• The old map of old Beijing

    The old map of old Beijing, ISBN:9787540208974, author: Feng Xiaosi,

  • Hangzhou native language

    This book by the "custom", "vicissitudes of life", "the diverse characters", "literary and artistic" four theme construction unit, with four vertical structure woven full line Tang picture of life, emphasizing the history and today's Hangzhou, outstanding people of Hangzhou artistic way of life, and tried to find the humanistic features to look for Hangzhou area, in addition,

  • Tropical rain forest pioneer

    For a long time, I always hope to have the opportunity to Hainan Island for field investigation of human beings, the reason is very simple, the local is China's most important tropical rain forest area, and is surrounded by ocean islands. Life in the local Li is one of the most ancient ethnic groups in China, and is a descendant of Baiyue ethnic groups, different branches, from different sources, and,

  • Hakka

    This book is "south of the Five Ridges" series of cultural knowledge in the. This book is a comprehensive introduction to the knowledge of a series of South of the Five Ridges culture, its content is extensive, involving politics, history, society in south of the Five Ridges area, cultural, economic, natural resources, people, events, folk customs, language easy to understand, be lively and vivid, each book,

  • Tibet literature

    Known as the "roof of the world," said the Tibet plateau, has a nature endowed her unique landform and magnificent scenery, mountains, water is the top ten thousand. Tibet has a long history, thousands of years, and multiplied in various ethnic groups of Tibet, in the harsh living environment, the formation and the Central Plains have closely related with national characteristics,

  • Tengyue culture research

    This book suggests, "Tengyue culture research", content and subject of rich, many historical facts, events in Tengchong closely with process. From the longitudinal aspect, the Han Dynasty "Shu Hindu road", "Shu Jia rape, or to" ride as the country of Yunnan Vietnam, "Pu" origin, the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Hussars into Zhu to,

  • Tibet Wen Quanzhi

    The records were recorded 677 hot springs, including the Yangbajing, sheep, Nagqu and long for a long time 4 geothermal fields, beating 4 hot geysers, 50 pots and pots. By field investigation of the spring area are listed the administrative district, the geographical environment and coordinate, spring area, the characteristics of the (1975~1989,

  • Tibet Art

    Tibet, both relatively densely populated urban, rural, or no human habitation of grassland, both high mountains and lofty hills mountain pass, or rippling blue waves of the lake, are ablaze with artistic aura: Mountain Giant temple building, golden torrents, desert cliffs in the Cang Qiu ancient inscriptions and paintings, Yamaguchi and,

  • Jinjiang spring and day together

    Jinjiang spring and day together, Wu Tianyu editor, bashu,

  • Ba Shu Culture Research

    Wen Weng, Lujiang Shu people. Less to learn, through the "spring and Autumn", the county official recommendation. The emperor at the end, as Shu Jun, benevolent good education. See the provision of Sichuan ugly barbarian wind, Wen Weng to lure in selected counties, but the beadle open sensitive material of Zhang Shu more than ten people personally to Li, sent it by capital, PhD, or learn laws. Reduce the government with,

  • Shanxi ticket business / Regional Population Culture Series

    "Ticket", "ticket business" name, a little strange it today in the eyes of the people, but in more than a hundred years ago is having a great reputation of "the first merchant", the equivalent of today's banks and bankers. Its history is created by the movement of people in Shanxi, the most brilliant bank development is also written by the people of Shanxi, so,

  • Tibet Tibetan costumes

    The Tibetan costume show increasing parallelism rules in color, pattern and other aspects, is its outstanding artistic features. Tibetan clothing bold use of red and green, black and white, red and blue, yellow and purple, strong contrast color combinations, and clever use of color, gold and silver thread collocation, make the dress culture and harmonious. Tibetan clothing on the other,

  • The people of Shandong

    The "Shandong people" covers a large area, my ability to grasp, to me now, I find it difficult to refuse, is off, but on the side of the corner try to speak a few words of layman. The main content of the book includes preface, orthodox Shandong people, traditional character sketch, natural shape, social integration, social (on),

  • The old Shanghai intellectuals

    The old Shanghai intellectuals in the economy, the general has a secondary property, stable middle level income, forming an elegant way of life and on this basis; in cultivation, generally well educated, have higher cultural knowledge and work skills, and can use their knowledge to win the last high society more,

  • The Yangzhou Anthology

    "Yangzhou Culture Series: Yangzhou anthology" content mainly includes: history, Wu Cheng Fu, Yangzhou, Guangling, the preface to repair Suiti Ling, small house Linglong hill, green boat, said Yangzhou, Yangzhou hall, Yangzhou dream, dream to the ancient city of Yangzhou small general, visited Yangzhou three, calendar generation writer writing Yangzhou, past scenery, seven,

  • Introduction long culture

    Gansu, referred to as long, located in Asia's belly, i,

  • Dialogue of Civilizations

    This book is in the Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School of Humanities Research Institute and the Shenzhen University Ancient Chinese Literature Search Institute Co sponsored the "Oriental humanities forum" on the basis of a book. The multi angle, multi directions and multi levels, discusses the necessity and the development trend and law of the dialogue between civilizations, to clarify the historical civilization dialogue,

  • Shikumen before

    Shanghai Shikumen is always be very careful in reckoning, is always noisy. As Beijing people like the courtyard, the people of Shanghai Shikumen complex also lingering. Culture is the soul of a city. In twentieth Century 30 the Shanghai culture has become a symbol of the times, deeply infiltrating the Shanghai city spirit,

  • Sichuan Basin of the Bronze Age

    "Bronze Age" Sichuan Basin is of the Sichuan Basin, the Bronze Age archaeological and historical research has long been engaged in the compilation of papers, but also a study of regional culture China Bronze Age monograph. The author tries to follow the correct way of archaeological research, starting from the analysis of typical sites, gradually rise to the "culture" and comprehensive",

  • "Tasting" Cantonese

    This book is the "idle language Chinese series" the taste of Cantonese, Cantonese eat, drink, play, music aspects and the courage to fight the entrepreneurial spirit. The contents of the book, widely popular language, full and accurate data, provide the reference for the readers appreciation of Guangdong spiritual understanding. ,

  • Yaowangshan stone cliff

    History suggests, human development evolution process in itself, almost to a first choice stone, as their processing and utilization. Human labor and for the stone, the stone culture is spread all over the world, runs through the history. The different carving, embodies the different period of the human a lot of wisdom,

  • Liangshan Yi nationality amorous feelings

    Yi is an ancient nation with a long history, according to historical records and the Yi folk legend, in two thousand years ago, the sixth branch that Yi ancient legend of era, Yi lived in the Dianchi area, bad prison in Anning River Basin and mountain, on both sides of the Jinsha River, the gradually developed into the Northeast Yunnan, southern Yunnan, Qianxi,

  • Russia

    This book focuses on the Russian local customs and practices, language and culture, traditional customs, basic necessities of life and social etiquette. In particular, because Russia has a vast territory, numerous nationalities, for each area, habits and customs of various ethnic groups, the book is described. One one, can hardly be avoided, hope your understanding. ,

  • Guangxiao Temple

    This book is one of South of the Five Ridges's cultural knowledge, introduced south of the Five Ridges's oldest, most deeply affected, the grand temple -- Temple Guangxiao Temple rigorous architectural structure as the scale, majestic temples, as well as a large number of historical relics. For the study of the cultural exchange between China and India, China Buddhist history, cultural history, architectural history,,

  • Dongba culture theory

    Dongba culture theory, ISBN:9787222006102, author: 大烈 Guo, Yang Shiguang,

  • East Zhejiang Culture Series (Second Series)

    East Zhejiang Culture Series (Second Series), ISBN:9787532539635, author: Dong Yian,

  • The old Beijing portrayal

    Book income of the Liang Shiqiu, Xu Dishan, Yu Dafu, Feng Zikai, wrote about Beijing places of historic interest and scenic beauty, folk customs, anecdote, read to do not have a different feeling. ,

  • Gusu food.

    The book is provided with a "paradise" products ", when the drink and", "wife's", "flavor with Tan", "small trivial," Huachuan "Rhyme", "tea liquor on to" the content of the eight part. ,

  • Yangzhou customs

    "Yangzhou Culture Series: Yangzhou customs" includes "living fun", "life pursuit", "old record", "entertainment play by Jane" in four parts, details of the folk custom of Yangzhou. "Yangzhou Culture Series: Yangzhou customs" comprehensive, informative, fluent in writing, illustrations. Financial knowledge and,

  • Jinli Street Street reminisce

    "Both Chong and Li, Chengdu real number." Zuo Si "San Du Fu," explains Chengdu Shudu host name. "Water, river water" note: "Li Wen Weng Shu Shou hall, stone, as in the south. City street name is history, geography, linguistics, literature, sociology, folklore...... Object of study. Chengdu.

  • The modern value of Chu culture

    The modern value of Jingchu culture, Zhang Jingao, Yuan Zhao editor, Hubei dictionary press,

  • The years keep the mark

    Suiyueliuhen, where Yimin, Liu Lvhong edited, bashu,

  • Wuzhen history

    The book is self-contained, unique style, in which the characters and events as the center, to people and things, to the things and people, capture the important characters and events, outlines the history of Wuzhen formation and development, highlighted the humanistic spirit medium. This book is not a general account of the history, also not included soil folk,

  • Suzhou Poems

    "The introduction of Suzhou poems" content: Suzhou Municipal Cultural Bureau and Soochow University press launched a "Suzhou Culture Series", includes the Suzhou drama, painting, gardening, neighborhood, celebrities, famous, folklore, archaeology, process...... Show the comprehensive strength of Suzhou culture to the world, in order to improve the people's cultural quality,

  • Historical and cultural city of sea level

    The sea town of Huidong county is flat, Guangdong Provincial People's Government in 1991 February published the first batch of historical and cultural city (town) of. Sea, has the sea city is known as a "living fossil" of the south of the Five Ridges military history, south of the Five Ridges is the only existing complete ancient city. This popular "army sound,

  • The old sea.

    The book is divided into three parts, the details are is the first part of article Shanghai Bund shadow things, to the "foreign film", China first film company, the former "returnees" founded the film company, star film school listing, Sino foreign joint venture early film school, film industry, financing, early films photography, Bi Lu blue,

  • When I look back the Beijing Hutong alleys anecdotes

    When I look back the Beijing Hutong alleys anecdotes, Zhang Shuyuan, Zhang Shuxin et al., ethnic press,

  • Fitness Course

    The book includes: knowledge of sports anatomy, knowledge of human motion, and training theory and method of load, guidance and implementation method, fitness sports nutrition, sports injury prevention methods. ,

  • Chengdu Dongshan Hakka people

    Chengdu general language is the standard of the southwest mandarin, other East Sichuan, northern Sichuan and southern Sichuan language is basically the same with the Chengdu, belongs to northern dialect system. However in Chengdu residents some from their grandmother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, or other relatives in the countryside of father's younger male cousin there, know that there is a kind of tone,,

  • Changsha taste of life

    In Changsha, what to play, how to play; what to eat, what to eat; break the traditional route, new perspective to promote Changsha, tour of the historic trace the origin, historical and cultural city, in the street of the kind of local customs and practices, and enjoy a variety of unique Food snacks, feel the bustling city of flowers, indulge in taste or night, hair,

  • The old Nanjing portrayal

    Editors: the book consists of fifteen articles, respectively is: "Jinling", "Nanjing" anecdotes, "oar sound and light of the Qinhuai River", "Jinling travel notes", "white", "autumn Qinhuai Muyu", "Qinhuai River", "Yuhuatai New Year's eve see kite", "the first cattle the mountain spring breeze", "in the Xuanwu Lake",,

  • Chongqing and celebrities

    This book focuses on some celebrity Association Chongqing little-known, fresh and interesting, afford much food for thought. Concise, plain language fluency, reading relaxed. The combination of the 25 authors of 206 articles written essay, the celebrities more than 200 of the past, according to the order of historical development, combined with the,

  • Portugal

    Portugal may be on earth with the Chinese most distant country, but communication is the earliest European countries, as early as in more than 400 years ago Portuguese poet Camoens wrote this poem: "you see the incredible the Great Wall!" In this "western corner" can be seen everywhere in the China blue and white porcelain, Chrysanthemum Tea, red lanterns, because,

  • Pear flowers

    Since its inception, Shanghai has been in a storage capacity and storage, dare to open the wind words first well-known in the world, the cultural style and called it "the Shanghai School of Beijing Opera", is the wonderful culture a beautiful fragrance. Book Weiweidaolai sea Liyuan "play," founder "Wang Hongshou Ling San" Wang Xiaonong, "the first south,

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