Hunan ancient cultural family (Xiangtan Li's volume)

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The Li Songan family are very kind and generous to people: Li Sao is Li's chare, water pipe, kerosene lamp daily scrub family, clean the room. One day, she was wiping the glass lampshade, accidentally broke the glass lamp shade. She was soon ran into trouble, afraid of the owner to scold her, beat her, or even quit her. Can not think of, de Yu Chi walked over to her, quietly asked: "cut the hand?" See Li Sao hands aren't hurt, he saw her look panic is a benign countenance, said: "it does not matter, broke even, as long as no cut hand." Li Sao heart warm, very grateful. Association a few days ago my own laundry in the kitchen cooking, wet point, Chu master to come back to buy food ", will be furious, also reached. Fortunately the three her presence, a block of Chu, master said: "do not hit, you are working, she is also the work, how can you beat her, dad often says to us, a person to nature, to be kind, we will in harmony." Over the past few decades, now about this, Chu the master still face with shame. He said with deep feeling: "Li Jia Wu people look up to people, never on our work played a high pitched, or give a face. That morning the old man ate it de Rice porridge, sometimes I am not boiled dilute, boiled thick, sometimes burned. What's the old man never say." Li Songan be of noble character and high prestige, the people in the village where there is a dispute has come to him. First, because of the water and water interception things quarrel Chen, Luo two, each car beaten up. De Lao Taiye distance toward them and shouted: "do not hit, have something to say." This little voice shouted, power is not small, the two car was all down, respectively, came to Li Songan.

Remember the autumn of 2005, I was in Japan Fukuoka study tour, Mr. Takemura Noriyuki please go to the teahouse meet on, by my family about China family and cultural clan smoke, tea, they all were suddenly. Shen Yi, the charm of culture was also. I think, China family produced in the Han Dynasty, while the cultural clan were produced in the Six Dynasties, the place is in the Shuiguang glittering mountains empty Ying in the south of the Yangtze river. Liu Yuxi of the Tang Dynasty poem: "Suzaku bridge wild flower, Wu Yi Xiang Kou slanting sun. Old Wang Xie Tang Qianyan, flying the homes of ordinary people." Jiangnan culture family is undoubtedly to Wang, Xie family as the representative, in historic Jiangnan land into a culture concentrated energy release, its appearance has brought the Millennium Jiangnan literati culture! I further believe Jiangnan culture was characterized salient points are three: first, their whole family have higher cultural upbringing. The Eastern Jin Dynasty, through ten generations in three hundred years, the crown is not absolute, politician, poet, calligrapher, scholar, artist no lack of people, even if the political strategist, is also a scholar. Second, Wang Dao, Xie An's first Jiangnan cultural clan, "Ya Dao legend" celebrity style to maintain family, and politics as an equal, there is a kind of cultural spirit of the later. The culture of Jiangnan family children extremely value, to maintain the family's power, be regarded as the symbol of noble blood and marking. So, later some people joked that, in 乌农 children, to find three five very not easy, want three five child is not difficult to find! Thirdly, the king Xie Shouchuang Jiangnan culture family heirloom generally emphasize culture, cultural education to children, re light arms. This point and the previous Zhongyuan family focus on official and indigenous Jiangnan aristocracy to accumulate wealth be totally different.
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The cultivation of a child is quite successful, especially his eight son is talent, people head for the "Xiangtan Li jun".
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"Hunan Library, Hunan history culture family, Xiangtan Li's volume" was published by Hunan people press.
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