• The fourth session of the Beijing forum for Security Cultural Essays

    The "fourth Beijing forum proceedings" safety culture "by the fourth session of the Beijing forum for Security Culture Symposium" editorial committee, including the "security" and "world city construction enterprise security the responsibility to implement" the content of the two part, the cultural city and security business discussion from different sides (safety management,

  • Anxi County Culture Series (lower)

    "Anxi County Culture Series: String sleeve curls 4 (under)" the main content: Anxi is Chinese Oolong Tea a tea a town, home to the world famous tea Tieguanyin tea. For thousands of years, and multiplied in the land of the children of Anxi, not only created rich material civilization, but also created many splendid culture. At the same time,

  • Shanghai German Cultural Map

    International friends, foreign tourists came to Shanghai, must want to know themselves and the city has a kind of origin. Understanding of Shanghai, close to Shanghai, into Shanghai -- from open "Shanghai foreign cultural map" began! "Shanghai after the German cultural map" for with you, will let you feel, Shanghai, leave you in fact,

  • Kaiping towers

    "Brief introduction of Kaiping Diaolou" content: the western wall, native intersection, set defense, living in one world architectural art, melt in a furnace. Kaiping Diaolou this China Jian Gong in local offbeat, to rise above the common herd situation, heli south of the Five Ridges earth, large scale, different style, witness for hundreds of years, Chinese and overseas chinese,

  • Xinjiang non matter cultural collection volume third

    The traditional drama, "Xinjiang intangible cultural heritage collection (third volumes), traditional music and traditional dances" readers with large, middle school students and young intellectuals, and people pay more attention to the intangible cultural heritage protection of the autonomous region. "Xinjiang intangible cultural heritage collection (third volumes), traditional music and traditional dances" to,

  • The spirit of Suzhou

    "Three magic weapons" and the value of sublimation, "the spirit of Suzhou:" three magic weapons "value and sublimation" by the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Suzhou municipal Party committee secretary Wang Rong editor. Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Suzhou municipal Party committee, propaganda minister Comrade Xu Guoqiang on the compilation made comprehensive arrangements and specific guidance. Municipal Party committee propaganda department vice minister, City Social Science Association President Gao Zhigang responsible comrades,

  • Wang Yi warm roll - long school humanities.

    "Long school humanistic deposit: Wang Yi warm rolled" introduces Mr. Wang Yinuan in his "new note" in say: some people say that "University" is Confucius disciple he had made to his son, this conjecture is to cover, and "book of Rites" a book with the late Warring States period to make, but the content of thought it is the Confucian, thread, is reliable and. I wrote this new,

  • In south of the Five Ridges

    In south of the Five Ridges, "meet in south of the Five Ridges" content introduction: began two thousand years ago from the Nanyue Kingdom era. Many immigrants around the culture into Guangdong, forming 江南海北, all advantages, coupled with the Guangdong contact overseas earliest civilizations, to take another director, the. Regardless of architecture, music, painting, drama, the craft,

  • Today Wangfujing

    "Today" tells the story of Wangfujing: Wangfujing is a window, to reflect the China commercial beauty. Through her, you can see Dongcheng District, Beijing and even the national commodity type and grade, commercial facilities and service level, business development trend. Wangfujing is also a book, each page all witness to history,

  • Long school humanities save Liu Wenying roll

    Long school humanistic deposit: Liu Wenying roll, ISBN:9787226039489, author: Liu Wenying Fan Peng,

  • Suzhou cultural heritage series (seven volumes)

    "Suzhou cultural heritage series (set of 7 volumes)" is set, a total of 7, are "1-4" and "cultural relics, intangible cultural heritage volume 1-3". Suzhou cultural heritage series including intangible cultural heritage and cultural relics in two large volume volume, in the form of illustrations, comprehensively introduces 10 major types in Suzhou,

  • Beijing Xuan Nan Club gleaning

    "Beijing Xuan Nan Club gleaning" author following the increase in Beijing for Mr. Xuan Nan area, to the hall as the object of study, a detailed account of context, development and existence of the Xuan Nan Beijing hall on historical data detailed, clear, has not only its forty years accumulated in the Xuan Nan life, also its twenty years working in Xuanwu career and ten years,

  • Zhao Lisheng rolls - long school humanities.

    "Long school humanistic deposit: 赵俪生 volume" include: the construction of China new history; historical science content diversity and complexity; light criticism not, also need to speculative; characteristics of China peasant war; inflammation between various folk armed forces of qualitative analysis, built on land system to Chinese; history;,

  • The town of Chikan

    "The town of Chikan" include: water and land access business Hing, two large family origin of deep, overseas Chinese Economic Herald, overseas, Chinese name go down in history, culture and talent from celebrity romance, flames of war ruins. ,

  • Xinjiang intangible cultural heritage collection volume second

    Traditional music and dance, "Xinjiang intangible cultural heritage collection (second volumes), traditional drama traditional sports, entertainment and acrobatic traditional art tradition" readers with large, middle school students and young intellectuals, and people pay more attention to the intangible cultural heritage protection of the autonomous region. "Xinjiang intangible cultural heritage set,

  • Yan Tingliang rolls - long school humanities.

    Including the content of the book is divided into the literature of Dunhuang and Dunhuang cultural studies, modern literature and modern fiction studies two parts: study, Dunhuang literature, Dunhuang literature theory; theory of concrete works; modern literature; novels and novelists research etc.. ,

  • Miaofeng Mountain

    "Miaofeng Mountain: incense will inherit and situation" organization of content abstract: Miaofeng Mountain temple as a folk common cultural space, in the traditional circle in the regeneration of carrying a heavy history memory. "All the incense Sheng non-stop, round the clock temple is not" historical event, which is due to the good service and Wu will offer,

  • Shenzhen ten big ideas

    2010 August. Shenzhen special economic zone established 30 anniversary, Shenzhen held "Shenzhen's most influential ten ideas of" selection activities, caused extensive concern of the whole society. After screening two months of rigorous, "time is money, efficiency is life empty talks, hard work and prosperous, let the city because of the heat,

  • Alive

    Looking for Shangri-La, "alive," is looking for Shangri-La Tencent news channel key column "alive" one phase of the work, it is to show Shangri-La beautiful chapter. The text as we slowly opened the black pottery master, niketas love dance, brewing family, cattle herders, Dongba paper, beautiful Thangka, Dongba Shenlong, O five, Tibetan Buddhist institute,

  • Yangzhou Cultural Studies (Fourth Series)

    "Yangzhou Cultural Studies (Fourth Series)" neighbor "compiled by Zhi Weicheng of Qing Dynasty master biography", Liu Xizai would be included in the "primary school" (see "biographies" volume twelve), this is Liu sound science book academic achievements in terms of. To conduct a comprehensive study of academic research from today's perspective, we can enjoy the,

  • The walls of the old Beijing culture inside and outside

    "The wall outside the old Beijing culture", the book is one of "Beijing arts and crafts series", the book is divided into Beijing during the Ming and Qing Dynasties palace culture; arts and crafts; compilation palace books; folk art; folk prosperity and development; Beijing arts and crafts of the old Beijing culture etc.. ,

  • Search and blue,

    The main content of the book include: a visit and LAN; two visits and LAN; three visits and LAN; four visits and LAN; five visits and blue. ,

  • The essence of Zhangping

    "A brief introduction to the main content of the essence of Zhangping": Zhangping is located in southwest Fujian, is the Kowloon Jiangbei Creek source areas of convergence. Taiwanese culture, Hakka culture, culture of the She nationality, here together, forming a multi culture form the eight winds, the Quartet catchment, be lively and vivid, rich and colorful. ,

  • Xinjiang non matter cultural highlights the first volume

    Folk culture, "Xinjiang intangible cultural heritage collection (first volumes), folk literature" readers with large, middle school students and young intellectuals, and people pay more attention to the intangible cultural heritage protection of the autonomous region. "Xinjiang intangible cultural heritage collection (first volumes), folk literature" to the new perspective, open thinking,,

  • Miaofeng Mountain

    "Miaofeng Mountain: memory and inheritance of" folk culture content abstract: Miaofeng Mountain is the folk religion of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region of the holy land, from the beginning of the Qing emperor Kangxi imperial seal Jinding temple, incense very Sheng, unbroken. In 1925, Gu Jiegang and other scholars have investigated Miaofeng Mountain Temple folk activities, which opened Chinese modern folklore,

  • The development and influence of Macao ocean culture

    "Development and influence" of Macao ocean culture content abstract: Ocean is the cradle of the culture of Macao. The development of marine culture, Macao completed the evolution from the general trade export to international trade port berth. The convergence of hundreds of years of Chinese culture and Western culture, forming a multicultural society in Macao. A favorable international conditions, make Macao become the,

  • Yangzhou Cultural Studies Series, fifth series

    This book mainly included the research papers about the culture of Yangzhou 21, Birds of a feather flock together., mainly divided into eight parts: the Yangzhou School of Qing Dynasty, literary studies, Weiyang art and culture, history of Han City, Yangzhou celebrity, book review, the Guangling School of Guqin research, books selection etc.. The academic and popular with. ,

  • A Italy journalist in Beijing

    A Italy journalist in Beijing (Italy), ISBN:9787508517766, author: [b] Adriano motor, [AdrianoMadaro],

  • Shanghai style culture of learning

    Investigation and analysis from the adult life world, "cultural studies" research: investigation and analysis from the adult life world is "one of the social sciences library" Science Research Institute of East China University of politics and law, it includes "Shanghai Bund" cloud, "working-class", "lucky" learning culture, his natural factors influence of the objective factors, non personal, home,

  • Tianjin Wei Food

    "Tianjin Wei Food" authors often taught in hometown, he talks about Tianjin diet article Pianpian exudes a strong "taste", the reader will read eat with appetite. The food like Chinese culture, has a long history and literature. Tianjin history although shorter, but also a lot of relevant records. For example, beauty,

  • Nanchang Encyclopedia

    Nanchang "Encyclopedia" is known as the "king of the compilation tool", is not easy to. After three years into the "Nanchang encyclopedia" comprehensive, systematically describes the Nanchang nature and society, history and current situation, rich in content, informative, through ancient and modern, cross involving encyclopedia, Nanchang is "an entire history" and "folk religion,

  • The Duan Inkstone

    "Duan" content brief introduction: the Duan inkstone has a long history, stone fine, carved in stone, solid, lubrication, delicate, delicate and well-known in the world, with a breath can grind ink, night spit rainbow, ink not damage it, does not freeze in winter characteristics, as the culture communication tools at the same time, has the very high artistic value, the collection value,

  • Part one roll - long school humanities.

    "Long school humanistic deposit: Part one volume" began with Lu Xun on Lu Xun theory is also finally, because time supporting the work of Mr. this coincidence, but because the so-called coincidentally venation branch's academic thoughts. Choose things difficult, has always been for the Chinese ancient elected director generous short sigh, "selected" and so,

  • A plaything

    The old Shanghai toys, toy ("old Shanghai" is the author of the text) Mr. Yang Zhongming over the interview and record all sorts of different about old Shanghai toys to fun, with seal, rubbing from a stone inscription, aloes, Qing Dynasty, pottery, and fan, the phonograph, amber, bonsai, mahogany furniture, spark machine, carving, copper cartridge, cage, cigarettes, cricket pot... ,

  • Xishuangbanna Dai Dan culture

    The main content of the book include: "Dana" interpretation; festivals and Dan Dai; according to birth and Dan; and upgrading into Dan; Dai Dana, offering life; Dana tower; Dan temple etc.. ,

  • The memory of Shanghai - fading

    This photography collection photographer Chen Kejia was born in the Beijing courtyard, ancestral house to give her a deep memory, since the ninety's of last century, Shanghai city construction into the fast lane, looking around the old house gradually disappeared, Chen Kejia felt a sense of mission, the initiation of the vanishing Shanghai house,

  • Guangdong intangible cultural heritage series sing mountain

    Guangdong Guangdong Hakka folk songs, "Intangible Cultural Heritage Series: a brief introduction to the main content of the mountains of the original" Guangdong Guangdong Hakka Folk Songs: "intangible cultural heritage" in excellent culture brand of Guangdong Province, with higher reading and collection value. The publication of books in the series, to protect the nation \'s outstanding cultural heritage, inherit and carry forward the ridge,

  • The Ling'an culture

    The Ling'an culture, ISBN:9787807583936, author: Lin Zhengqiu,

  • Xixi culture (six volumes)

    "Research in the historical culture of Yuhang - Xixi culture (six volumes)", this book is a true record of the history and culture of Yuhang, has a certain unity, systematic and authoritative. ,

  • Shanghai British cultural map

    International friends, foreign tourists came to Shanghai, must want to know themselves and the city has a kind of origin. Understanding of Shanghai, close to Shanghai, into Shanghai -- from open "Shanghai foreign cultural map" began! "Shanghai after the British cultural map" for with you, will let you feel, Shanghai, leave you in fact,

  • The society and culture of South Fujian Pu Da

    Pu Shan Xian Xia Shuyang town Nanjing County in Fujian. Pu Village under the jurisdiction of four villages, in addition to playing Shi Yang and village, Pu Shang and Gu Lai; Da Shi Yang Cun and Shenzhen port, water tail and the three group. This book is the Anthropology of Xiamen University teachers and students anthropological fieldwork in Nanjing Pu Shan report collection. Including the introduction and Pu village,

  • Zhao Kui husband roll - long school humanities.

    "Long school humanistic deposit: Zhao Kui husband roll" introduces Zhao Kuifu, male, the Han nationality, born in 1942, Gansu West and people. Graduate tutor, Professor, PhD Northwest Normal University literature and History Institute, national key discipline "Northwest Normal University Chinese ancient literature" leader, "China ancient literature",

  • Duan Wenjie rolls - long school humanities.

    Long school humanistic deposit: Duan Wenjie roll, ISBN:9787226039403, author: Duan Wenjie Fan Peng,

  • Chu culture of the West

    "Chu culture of the West: an archaeology Chu West observation" main content: mass in the Three Gorges archaeological work started from 1997, to 2007 has been completed, a large number of archaeological reports or have been published or are publishing. New data greatly changes our understanding of the history of the Yangtze River Three Gorges Reservoir area,

  • Essence of France Tibetology (4 volumes)

    Tibet in the Chinese, since Tibet is an inseparable part of China. However, the Tibet mountains towering, outstanding people, rich in culture, Tibet culture has attracted the world, so also in the world of tibetan. The reader through Zheng Binglin editor of the "essence of France Tibetology (4 volumes)", can see the plug,

  • Bohemian Hongkong

    This book is mainly about the Hongkong Asian culture phenomenon description, is one of the 70 writers after close to the description of Persian literary style of life, literature, music and poetry to go through. Dear Liao Weitang in the body to life, consistent with sharp gloomy eyes, took the cultural scene in Hongkong at the moment, portray a,

  • Academic history of Dunhuang

    Events, characters and writing, "academic history of Dunhuang Cong draft" a collection of Professor Liu Jinbao from 1988 to 2009 in various academic journals, magazines (such as "historical research", "Dunhuang research", "Nanjing Museum bulletin" etc.) published Dunhuang science has 27 articles, including "to study the academic history of Dunhuang,

  • Ba Tu culture collection

    "Ba Tu culture inquiry set" content is divided into three parts. The first part of the author in the lead to the protection of national folk culture "original ecology" of the theory, practice and create Chinese first "the traditional culture of Tujia Nationality Ecological Protection Zone" for the foundation, in summing up the experience and lessons of experience at the same time, the,

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