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Date of publication:2003-12   Press: Sichuan literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Chen Liji   Pages:244   Words:171000  

Chen Liji, born in 1945 in Guanghan. 14 years of age to participate in the work, the work in the northern Tibetan Plateau Geladandong snow capped mountains at the foot of 16 years, when a carpenter, loader, to repair the railway, engaged in coal mine workers from teachers and other more than ten kinds of occupation. Author of "goose" "the story of Sanxingdui" and other works. He is now a member of Sichuan Province, Writers Association Ba Jinwen school creative staff, chairman of Guanghan writers' association.
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The source of ancient Shu write brilliant ancient Shu fertile Tianfu rotating leisurely in the long river of history, clear the Duck River Shu ancestor -- Shushan's 洞幽察微 cancong clever natural Yufu caw blood cuckoo wonderful Du Yu five small mountains and Taurus beauty Shu Gu Jin Guan City Ning seal cloth silkworm pottery and diet culture residence bamboo worship, and dry column rugged road on the edge of a gorgeous rainbow birds white three thousand feet Jin Sheng Lishui jungle elephant dance at the Shu wine, treasure of ancient Shu writing off the sun in the ancient Shu "reserves" Hot pot origin interest test sincere folk songs and music dance up underground sun ancient Shu civilization tremendous support party ladder and Wisdom Tree cool Liang makeup recovery 采玉 shall worship jade mountain and hill water Zhang: have a style of one's own Bashu Cologne Sanxingdui and foreign civilization try academic course compared with Shang culture in ancient charm brilliant reputation all over the world to historical and @##@ translation postscript The famous British scholar David Keith in the "independent" newspaper wrote: "Guanghan is found to be a metallic artifacts unearthed from the most found, their discovery may lead to a re evaluation of the Oriental art. China bronze manufacturing has long been considered the most outstanding ancient, and this was found both in quality and quantity are the people's awareness of the China metal manufacturing rose to a new height." In December 21, 1986, "Wen Wei Po" (Hongkong) commented: "in the past, in the world of the Bronze Age archaeological history, only Egypt, Greece has unearthed a life size gold mask, now China also found these artifacts, many of which are the first in the country to find....... This discovery is a breakthrough in Sichuan archaeology, is a major achievement of the Shang and Zhou dynasties....... Hunan Mawangdui cultural relics early in time, quantity, its historical value and artistic value is more high, comparable and Xi'an Banpo ruins."
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