• The colorful city.

    Eugene read Chengdu, "colorful city: Eugene read Chengdu" consists of four. The first "urban legend", described six strange and true story. The second part "city" carved out the outline of the city. The third part and the fourth part don't "dazzling gems" and "animal.". ,

  • Operating the world of Hunan

    Depth to four hundred years in Hunan and two hundred years Chinese password, Xu Zhipin, "a brief introduction to the main content of the business world in Hunan:" in two hundred years, people in Hunan before and after the relay, successful operations China, operating the world, creating striking odd industry, what has what kind of amazing secret. Hunan Youth from the resources, for the first time from the industrial angle out "administer country" the main line, nearly four hundred years of Hunan elite one sweep,

  • Shanghai boss

    "The Shanghai boss" by Yu Qiaqing, Liu Hongsheng, Wu Yunchu, Hu Juewen, Mu Ouchu, Guo Le and Guo Linshuang, Dong Zhujun, Huang Chujiu, Zhou Xiangsheng and Jin Hongxiang, 11 modern Shanghai boss battles in Shanghai Bund historical fact, colorful display of them in modern Day Three forge ahead, surprise,

  • Beijing unknown earthly fireworks

    Author Jia Yunfeng is a connotation of tourists, travel and life in his painting a sign, so travel in his life is very important. As an innovation of tourism communication experts, he searched all over the world with more than 10 years of time travel, but also take all your perception of form image or text, delivery,

  • Search the alley

    "Hutong" content brief introduction: for therefore came to Beijing, the majority of people of interest are not those of the many-storied buildings, row upon row of wide straight asphalt road, but the small alley that twists and turns deep, elegant warm courtyard -- the classic Beijing traditional residential buildings, most folk custom cultural symbols. The small alley,

  • The love of Beijing

    The book passed on "Beijing" to the "Beijing" of the city's temperament. Both Wang Shixiang and Yang Jiang, in the book, Cao Yu, Zhu Jiajin such a cultural man, also has A Cheng, Ma, Cui Yongyuan, Zheng Yuanjie, Liu Xiaodong, Huang Lei, Feng Yuanzheng, Cui Jian, wolf, which we often can hear and see the hot,

  • Walking in Taipei

    "Taipei stroll" content is take the package to the longing for the dream of many, is looking for the exit "traveler", to repeat again and again in the direction of. Taipei is suitable, with light lazy stroll. In the modern commercial Shin Kong Mitsukoshi gorgeous brilliant, in the corridor South Chongqing has gradually lonely bookstore, at three Yongkang street,

  • Zhao Jia Lou Xi's history

    "Introduction to the grain floor called Xi's history:" the content of the World Expo in Shanghai, will usher in the tens of millions of visitors at home and abroad. And the town of Pujiang Minhang District two levels of government in post World Expo, big repaints the town renewal blueprint, make visited Vientiane Expo visitors, another South for eight kilometers, feel a,

  • Good Thangka

    Life history of Regong artist's attention, so that the "good thang: Thangka master West Road oral history" has a starting point than previous research more and more unique perspective. Restoration of oral experience in writing, the original ecological folk art craft processes of extracting case as the academic significance of the description, this is the human mouth,

  • The fifty year old Beijing

    "Old Beijing fifty years" is Mr. Wang Yongbin in Beijing literature and history research experts "old Beijing walking dictionary" known as the peerless. The old Beijing people's identity, to land forms, semi autobiographical way record from 1900 to 1950, Beijing city cultural changes in world history and historical culture,

  • The nine chapter of Shanghai

    The nine chapter: "Shanghai Chinese miracle historical scenes and future ambitions" edited by Huang Shusen, the dialectics of history has proved repeatedly, Shanghai as the geographic territory Chinese in North and South connected to undertake, the core area of the West and the East, because of its superior geographical position and avoid to become the core of China development,

  • Bashu culture and immigration Sichuan

    "Bashu culture and immigration Sichuan" content is: Szechwan natural an exquisite scenery, historical culture bright. Bashu region as one of the origins of Chinese civilization, after thousands of years of vicissitudes of life and the generation after generation of Ba Shu People's pioneering work, the formation of the Bashu culture broad and profound, mysterious magic, magnificent, into the,

  • Suzhou street culture

    Comrade Pan Junming's "Suzhou street culture", is a Suzhou city streets and alleys, humanistic transition of a monograph. "Suzhou street culture" to collect a lot of Suzhou city streets and alleys, historical and cultural information, especially in the description of ancient buildings, a lot, which is based on block for planning the scope of the ancient city,

  • Drawing into Italy, drawing Chengdu

    Cultural symbols and cultural creative industry of historical and cultural resources, "drawing into Italy, drawing Chengdu: introduction to cultural symbols and cultural creative industry" historical and cultural resources of content: the realistic writing, is a social practice, can also become actively involved in social behavior, the individual in the daily study, thinking the moment thoughts, some experience and social reality, extended to ac,

  • Shanghai (Xu Huijuan)

    The words "Shanghai (Xu Huijuan)" content brief introduction: Shanghai, is one of the China largest economic center city, big city is modern, high degree of internationalization; Shanghai is the east window, is the culture center; Shanghai is the most concentrated place for industrial workers, is the birthplace of the Communist Party of China; reform,

  • Kunshan track

    "Kunshan path" is one of the Foreign Languages Press "Chinese city" series. Author in the western Kunshan city from the perspective of reducing background, through some people be accustomed to or easily overlooked details, analysis of Kunshan economy in the rapid rise in the trend of reform and opening Chinese. The book of 10 000 words, picture 20,

  • JINGWAH are old.

    The book consists of human feelings, stories, customs, arts, scenic spot five part, the article dapper, be rich and varied, interesting, such as characters, places of historic interest and scenic beauty, cultural relics collection of anecdotes, historical stories, folk customs, there are studied, and the disclosure of the little-known history, readability is very high. The author do not have the interest,

  • Yue, Ningbo

    "Yue, read" Ningbo "content brief introduction:" read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles ", with this simple idea, I and 2011 students in reading and Ningbo related books at the same time, by the mountain to the canal, by the lake to the sea for the influence field. We put this activity course called "along the waterways - Ningbo",

  • Spring and then 2 yuan.

    "Spring and Yuan food 2" content brief introduction: Ji Shichao, Yu Lingling two "after the words" spring and Yuan food, in a short period of time and launched the "spring and 2 yuan food". This is what spirit? Clear is a workaholic spirit, is prepared to have something to say. "And the 2" spring garden food than a, the poem,

  • Micro Tibet

    Micro Tibet, this book takes the reader into the Tibetan heart book, using Twitter, sincere attitude, find really understand as much as possible, and understanding of the people of Tibet, mining and presents that beyond the superficial, Yijingyizha and non black and white Tibet Zhenrong, through a large number of flesh and blood details, stitching a,

  • Tibet news

    "Tibet news": if you want to really get the excellent traditional culture carry forward, if regeneration in contemporary conditions and development, we must pay close attention to and in the service of the reality of modernization. Modernization is broad, including economic development, democracy and the legal system, but also cultural construction and civilized way of life,

  • Live in Guangzhou

    Chen Yang Guangzhou, Chen Yang, "Nanfang Dushi Bao" "tea" column anniversary collection,

  • Huxiang culture lectures

    "Huxiang culture lectures" a gentleman in different historical periods, Huxiang culture development history, a comprehensive interpretation seems quite some mysterious Huxiang culture formation, development, prosperity in the history of outsiders, to help readers understand the Huxiang culture, and further explore the Huxiang culture infiltration by Qu Yuan, Ceng Guopan, mao,

  • The memory of old Beijing

    I love the old Beijing folk culture, writing does not drop, describing his experience during the ancient scenery, with amiable character recording time changes, outline an authentic old Beijing. The book brings together the old Beijing old festival, the ancient legend, the old traditional Food, scenery, cultural landscape. Here are,

  • Century inheritance

    An Eye Into South of China Heritage, brief synopsis "century inheritance" content: Guangdong Province folk literature and Art Association, led the province of Guangdong Province, experts and scholars, folk culture systematically, and recommend assessment of dozens of folk culture outstanding successor. Keen Southern Television people realize this is an expression from the perspective of humanity,,

  • Bhoga Buddha

    He is a karma Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism (Whitechapel) living Buddha; his title for the 格希, is Karmado Jay Dan's reincarnation; he is the leader of Kangba grassland ah have to area - he is bhoga buddha. Book with vivid and humorous language describes the hometown of Wen Pulin brothers two people in the legends of King Gelsall - a must,

  • Your own

    It is reported, button's origin of the late spring and Autumn period Wu Guohualin (now Huzhou Lianshi town), is the only from the local families of Huzhou, Shen Yao, Qiu, button, money, Chen Zhu surname. Huzhou and the button's number one scholar office is building the remaining Imperial Culture of Huzhou and Hangzhou Jiaxing Huzhou region hall, contains rich cultural connotation, is the study of,

  • The field of cultural presentation

    "In the field of cultural presentation:" the people singing and dancing through the study of culture immersion: Mr. Tao Yuanming's "land of peach blossoms", to bring the infinite regret and world history. Did you ever know, in real life, there are people who, in order to avoid the Qin government retired from chaos, two thousand years of social change,,

  • Tertiary flowers dream Suzhou (upper and lower)

    "Sansheng flowers dream Suzhou (set of 2 volumes)" content brief introduction: Suzhou, I was born and bred, in,. Of course, I have a deep love for it. In the long history of more than 2500 years, has been running...... In these years, the long years, those "百代过客", once,

  • Looking for Shangri-La

    This book records the author on the Ancient Chinese Literature Search, "Tibet problem" and the academic method of hot issues, published by academic and cultural circles. Author of "big Ancient Chinese Literature Search" idea to have a style of one's own, "Philology" interpretation and advocacy provide much material for thought. As long as sixteen years of overseas travel experience, combined with a solid professional knowledge,

  • Shanghai social and intellectual life (1843 - 1945)

    The late Qing Dynasty to Republic of China, Shanghai has continuously, and the scale of attracted batch after batch from the first end and the literati around. Literati migration history painting, not only show a region to the cultural elements of modern Chinese, complex has also witnessed a traditional scholars, to the occupation space from the "official" economy, from the imperial court attachment,

  • This dictionary

    This dictionary, 100% understand, you are "". Not completely understand, Lennon is non mainstream "small chilao". Don't know, but did not laugh, you is a Martian "Ultraman". Either left or right, either good or bad, non white or black, not the mold, is red...... We seem to be accustomed to such two opposing perspective,

  • The intangible cultural heritage.

    "The intangible cultural heritage of Zhejiang province" for Social Sciences planning major issue, Shaoxing major cultural project "one of the more culture introduction", also belongs to the special topic research to fill the academic blank, has the innovation significance. "The biggest characteristic of the intangible cultural heritage" is based on the,

  • The conflict between China and the West in the blending of Huxiang Culture (, 2)

    "The conflict between China and the West in the blending of Huxiang Culture: from the historical choice to modern (volume one)" content brief introduction: starting from 1840 the first Opium War, the British imperialism guns blew open the ancient Chinese imperial gate, the Chinese nation began a purgatory disaster never seen in past history,

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