• Mother flowers

    This book is a comprehensive study of the art and the Shaanxi folk embroidery works, in recent years, one of the rare works of folk art exploration in china. This book collects a lot of precious embroidery materials, is praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct, these data were edited to personally investigation. Compiler itself is on the Shaanxi embroidery,

  • Suzhou old house

    The authors surveyed several years of Suzhou old residential hundreds, a total of more than 50 for surveying and mapping photography, by the data, writing the book. Text book for traditional Chinese characters, the front half part included some pictures of Suzhou old buildings, the second part is some of the Suzhou old building plan. ,

  • Naxi culture

    The mysterious ancient pictographs, the book includes: picture pictograph miracle, multicultural paradise, Millennium City in the world, the daughter of the country a few part of Lugu lake. ,

  • The town of the world

    33 Guangdong Guangdong historical and cultural town village, a large number of ancient towns and villages, after thousands of years of hundreds of generations of breeding, the formation of the every kind of humanities, including local customs and practices, including folk culture, including the generation of spirit. In Tsurumai and towers, church and hall, seniority in the family and village regulations, couplets and plaques, construct a complete home image, and,

  • Shanghai is the origin of surname

    "Shanghai" is the origin of surname a mass book, it lodges serious academic research results to be lively and vivid in the talk, is a scientific and readability combine very good suit and the common people's book. In the book, Mr. Xu to take something of a surface, the surface Union, traceability, to name people, rise to people with thing, clouds flow,

  • Mongolia nationality clothing culture

    Mongolia nationality clothing culture, "Inner Mongolia Tourism Culture Series" an open prairie civilization keys, display Inner Mongolia broad prairie culture, taste the amorous feelings, enjoy horseback nation Xiongqi swift and fierce, interpretation of ancient history witnessed profound meanings of modern civilization, colorful, leaving a deep feeling of memorable...... Book adhere to the popularization and improvement,

  • The Buddha

    Darai VI Lama legend, this historical novel is based on the background of the Kangxi years of the Qing Dynasty Tibet local political, military, religious situation, describes the Tibetan poet, Article VI Darai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso short life and poetry creation. The life had many years experience in Tibet description of Tibet, to the feelings of the poet describes the poet, more is true,

  • Sanxingdui culture and Bashu civilization

    This book mainly to archaeological data, combined with literature, systematically elaborated the Sichuan Basin Bashu area from the previous ancient Han culture history, especially the basic appearance of Bashu civilization represented in Sanxingdui culture and historical process. The book is divided into thirteen chapters, the first chapter is the stage of human origin of "Wushan people",

  • The Dongba Culture

    "Dongba culture revelation (Revised Edition)" the Naxi Dongba culture is the record of history culture of childhood human point of view, the theory is intended to correct the Dongba culture as a "habitual" Naxi Encyclopedia ". The author also puts forward the essential difference of Dongba culture, Dongba culture. The former is,

  • Tianjin culture of place names

    The book is divided into three parts, the first part is the second part of Tianjin, Tianjin names names test, the third part's Hu Tongkao. Geography or earth, maps of the study, since ancient times, the day was to cover, and that on the earth, mountains, sea, lake, desert island land and buildings,,

  • Shandong the Yellow River folk

    "Shandong folk the Yellow River" a book described, is the Shandong the Yellow River River Basin folk custom. Living on both sides of the Yellow River "the Yellow River", is the drink the Yellow River water, rolling the Yellow River mud grew up, so many of their customs, all about the Yellow River. Because of the the Yellow River water conservancy can benefit people, and at the same time, hong,

  • Old town square

    Compared to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an is inferior to that of the city in the literature, many years, we have been advocating for the city writing, write the character of the city, but for various reasons, failed to achieve the desired effect. There He Ping is a bright. His roots in the city, for decades,

  • The old Tianjin painting

    "The whole body, by the parents, can not damage." This is explained from the angle of life is love. If it is extended to consider others in one's own place, also be kind to people man's life and family possessions, the harmony of the world I is not far behind. Last year "9 · 11" the tragedy and the recent frequent occurrence of "the human bullet" attacks, in,

  • JIAO Xun writing a new license

    JIAO Xun, Yangzhou was the leader of school Ruan Yuan hailed as "famous scholars of Yangzhou talents", in the life journey only spent fifty-eight years, but left the writings of up to more than 450 volumes, relates to the classics, literature, history, mathematics, astronomy, calendar, medicine, drama, architecture and Feng Shui stone, etc.. But by the,

  • Shop front

    Beijing, Beijing, customs, customs, food, people, and "alley reporters" Liu Yida to you tell the story of people. Thinking of Beijing, is a hot make a worry pregnant; realize Jingwei, a code of the old and new. ,

  • Millennium city gate

    "Millennium Chang gate" is one of the series, including: the city gate of freehand brushwork, rich in red for one or two, seven mile, painted to work, Chang men rob, a revive grass, Suzhou, Huanglong "flyover" flag fall Chang men, redraw the modern bustling chart, meet South Hao Jie etc.. Show the comprehensive strength of Suzhou culture to the world, with,

  • British culture

    This set of books publishing plans more copies, the culture of dozens of countries around the world, is a big project. The series includes preparing the country's cultural history, ancient cultural events, folk traditional schools of thought, art, culture, traditional culture, cultural relics, places of historic interest and scenic beauty event of major cultural achievements,

  • A hundred years Chinese at Tianjin

    Tianjin is Chinese historical and cultural city, is a modern civilization leading city, occupies a very important position in the modern history of China. Tianjin "when the nine Hejin Road, seven provincial journey", has been the capital of Beijing province and the eastern gate. Therefore, in the modern China none like Tianjin city, suffered,

  • Author eye series

    "Names" the place names of Changsha historic range rover, range rover in the landscape, historic pursuit, celebrity Hongzhao near the modern historical, religious sites and a total of 6 volumes, income places, monuments near thousand, 35 Book thousand words, is to keep this site makes a comprehensive introduction, the annihilation has been or will be lost as a rescue excavation sites and the name,

  • Shanxi beacon

    Han Zhao Wei the rise and fall of history, the Warring States, an axial age turbulence and the most creative China ancient history. Han Zhao Wei "the three sub Jin", opened a prelude to China feudal society; the society at that time to perform the most magnificent and the most brilliant historical themes. Two hundred years of a symbol of war in ancient China, Fiberhome Langyan two hundred years,

  • Culture and violence

    "A America series" has not only because America and Ming itself on the humanities and social science research value, but also because USA is the world's only superpower, because America and China between twenty-first Century and two for important due to repeated difficulties...... The "from" the authors of the book,

  • Chunhuaqiuyue when a

    The inventory of the Shanghai fashion, "fashion" is the source of life and foothold in Shanghai, Shanghai in the pursuit of fashion, but also in the manufacture of fashion, this is a hundred years of history can be traced back. After the opening of Shanghai, there is no connection with the most popular fashion, but also by its all rivers run into sea, fusion through the furnace, the eight party fashion to the Shanghai characteristics of the modified wind,

  • Ba Shu culture interpretation of modern Sichuan literature

    On twentieth Century China literature and regional culture, involving history, culture, folklore, religion, geography, social psychology and Chinese ancient literature, modern literature, contemporary literature and other disciplines, relatively large degree of difficulty, the subjective and objective conditions are not very mature. Remember in 1989,

  • West Lake old photos

    West Lake old photos (the Hangzhou press, West Lake),

  • Hangzhou food

    In Hangzhou, Food temptation is no less than the beauty, want to enjoy the paradise Food? Please follow the author to visit it. The official French cuisine, the classic homely dishes, a healthy diet, Hangzhou unique characteristics of Xihu Longjing Tea, noble and elegant banquet...... Regardless of the western, or China;,

  • Qingdao Road

    "Qingdao road" content brief introduction: the television series "the creation of Qingdao road" produced by Qingdao TV Center, is a Qingdao city road as the carrier, the full performance of city history, humanities series of emotion and memory. Works by the geographical perspective, unique and beautiful picture and succinct and wise words, moment,

  • Kong Meng Township folk

    Shandong for the ancient Qi and Lu land, now known as the "Qilu earth". A the Great Wall of Qi has features like, one side is the ancient "good profit" of the people of hometown, one is the "London this curb end, Chongli and valuing" Gu Lu territory. Qilu custom since ancient times, it should be detailed and faithfully record. ,

  • Tianjin early basic necessities of life

    Tianjin early basic necessities of life, "Tianjin early basic necessities of life" describes the Tianjin six hundred years history of folk custom, including clothing of the Qing Dynasty dress, men's dress jacket, Tianjin costume taboo; diet Hohai two fresh, whole lamb dishes; the important status of residence, Tianjin four sets of small building, Kang; traffic the city and outside Guan Dao, ice,

  • Dunhuang and Western Transportation Research

    This book to Dunhuang the transportation hub for the specimens of throat, as a Chinese ancient and western traffic overview. The ancient Chinese and Western culture, science and technology, economy and trade, personnel exchanges have discourse, the 1000 years under the US in the western ancient prosperous picture, a more vivid, concrete understanding. ,

  • Ulla notes

    The first chapter second chapter third chapter clothing food live between fourth chapter fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh relationships of man and nature the bandits thieves chapter eighth chapter ninth chapter tenth loggers gold diggers of vision eleventh chapter chapter wonders of games and entertainment,

  • College of Beijing

    "The Beijing" is to show the reader the Beijing education history, enable the reader to sightseeing in Beijing education history, basic clues to understanding the historical development of the national capital of Beijing, the strong characteristics of feeling education, grasp the pulse of the times, the development of education in Beijing. Today, whether we are traveling in the long history,

  • The mystery of Yunnan

    The human history, mysterious; Yunnan soil culture, mysterious history; Yunnan region geography, fantastic sense. Daguan Lou long tasting history, under the pen of four questions, four questions are mystery: "Han Xi sea", where the mystery of Kunming; "tangbiao iron column" white country imperial sacrifices position puzzle; "song 挥玉 axe", great river as the border puzzle; and "element cross exposure,

  • Learn from Shanghai

    Shanghai Renaissance not a prophecy, she has become one of Asia's most stunning landscapes, into Chinese people feel Rong Hui's super city. Foreign scholars surprised -- the future bright Chinese pattern has emerged. This book will be a prosperous and beautiful in appearance, for you to answer the rise of Shanghai beautiful secret. The front of this book,

  • Beijing: urban imagination and cultural memory

    Urban imagination and cultural memory in 2003 November, Peking University held a "Beijing: International Symposium on urban imagination and cultural memory", the book is a collection of conference papers. Discussion about Beijing's book, taking a different angle and method are discussed, including Beijing Literature (novels, poetry, essays, dramas, art (painting),

  • The Guanlong culture and win Qin civilization

    This book systematically, comprehensively describes the win Qin Qin culture since ancient times civilization is the history of the period now Shandong area, through the summer, spring and Autumn period, the Warring States period, Shang, Zhou to Qin Dynasty, Shaanxi, Gansu to the occurrence, development, dissemination, distribution, migration, described on the archaeological discovery of the types of Qin culture, staging, evolution and learning,

  • City criticism, Nanjing volume

    Nanjing is a famous ancient city in China, the famous historical and cultural city. The Enlightenment of cloth around the suburb scenic sites, history of Fen mulberry, tells the story of a beautiful legend, charitable culture, also to the contemporary people about Nanjing the once glorious...... The passage of time, one city, the development of modern economy,

  • The Yunnan Guizhou Plateau in Southwest China culture

    The Yunnan Guizhou Plateau in Southwest China culture / research library culture of Yangtze River Hubei education press,

  • Air not see melancholy

    Celebrities and events in Beijing, this is a book about the city memory book! 洪烛 with both rational and poetic style, depicting a Beijing this charming city worth recalling and remembering the celebrity with the past, to give us a set of unique flavor of the city prose. Here, you will see: a symbol of war in ancient China smoke, poet beauty romance...... Both,

  • Hakka ancestor worship culture

    To Eastern Meizhou as the focus of analysis, this book is based on the background of Eastern Meizhou area, using literature data and field survey data, the relevant theory and methods of anthropology, sociology and history of the, mainly from the origin of Hakka, ancestral culture, funeral culture, family culture, the Hakka ancestor worship culture were analyzed in many aspects of system and discussion,

  • Chengdu beauty

    The book includes: beautiful city, Chengdu history three big beauty, beauty in the eyes of ancient Liufang Chengdu Foreign Beauty -- nine beauty show, Chengdu beauty classification, beauty economy and beauty behavior. ,

  • Xiamen coastal culture (Second Series)

    The book consists of 23.4 words, 1 1996,

  • The culture of Hubei

    Hubei is a profound cultural background of the provinces, to conduct a comprehensive system of combing the history and reality of Hubei cultural resources, in-depth understanding of the development of Hubei culture, accurately grasp the development trend of Hubei culture, and vigorously carry forward the fine traditional culture of Hubei, the heritage of Hubei culture, and promote the Province's economy,

  • Red gold

    In sixty or seventy children in Beijing, "Red Gold: sixty or seventy years of Beijing children" the author cited a poet of ancient Rome period. In the preface of the book: "memories of past lives, is tantamount to live again." This also is him's purpose in writing this book, is where we read this book significance. At that time, was in his,

  • The altar.

    This book includes the preface: "the altar as root", the first series of words, Beijing, "five places", Beijing ancient imperial city, protection of Beijing, Beijing's former residence of celebrities, the old capital and the name plaque, tooth, "farewell", while an inlaid lacquer, Beijing County, tea industry and the old tea shop, chef Cheng Guobao,,

  • Yandu say so

    "Yandu said it" is "Kyoto story" a sequel to the book. Since the "Kyoto sites" after publishing, received better social benefits. "Yandu said it" content from three parts: the 1 "Beijing cultural relics" before the 60 period of a few articles, selected 2 "Beijing cultural relics" the 61 - 87 period,

  • Marry a eunuch

    Numerous living beings, there was a eunuch, his legendary life, people lead a person to endless aftertastes. The author writes freely, sometimes laugh, sometimes depressed, by a eunuch life, showing the life alternate between joy and grief. Such as freely flowing style of writing narration, into a deep sympathy for the masses,

  • Archaeology and cultural relics of Xiamen (Second Series)

    Archaeology and cultural relics of Xiamen (Second Series) -- Xiamen culture series, Wu Shichi, Lujiang press,

  • Naxi and Tibetan history

    This book uses a large number of historical documents, ethnographic data and the author in recent years to obtain social and historical investigation data in Naxi areas, development reasons and characteristics on the formation of Naxi and Tibetan ethnic relationship between seventh Century and early twentieth Century, two family relationship between occurred between the fusion and this relationship,

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