• The continued Fujian Culture

    This book introduces the origin of Fujian culture, analyzed the cultural diversity and extension of Fujian Fujian culture, at the same time also made a further study on the folk stories in Fujian, Fujian, Fujian folk songs, folk proverbs. -,

  • Scenic spot

    "Scenic" introduced in Ji'nan, Qingdao, Yantai, Weifang, Jining, Tai'an, Liaocheng, Dezhou, Linyi, Heze, Weihai, Laiwu, Binzhou and other places of the places of historic interest and scenic beauty. Geographical Qilu culture, Qilu culture is the social history of imprinting, but also history Qilu children creative spirit, hard work, wisdom,

  • A woman in Shanghai

    A doomed to no end and sentimental love, a sad song at the edge of life and death of love, a pay is a perfect heart, and drunk blurred, respectively, after missing...... This is the live in love woman in Shanghai. They are beautiful, elegant, charming, is always beautiful scenery; their gentle, kind,

  • Shanxi ancient ferry

    Another statement in the Yellow River, Zhu Du, important wharf is the capital, but also immersion ancient culture moist, Qin Han Guan Moon que, Tang Fenghua two Song Dynasties, over head boisterous, still remain the process of Chinese civilization The Inklings, Yumen, Pujin Du, Wu Wangdu, Fenglingdu, Dayudu, Mao Jin, this,

  • Spring, the world wonders

    The book not only vivid language, strong knowledge, but also featured more than 80 pieces of precious Stephen photos (some spring long not exposed, and not disappeared, but still retains its picture, the more valuable). This fully detailed, including the Ji'nan spring series, its content than the previously published,

  • Residence

    Geographical Qilu culture, Qilu culture is the social history of imprinting, but also history Qilu children creative spirit, crystal of hard labor, wisdom and embodiment. Deep mining, seriously study these heritage, we realize the leap from a big cultural province to province culture, need to build China advanced culture, but also the qi,

  • The character of Shenzhen

    This book stand in the development of Frontier City, from the city's history, cultural background, market, economic behavior such as multi point, reflecting the economic form and cultural mentality of each city, found the rhythm, the development direction of each city, city and focus on the process of China. Here is a city of macro,

  • Tibet folk

    "Tibet folk" content: China the basic situation of Tibet series. Without stop the snow Bingfeng around the Tibet plateau, is the Tibetan national minority generations thrive where, due to the historical process of the common, similar to the human and the natural environment and the same religious beliefs and deities, especially the relatively closed hand,

  • The interpretation of poetic Jiangnan Culture

    "Western Delta where two slurry, the bridge crossing". Want to do a little south of the books, this desire is not short. Every climb Qingliang mountain, Lin Zixia lake, see the Plum Blossom Hill bright brocade, listen to the bustling and crowded the Qinhuai River, it will be more difficult to suppress...... Not to speak of in Yangzhou,

  • China culture family (Sichuan volume)

    "China culture family (Sichuan volume)" about to make an important contribution to the cultural development and study at home with those family representative inheritance, content from the total order (Preface), roll on, the three parts of the text, family entry includes character biography, cultural achievements, family inheritance case, influence on the contemporary and future generations,

  • Tibetan English Chinese Dictionary

    English Chinese Dictionary "reservoir" income of a common terminology of Tibetan history, religion, culture, local customs and practices and other aspects of more than 2000, has a certain practicality, readers can be used for the translators, researchers and learn their language or english. Hidden three languages ideographic have similarities and differences, mutual,

  • Modern mass culture of Russia

    The book is on the social and cultural life in Russia to a full range of angle of aspects, showing the beginning of this century, the establishment of the Soviet regime to the disintegration of the Soviet union. A hundred years of vicissitudes, to the Russian public influence in literature and art, music and dance, the mass media and the folk custom fields and change. This book uses the,

  • Man and God the Himalayan

    "Man and God" Himalayan for Tibetan studies translation set, collection of USA, Germany, Britain, Japan and other countries Tibetologist discussed Tibet's religious, cultural, arts and customs, academic papers. ,

  • Beijing Beng beans

    The story of the book, in addition to direct light, and a layer of the feeling of life. Some of the story reading people have room to chew the taste and the others make people experience daily, generating meaningful happy, be lively and vivid cartoon in the easy ridicule contains subtle philosophy, to a proper extent terrane,

  • The Hunan genealogical interpretation

    Genealogy is a surname from between the members of the family blood relationship and other aspects of the history books, is a culture of the book. The book's first concentrated display of Hunan library and part of the city, county archives, library and personal collection of genealogy, limited space, only the reveal. Not only for the people,

  • The night life in Beijing

    The night life in Beijing has experienced D hall at the beginning of the 90's of the last century be all the rage the go, finally fall into a slobber song, then there are countless KTV nightlife, but hard culture in Beijing can't let KTV like Shanghai flood; in the late 90's, there have been many bars with local rock music play,

  • Hakka elegance

    Hakka Fenghua -- south of the Five Ridges library, Hu Xizhang, Mo Rifen et al., Guangdong People's publishing house,

  • JINGWAH historic pursuit / Beijing news series

    This book covers, although not a system, but with the ancient city of Beijing in the historical culture. It will be the historic old city cultural heritage make not the data supplement. Book is like a simple thousand volumes, Beijing customs and historical features one one shows to readers, is sure to leave you some of the flavor, a,

  • The character of Wenzhou

    The twenty-first Century is the century of city. A city China slogans inspire people in the new century. City is a human subject creation, is the generation of civilization. City's personality is setting a product of history and culture, once formed, will never change, time change will only wear her appearance,

  • Celebrities in Hangzhou

    "Hangzhou famous" introduces the history of Hangzhou celebrity, which including the great Tang Dynasty poet Aichi Aki, Sun Quan, Wu Yue Wang Qianmu, the national hero Yue Fei, the patriotic poet Lu You, master Hong Yi Li Shutong, merchant Hu Xueyan dozens of. Published by Hangzhou press. ,

  • Suzhou


  • The character of Guangzhou

    This book stand in the development of Frontier City, from the city's history, cultural background, market, economic behavior such as multi point, reflecting the economic form and cultural mentality of each city, found the rhythm, the development direction of each city, city and focus on the process of China. Here is a city of macro,

  • Rob dust Pearl (Dunhuang.)

    In 1900 (Qing Guangxu twenty-six years), when the sand Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Taoist Wang Yuanli cleared sixteenth cave passage, a miracle occurred: "suddenly one day gun shock, suddenly the crack of a mountain gap, with the workers and employing hoe to dig, hin a flash Buddha cave a...... Inside the rolls." This discovery shocked the world,

  • The reform of the cultural system and the cultural construction of Shanghai

    In 2005, the Shanghai cultural development blue book "the reform of the cultural system and the cultural construction of Shanghai" as the theme, research on practice and exploration of the Shanghai city cultural system comprehensive reform pilot work from all sides, especially for the state-owned assets management system of Shanghai publicity system reform, the Shanghai Century Publishing Group and Shanghai,

  • The 1929 West Lake Exposition / West Lake Cultural Expo series

    The 1929 West Lake Expo, some ceremony, Hu Shan Jia, in early twentieth Century in Hangzhou a splendid. Hangzhou to Chinese exhibition industry a great contribution China exhibition, the largest in the history of far-reaching trade fair, the first attempt to Zhejiang to the world...... This book is like an old ticket, you pursuit, 抚今思昔. ,

  • The taste of the dance

    This book about eating, eating is not about the truth, is not tell you to eat China broad and profound history, only in the city, the "tongue" of music, has become a body sense of spiritual travel, leakage of worry in decorative details of the environment, 100 of the dishes for the heart, in the every climb over you,

  • Xinjiang, Kashi scenery of

    This book is not a pure academic works, but with profound,

  • Zhoushan sea dragon culture

    Zhoushan sea dragon culture, Zhoushan CPPCC literature and learning committee, Shengsi County People's Political Consultative Conference Committee of cultural and historical data series, ocean press,

  • Tibet festival culture

    This book on Tibetan festival culture description and analysis, will be compiled as a bear Jingchu culture grate with young people on-the-spot investigation the fresh feelings blended in between the lines, said Bo mining and exploration of the constitution, not bold new theory, calm observation thinking are full of love the Tibetan people and their culture,

  • The story

    The name Beijing is how the name? This must start from the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang capital in Nanjing, then Beijing is the son of Zhu Yuanzhang king of Yongle manor, called the shuntian. Later, Yongle is here planning a coup, usurped the throne, finally ascended to the throne. Yongle in Beijing,

  • A feast of Art

    The lack of artistic life boring, for orchestral music with rapid and rich rhythm of contemporary urban rhythm squeezed dry hearts of space, not what is easier than art let the mind sensitive restore elasticity. Fortunately, you are in Beijing, where a number of art museums, galleries, art, drama, bar SOHO,

  • Ceremony

    Etiquette -- Qilu Culture series, Zhu Zhengchang editor in chief, Shandong friendship,

  • South of the Five Ridges history and customs

    Book the theory of Guangdong and Guangxi and its edge area of the South China Sea and Hainan Island, and the. ,

  • Shanxi ancient stage

    Luxury shed wind really Chun, Linfen city and Yuncheng city in ancient times called the Pingyang government, including Shilou County, was also in Pingyang palace under, that is to say, eight yuan stage only were in ancient Pingyang palace. This is the ancient Pingyang Palace history. This brilliant history, Yao and Shun Yu times of political civilization dawn rising from here, here expresses the culture,

  • Historical and cultural city of Beijing series (9 volumes)

    "Historical and cultural city of Beijing series (9 volumes)" including "Beijing city", "Ming and Qing Imperial City", "Shichahai", "Qianmen Dashilan Liulichang", "", "Dong Jiao Min Xiang", "the Imperial Academy, Lama Temple, Baita Temple", "Xuan Nan • Fayuan Temple", "Hu Tong • courtyard". To the north of this series,

  • Beijing commercial street and the old

    This book systematically introduces the ancient capital of Beijing commercial street and the old. The book is readable very attractive, like a simple scroll, the historic Beijing commercial street and the old one one in the reader at present. Readers reading can leave some memorable thoughts. ,

  • Perplexed Americans

    American social colorful Vientiane, colorful personality, various doubts numerous, This is not the only one. Book space is limited, can only intercept the tip of the iceberg, from politics, economy, culture, education and the military level, understanding USA society and life like in which people are thinking, especially their confusion. We strive to choose,

  • Ji'nan seventy-two celebrity

    Ji'nan 72 celebrities, ISBN:9787807100126, author: Zhou Qun,

  • In fact, you don't understand Cantonese

    "In fact, you don't understand Cantonese Cantonese" typical character story, here played most incisive. They don't cry even, did not get desperation to argue, but in a scolding, hand quietly struggles with the SARS virus, actively sharing "inflammatory" experience and other areas; we do not,

  • Ningxia sheepskin book

    The book is "a large library of Ningxia" today I in combination. It shows the Ningxia boutique attractions, tour guide Ningxia boutique tour route characteristics, for the love of Ningxia and to the Ningxia tourism, tourists readers, provides a convenient, practical, vivid, rich cultural tourism books. This book is based on the 2005 edition of the,

  • 2002 Shanghai cultural walk

    "2002; Shanghai culture" is a book about the 2002 walk Shanghai culture status and development of essays, in the editing ideas, and strive to achieve objectivity, facts and opinions collected articles are carefully collected one year after finishing it, all the quotations and comments, but also objectively and fairly,,

  • The character of Shanghai

    In addition to the economic vitality, many aspects of the series of the city history culture, folk customs and city building to sketch outline, overall is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: City Economic and energetic 1: vibrant city is the most beautiful and healthy. It is also the most can reflect a,

  • Shanghai to eat.

    Shanghai people like to eat, not necessarily every day in the restaurant, but delicious, even ordinary people turnip green vegetables, fish meat also color fragrant taste. Authentic dishes called snacks to eat, and sometimes "snack", but it was a dinner, snacks are also big eat. Shanghai.

  • Beijing Beng beans

    This book is one of the traditional GA Bang "bean" series. Different looks, different style in different degree of deep into our hearts, like you hiding in the heart of the elves resonate. A small story is one side mirror, reflect a certain corner of our hearts. These stories are from the Beijing life, hanging,

  • Shanxi ancient ancestral temple

    Shanxi ancient ancestral temple, in the dazzling ancient buildings in Shanxi, the ancestral hall is undoubtedly occupies an important position. So, is because of ancestral temple in the ancient buildings of special status. The ancestral hall is also called the ancestral temple, ancestral hall, temple, temple, belonging to the ancient ritual places. The cult of object space landscapes and other natural God, there are the so-called sages scholar, including loyal,

  • Festival celebration

    Festival -- Qilu Culture series, Zhu Zhengchang editor in chief, Shandong friendship,

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