Humanistic interpretation of Fujian Culture

Date of publication:2011-5   Press: Tongji University   Author:Zhao Linbin   Pages:306  

The book as the main content of the "Fujian culture" in literary studies, historical celebrities, art research study, with regional features and character distinct, demonstrates the broad and profound culture of Min capital, and to give the "Fujian culture" Research on new significance.
this book can be used as reference for related researchers, and for the love of folk culture reader. The book edited by Zhao Linbin.
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Zhao Linbin, now the vice president of Fujian Province, Minjiang University), doctor of economics researcher, Professor, doctoral tutor, the first Fuzhou city outstanding talent, enjoy special government allowances of the state council. "Journal of Minjiang University)" editor in chief, also Fuzhou Mindu Culture Research Association vice president, director of the Fuzhou city folk culture, vice president of Fujian province Wu Yuan culture, academician of the humanities and Social Sciences Research Institute and Chinese Distinguished Visiting Professor, visiting professor at Taiwan University in Canada Chinese culture, Brock University International senior visiting scholar, has published (including co editor), 30, published academic papers. Fujian Culture Study on Jiang has edited "Fujian Taiwan folk theories," "new", "Fujian Taiwan folk and folk on the edited", "Fuzhou folk culture of" commentary "," coveted record (co authored) etc..
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The sequence of a sequence of two order three order four nine rebuilding Zhenhai Lou Ji Fu Tang and the Five Dynasties Fujian four poets on "remember" the forest that the compilation and examination of Zeng Gong in Fuzhou's political and literary creation of Ye mengde and Fuzhou society culture ecological forest construction of Zhiqi "." Tang Song School and Mission Hills on the formation of Liu Kezhuang and Fujian poets of Jianghu school forest don't sound -- Fujian harbinger of yuan and Ming Dynasty blue benevolence, blue Chi poems in Ming Dynasty imperial poets poetry creation influence "Fujian ten sub poem" version of Xie Zhao Shuan poetics and regional relations of Xu Ao life stages of Lin gudu birth year of presenting evidence and friends of his works and brilliant -- gentle gas natural forest 雨化 classical perspective and writing academic paper between Han Dynasty and Song Dynasty: Chen Shouqi's article on Liang Zhangju "added notes on luoshanguan poems" Lin Zexu "textual research on the red" poetry of Yan Fu and "tongguangti" members of the association of Lin Xu landscape from modern female poet Shen que should contradiction and new exploration of literature by word transition period -- Lin Shu on Fuzhou's modern cultural giant Lin Shu in the late Qing Dynasty, Fuzhou modern cultural giant Lin Shu in poetry and learning persistence -- Chen Yan's literary significance Chen Yan " Word of person and the poet's words "on Zheng Xiaoxu and Chen Sanli Bense min School of Tongguang school poet He Zhendai's poetry theory where 振岱 classical view of Fujian in Qing Dynasty poet of Qing Dynasty in Fujian Taiwan two poets of modern people in Fujian CI debates and significance of Fujian subjects are folk rhymes on the Fujian culture and Bing Xin's character latent: rhetoric meaning of Bing Xin's novels and readers' consciousness of Bing Xin s view of Translation -- Reading" the book I see "a bunch of flower are pathological report five four daughters -- a solution of Lu Yin's novels of Lin Whei-yin's prose poetic beauty feet leave the trace of loyalty reflects history -- on Yu Dafu in the Fujian period prose generalist -- Mr. Zheng Zhenduo Centennial modern prose -- On Liang's essays Sanshan Xiu Yu Ying Jie -- Deng Tuo's early life and literary activities.
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The copyright page: this poem is the poet of the 1886 (Bing Xu) the tour of Fuqing County, when nari. Rui Yan period, after the rock is the Ming Jiajing against Japanese pirates, Qi Jiguang turned, Qi also wrote "the new hole zuigan Ji" monument. "Last words" six words, write Qi in the Anti Japanese victory. Rui Yan Mountain with a stone, and engraved with "Nan Tang 戚公 monument" digital. The poet saw stone can not help gankaiwanduan, through highly of 戚公, comparison of aeriform lieutenant general anti Japanese defeat in victory and two years ago majianghaizhan were, "Sheng figure who followed the" sentence without Qi formula hero, also expressed the poet of the destiny of the country concerned no ratio. He Zhendai 25 years (1891) in 31 year old scholar, the tree, and in 1698, 1903, 1904: the year three times in a row the bus stop. Soon the civil service examination, after college, He Zhendai was never intended to become an official, to teach and write for a living. During this period the poetry creation of travel, Yongwu Shuhuai, sing, for the. He Zhendai just proud, chant Matsutake Mekiku's poems are many. When the chrysanthemums in full bloom is inviting friends, without discrimination "Tsuen an agency for meditation, Narathiwat like set wine and worship". Youth, He Zhendai and his friend Gong Baoluan (the word Zi Ming, No. nine cranes) while reading phase Benedict as poem, Damour hole, Gushan Wushishan double can park, Hong Tang Ta River Temple at their footprints and poems. Among them, the Wushishan double can park nine crane Fang Bogong easy to figure anything else out industry. Chen 衍伯 brother Chen Shu was one of the early advocates of "Tongguang" Fujian poets, the original village of Tao River, then moved to the Gong Shishuang Dynasty garden, Wuling garden, with Xu Baoling, Chen Xiuying, Liu Dashou and Liu Yuzhang, Gong Yitu, ye Da Zhuang, Bao Chen, Chen celebrities such as travel, Linhe piano music with respect. The autumn of 1893, He Zhendai had his nine cranes live double can park more than month (see banyan "Namco video Gong Baoluan"). Two people are often the same song and dance, and sing. When He Zhendai was 20 years old, min School of Tongguang school leader Chen Yan has played "tongguangti" banner, therefore, Tongguang school Fujian Qing Cang and steep poetry on youth He Zhendai how much impact. In 1906, He Zhendai was an important poet Shen Yuqing hired as Fujian fan Shu copy, Shen "sing and what then, slightly out of the formality. How old each have this thing, so fascinated."
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"Humanity" Fujian culture is the culture of Academic Journal: two min.
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