentieth Century, our predecessors have dreamed of university construction has become the "Oriental MIT", they do. And now, our dream is to become a university masters, elite, achievement of science and technology and the humanities thought brilliant add radiance and beauty to each other, the University; become a can not only lose the national industrial modernization, but also can promote human health, leading the social development, contribution to the progress of human society has the world first-class university.
Catalogue of books

Jiaotong University in the spring and autumn China first university president Sheng Xuanhuai Nanyang early historical Ferguson -- Guan Ju two foreigners on the spirit of the National Chiao Tung University National Chiao Tung University eagle wings and the development of hundred years of Jiaotong University Literature -- in the first pillar of Chinese language and literature majors and graduate speech on the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Fu create global background of Chinese culture platform -- Shanghai Jiao Tong University cross cultural communication and research center of Noah's Ark "old China hand" International Symposium in California University "old China hand" seminar "Chinese veteran" records: the world anti fascist war collective memory into the Huangpu River "Noah's Ark" Reflections on the "old China hand" the heart knots, the motherland entangles the dreamland -- Jews and Shanghai historical retrospect and Prospect of the Jewish nation study -- Chinese should newspapers one thousand reasons to fear the Jewish nation of the Jews in Shanghai -- "courier" to Israel as an example from Sherlock to Ilan -- Chinese stage image of Jews in old China hands -- prosperous foreign missionaries and Shanghai Shanghai during World War II Jewish refugees living. Survey report salad: a Jewish woman, Shanghai dream: life, achievements and influence of die to save Jewish old China hands Chinese doctor Sinologist 马若瑟 from "saints" to "man" has China "white revolution" American couple Robert McClure and modern Chinese health beautiful in China Hird and Hird's Chinese love as migratory birds coming in search -- Interview with fortieth times to China to collect testimony of atrocities by Ms. Matsuoka during the Anti Japanese War period in Nanjing, Japan and anti war activities Buck: Chinese good friends - an Englishman in Shanghai Japanese concentration camp day makeup cinemas and pop art in a deductive "orphan" and "Kan the original denju tenarai Kagami" comparison of heavy heavy layers of chains -- "the golden cangue" from the novel to the evolution of Hongkong opera in the narration of Shanghai -- Taking as an example the Kunqu Opera movie going abroad I think -- from the Youth Edition of "the Peony Pavilion" to show about China comedy culture epoch -- Congratulations, Zhou Baichun and Yao Mushuang the comedy art workshop Asia first acrobatic show cultural interest -- Super multimedia fantasy drama "time "After the concept of maritime customs brigade of Shanghai elevated: a city landscape painting brush on Shanghai in" the international situation "-- Zhan Renzuo and his paintings
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