Kumbum Monastery

Date of publication:2009-3   Press: Qinghai people's Publishing House   Author:Yang Guiming, Fu Ping.   Pages´╝Ü56  

The main contents include: "Kumbum Monastery" Kumbum Monastery panorama, introduction Buddha eight tower, Kumbum Monastery, Pope Caba the great, Jin w temple, the temple, Daikin watt temple, Vatican teaching building, Maitreya Buddha, Bodhisattva Manjusri temple, longevity hall, the medicine institute, Tantric college, when a college.
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The Kumbum Monastery panorama
Buddha eight tower
Kumbum Monastery
Zong Caba biography
Jin w temple
the Great Hall in
the great golden tiled hall
Vatican teaching buildings
Maitreya Buddha Manjusri temple

Longevity Hall medicine Institute
Tantric College
> Shilun seminary exhibition offered Zong Caba master barbola like
Sanjue art of barbola.
Sanjue art mural of
Sanjue art of Su Youhua
monks debate
four Dafa.
tourist etiquette for
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