Qilu culture and the people of Shandong

Date of publication:2008-9   Press: Shandong people's Publishing House   Author:Wang Xiuzhi   Pages´╝Ü304  

"Qilu culture and the people of Shandong are analyzed in the" Qilu culture of geographical environment, historical origin, social background, introduces the Qilu culture represents the classic characters, Qilu culture, discusses the connotation and impact on the quality of Shandong City, the economic and social development of Shandong, Shandong family concept and so on.
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Chapter 1 introduction of Qilu Culture in the geographical environment, the geographical environment in Shandong special two, Shandong three, Shandong four mountain water, Shandong sea five, Shandong products second chapter of Qilu culture historical origin, Dongyi civilization light illuminate Taishan two North and south, ancient sages traveled across the Yellow River, three Xia Shangzhou culture of Qilu culture third chapter of Qilu culture background, music culture, the profound impact of contention of a hundred schools of thought two lively situation, a strong atmosphere of three Jixia Academy fourth chapter of Qilu culture representative one, Jiang Taigong (Jiang Shang) two, the Duke of Zhou (Ji Dan three), Guan Zhongsi, Duke Huan of Qi (Jiang Xiaobai five), Yan Zi (Yan Ying) six, Confucius (Confucius) seven, Sun Wuba, Yan Zi (Yan Hui nine), Ceng Zi (participated) ten, Zisi (Kong Jia), Mo-tse (Mo Zhai eleven) twelve, thirteen, Mencius bin (Meng Ke fourteen, Zou Yan fifteen), Xunzi (Xun Kuang) the fifth chapter of Qilu culture, people-oriented two, based on the core of humanity to Germany for three, four, five, filial piety in harmony six, ceremony for the fan seven, with "three cardinal guides", "five "As the main content of eight, the harmony between man and nature, harmony of yin and Yang is the highest nine, to" the doctrine of the mean "as the basic method, to ten time change as the driving force of sixth chapters of Qilu culture classics," the four books "two, a" five "," book of filial piety "three," "five, four". Mo-tse, six, "a classic seventh chapter of Qilu Culture on Shandong's profound influence on the people of Shandong, Qilu culture quality effect two, Qilu culture to the people of Shandong family influence three, Qilu culture to Shandong economic and social development of postscript
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