Hunan embroidery embroidery Hunan Library of two volumes

Date of publication:2009-1   Press: Hunan Art   Author:Li Xiangshu Li Lifang   Pages:295  

The author has long been engaged in embroidery design and teaching research work, undertake a number of national, provincial, ministerial level scientific research, the embroidery history, status, development trend, technology characteristics, artistic features more understanding, and attempts to use history as the master line, take, embroidery, embroidery, prosperity and decline of culture description the latitude, the basic outline of Hunan embroidery millennium to drop especially the mainstream style of nearly a hundred years of ups and downs change. Embroidery is such an embarrassment of culture, as a part of folk culture, in essence, it is a part of farming civilization, to the transformation of modern industrial civilization in the farming civilization, away and disappear the fastest is the folk culture, embroidery and so. One hundred years of Hunan embroidery, hand writing, she blew time picture, on the one hand, and constantly facing side to create side die. More than 300 color pictures of this book, covering the basic representation of each period reflects the mainstream style of embroidery works, trying to show the overall style of Hunan embroidery relatively complete.
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The first chapter first folk needlework -- 1800 years of embroidery, Xiang embroidery is a source of two, Yamakawa Gatakami, four, the first folk began with needle five, six people, technology is mature charm second chapter rise city Xiang back -- 1910 years of Hunan embroidery, cut a striking figure two, a drow master three, "God needle" Yong Xia four, the stars shining the third chapter to the five, to the world of great ingenuity -- 1911 to 1949 years, two overseas renowned embroidery a historical titbits, Mitsushimi, four, five, the world famous painter different lattice chapter fourth mature Creation -- 1950 and 1965 unique embroidery, embroidery is a two, fluffy hair pin three of God, poems, with four Dan old five, Dongfeng 缀锦 fifth chapter piety and apotheosis -- 1966 - 1979 years, Hunan embroidery a deification of disaster, cloud three, drawing two God set the sixth chapter works in 1980 to 1989 years -- extraordinary as if done by the spirits of Hunan embroidery, Xiang Ling, a woman's light and heavy make-up two, four, three needle go through the combination of time and space, magical and romantic six one five the seventh chapter, a great Shengshi Huazhang Hong mainstream -- since 1990, two, an elegant embroidery charm gourmet implication of three, four, mainstream and prosperity The spirit of the five, Xin broadcast overseas references
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  •   I am doing embroidery business, this book is very fine, paper quality is good, the Xiang embroidery culture said! Worth a visit!

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