Huayao Yi Long Festival

Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Kunming: Yunnan people's publishing house, 2009   Author:Gu Jiarong Yu Xiaoying   Pages´╝Ü126  

Living in Yunnan Ailao Mountain only 40000 of the population of the branch of the Yi Hua Yao Yi created colorful, unique style of Huayao Yi culture, one of the Huayao offering Dragon Festival is a strong national characteristics and local characteristics of the festival activities. Book with beautiful pictures, the culture of offering sacrifices to the dragon, analyzed the long festival folk tourism value, the whole picture of the intangible cultural heritage.
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Background of the village village history of offering sacrifices to the Dragon origin sacrifice elements subject object intermediary place objects of offering sacrifices to the dragon dragon dragon sent Solitaire jump process of offering sacrifices to the Dragon prevailed in worshiping the god man communication meaning of identity authority shape state presence change and continuity of multi subject consciousness secular festival to streamline the scene magnificent reference postscript
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