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Date of publication:2008-12   Press: Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House   Author:Yan Xinyuan   Pages:309  
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Huxiang folk painting of ancient worship the ancient silk painting, painting 1 painting 1-2 1-1 in Han Dynasty 帛画 2 modern folk sacrificial painting 2-1 symbol 2-2 Zu Zonghua 2-3 and 2-3-1 2-3-2 painting painting sorcery merit of Taoism Confucianism and 2-3-4 2-3-3 merit painting painting Buddhist merit painting 2-3-5 sects fusion merit painting 2-4 tablets painting hanging verse painting 2-6 2-5 the paper draw the 2-7 paper painting 2-8 cloth painting two, life practical drawing 1 ceramic painting 1-1 Han ceramic painting 1-2 1-3 after the Tang Dynasty Tang Dynasty ceramic painting ceramic painting 2 painting 2-1 ancient lacquer painting 2-2 modern lacquer painting 3 Building 4 bottom like painting and illustration 4-1 bottom 4-2 5 glass painting @##@ illustration painting Hunan folk art is the Huxiang labor people from the needs of their own lives of direct. Aesthetic, emotion, belief, social needs based on creation. Hunan folk painting and they like the original owner has elements is mainly the fate of culture and wisdom, then, people have reason to it should be said mainly cultural responsibility and knowledge. In modern folk art, process flow, main way, all aspects of the people, must have an agricultural age may not be important resources, that is information, such as works of art criticism and the historical culture information, regional difference and time market value-added business information, the source and destination of human work information and so on. This is the so-called information, knowledge. Should say, in the Hunan folk art normal circulation and cherish, still in the folk collection, use good old each person, actually all naturally or half unconsciously reflect their wealth to the aesthetic emotion, pay attention to national history, cherish the folk culture, excellent traditional culture of responsibility to protect, in their respective positions, make a contribution to their own. Hunan folk art unique style, rich in content, has a rich cultural connotations, is a distinctive characteristics of Hunan art form, for readers reference.
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