Love song (Dong Dong volume)

Date of publication:2010-10   Press: Guangxi Nationalities Publishing House   Author:Meng fly   Pages´╝Ü155  
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The introduction of
rain rain charm charm
the first chapter one for the the Peach Garden
in the water side of
new spring
the storm of life bridge to
proudly stand "thumb"
live between live half cloud half
living technology
scenery on the mountain side.
second chapter beautiful homes and color
night listening to songs to sing and dance.
Lusheng sound display
touching Dong play
color light life
respecting traditional
third chapter Food Beauty Festival Words with

the waves of life the most valuable head Porco Rosso
two drink cow
can drink eight bowls of the most successful
Dong not to the acid
love herbs decoction

fourth chapter wine Duige feelings heavy life.
Love "dynamic"

happy bride gift toward the three
in the mud into
pumpkin big fight "
eighteen years Chinese Fir"
ceremony to ease
appendix book picture photography, @##@ provider list "Dong situation such as the song (Dong volume)" with pictures, as a writer for perspective and literary language for reading the temptation, in a comprehensive, system, thorough, lively narrative to show the charm of distinctive features and character of Guangxi Dong culture, let people in the comfortable reading into a colorful ethnic groups in Guangxi cultural corridor.
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