Mongolia nomadic cultural origin

Date of publication:2001-12   Press: Inner Mongolia Education Publishing House   Author:Zagare, Bayar, Battelle,   Pages´╝Ü521  
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The first chapter horseback nation -- the birth history section of Mongolia plateau history poor second vast native natural resources third rich and colorful nomadic culture of the second chapter the earth -- animal husbandry Gifts Articles section the harmonious development of man and nature history section second, the harmonious coexistence of man and nature live third festival in Mongolia. Nomadic civilization in the ecological concept of the third chapter of the nature of human existence -- expansion of farming first section of the Mongolia group of farming civilization of the formation and development of second section of the Mongolia group of farming civilization and custom fourth chapter social intercourse -- the route one must take the first day trading Mongolia trade of the origin and development of the second section of the Mongolia trading behavior of the custom section third the nomadic economy and Mongolia trade chapter fifth nomadic civilization in the form of the first section of the Mongolia City -- town of the formation and development of the second ancient Mongolia three city third ancient Mongolia town and the site of sixth chapters the survival and reproduction of social customs -- when the first section of article second section third adult etiquette etiquette the seventh chapter of funeral customs of understanding the world -- the special form of religion For the second day wit and wisdom Rock Art Festival third north section Mongolia primitive worship second section of the Mongolia family Shamanism third Mongolia temple culture in Chapter eighth, the aesthetic pursuit of the colorful world -- culture first section of Mongolia and the formation and development of the Arts Festival second northern nomadic nomadic northern bronze Arts Festival fourth national tomb murals fifth northern nomadic nationality folk art in Chapter ninth, the strength and wisdom of the rich space -- entertainment section strength and speed ##@ contest @ "Mongolia nomadic culture origin" by zagel, by, Battelle edited, published by Inner Mongolia Education Publishing House, rich and colorful content.
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