Kagyu Lam rim (up and down)

Date of publication:2008-6   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Campoba was silent; release all translation   Pages:322  

The book is Kagyu daily chanting set, as noted by practitioner to explain this discovery, try to translate into Chinese, share enjoyment with those having similar tastes. With the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha of compassion, I love all, without beginning as 运勤 altruism, widely read by the bodhi! The supreme Tantra Vajra words, though I want tube solution to force, long Qi Sheng transfer guru to help, such as rain heart blessing! Mentors give ear from spur correct drink, the special language, for profit from his mother so, students some translation bile!
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The first chapter of preface before four were chanting section outside no second quarter were common before the move, to the heart of a guide, recite the two heart three, purify sins diamond Sardo Xiu Nian four, complete two credit grain Manja five, Shi Yuga six, then seal lineage masters in white pray for the third Festival Vajrayogini born one commonly used Yoga second chapter bamboo of Ba to mother four third chapter first converted to void the heart by the fourth chapter. Call teacher (a) the fifth chapter remote calling master (two) sixth Zhang Gaju transmission division for omitted the seventh chapter Kagyu CO with prayers eighth chapter four guru yoga and vow to the ninth chapter of extreme laughter Vajra guru yoga tenth chapters cover non death prayer for the eleventh chapter to twelfth chapter Miao smoke cloud and the thirteenth chapter to the Tara and Chan Huiwen the fourteenth chapter opening slightly the fifteenth chapter briefly smoked for the sixteenth chapter. Yi Mahamudra paper seventeenth chapter Mahamudra song you see Chapter eighteenth extreme thirteen world Karmapa made brief Elysian Fields paper nineteenth chapter to the twentieth chapter Elysian Fields slightly broken tiles near repair Buddha twenty-first chapter twenty-second chapter pure land broken 瓦法 send Die Dabei Vajra hook and so on broken tiles teach empowerment commandment twenty-third chapter Kagyu curse reservoir and pith hide two when read by twenty-fourth chapter support Dharma translation postscript of
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  •   The gradual path to atisha, by the Kagyu develop, epitomized in 宗喀 Milarepa'.
  •   Haven't studied. Horizontal version of Sino Tibetan control arrangement, suitable for beginners.
  •   This is the rare books, is the essential desk on practicing the Dharma brothers.
  •   In the possession of the control is a word for word controlled, not the entire page control.
  •   Slowly have time to look at
  •   Haven't seen, but with a happy, happy
  •   This is to help the boss to buy, he looked after the feedback that abstruse, still go to can understand

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