Passing Shanghai alley

Date of publication:1996-6   Press: Shanghai Pictorial Publishing House   Author:Mao Shian, Zhang Xichang.   Pages:124  

Passing the alleys of Shanghai, author of preface I first came to Shanghai from the Japanese island of Kyushu in alley Shikumen house, probably 1921 spring time. At that time, I was just learning to walk more than half of children. The house is one of the neighborhood today for Tongren road and Yanan road! From there through the garden lawn can clearly see them, like a palace of the red brick house. Kazakhstan is the Jews dwelling in Shanghai, is a famous big business, with today's words, is the real estate tycoon. He built a general lane house lots, into a large blocks of columns, and each column each building is divided into many families, these built for Chinese housing, may say that is not what our high-grade housing, a rented house is one of them. The slender space between the rows of houses is the alley, the alley outside the room in front of the general entrance door house is called arcade, here written * *, to name the neighborhood. My family rented a house for the alley, the wall is provided with no decoration atmosphere of Shikumen, equipped with two fan black flat open door. The opposite is the back door of the house. Here's my first confused is no toilet. Mother seemed dissatisfied at not take a shower, no toilet, so my father buy commode and elliptic bathtub with enamel covering instead. Every morning the real toilet carry out and placed in ordinary side, waiting to pour closestool to open the box, dung cart, dung is poured into water, simply wash the toilet, put it back in the same place. So this at home can't do get all alley do. At that time, I live in open fields around more, but four weeks have started a street construction, often have a lot of big mouse ran home to. I had put a mousetrap in the home folder broken toes, foot nails are off, the pain I clench one's teeth also could not endure. For most Shanghai residents, the alley is the children's place, is a place to live, and the neighbors communication places. However, in recent years has undergone a lot of changes, with the improvement of living standards, but to create the people do not see the inside story of the kind of personal psychology. First use of the gas, burning their own meals, telephone, television is also popular, and even some rooms are fitted with air conditioning, the window is completely closed, the door is not opened. Home and alley was completely cut off, the space relationship also does not exist already. In the alley child playing in the shadow also does not see more, who also no longer to accept forgiveness. Previously, each summer in the shade, good ventilation, or is the sun in winter, is a good place for old people playing cards, playing mahjong, and laughing and talking in the scene, but no longer see. The alley just became to the doorstep walkways, just stay. Now, in, has lost the old alley these missions have 60 to 70 years old, when it comes to die. A house was not deplore removed, not how many days, will finish to go and open. I'm in recent years, witnessed the change, often they shot into shadow, this one part into the set, want to stay later to Shanghai.
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Author's preface Shikumen Lilong Lane Garden Lane Apartments street Taixing road 268 Lane Bridge Road South, Dan Feng Lu Pan Jia Nong Duolun Road Lane Lane 225 Ji'nan Road South, old school field road 仰萌 Li Bai Yang Nong 122 get 3 ~ 5 Danfeng road 120 Lane 118, the county Hou Jie 67 ~ 69 Guangqi Road 17 ~ 19 Dan Feng Lu, Jiangning Road No. 193 bridge under Zhou Jin Lu Xiao Nong Ji'nan road 185 Lane 17, the three factory edge residential Pudong New Area Haixing North Road 68 Lane 34 弄虬 River Branch appliances market new broad road machine tool market Songshan Road Lane Lane 1912 Nanjing West Road Dajing Lane 77 ~ 89 East Street set Fuk Road 3 Lane chessboard Shanyin road 132 get the village 9 Shanyin road 210 Lane 1, Fuzhou Road 30 (formerly the Shanghai Municipal People's government export) Pudong New Area Dongchang Road 1211 Lane 51 Lane Tiantong road 666 Lane 27, Wuchang Road, Lu Guan Lu Chengdu Road 129 Lane 4, Lane 177 Cheap Road Yanan Road 168 Lane 156, Fengyang road 330 get rich min 197 Lane Road, Shanyin Road 57 Lane 77, Lane 821 Huashan road Beijing Road, stone road in the sweet Love Lane 2, Lane 1269 Nanjing West Road road Zhenning Yuyuan Road Lane 505 Yongjia Road, Lane 1269 Nanjing West Road Shikumen Lilong Yang Gate Road 42 Lane Tibet road 454 get Danfeng Road 51 Lane 73 Gangu Street Traffic Lane East Road No. 225 Zhonghua Road 705 Lane 2 No. -15 Xianmian Temple Street No. 81, Lane 158 Ji'an Road, the 705 Lane Road, No. 3 -5 Mei Jia nong......
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