Date of publication:2005-11   Press: Education in Shanxi   Author:Wang Houxiong   Pages:129   Words:297000  

Aim to test prediction test + + = have passed the examination. The whole practice practice sites, key, keep up with hot.
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The first chapter one sorts out ancient history textbooks China test test 1 Test 2 test the origin of Chinese civilization, the state and social change point test 3 unification of Qin and Han Empire test test of 4 power separation and national convergence stage evaluation of 1 sites tested 5 prosperous and open society test test 6 multi-cultural and social economic development test test 7 Ming and Qing Empire flourished and modern on the eve of the crisis stage evaluation of 2 the second chapter Chinese modern history test test of the 8 imperialist aggression and Chinese people struggle test test 9 modernization difficult start point test of 10 new democratic revolution stage evaluation of 3 test test test test of 11 Great Anti Japanese War 12 people's war of liberation the third chapter China victory stage evaluation of 4 modern history examination test 13 to socialist road test of the 14 construction sites to explore the road of socialism construction sites test 15 China socialism stage evaluation of 5 the fourth chapter of world ancient history examination tests 16 human ancestors -- the ancient world heritage sites to test 17 ancient civilizations conflict and cultural achievements evaluation stage 6 fifth chapter in the modern history of the world Test test 18 cross the threshold of modern society test test of 19 modern society's establishment and evaluation of 7 sites tested 20 turbulent stage the development of modern society and the end point was tested in 21 to construct cultural Temple stage evaluation of 8 the sixth chapter in modern world history test test 22 turbulence and change point testing of 23 World War comeback stage evaluation of 9 test 24 test the competition under the test test of 25 peace and development stage evaluation of 10 second special breakthrough in China ancient agricultural, rural, farmers project two imperialist aggression and Chinese people's struggle and explore the topic of three Chinese modernization, modernization and Enlightenment project four China Communist struggle with their own construction project five motherland reunification with China Japan relations, relations between China and the United States on six world capitalist system establishment and the development of seven world of modern international relations thematic eight surgery technology development third simulation of senior high school entrance examination test a senior high school entrance examination test two senior high school entrance examination test three senior high school entrance examination test four senior high school entrance examination test five answers and advice (attached single @##@ book) Test: Test on the senior high school entrance examination test, new topics comprehensively, focus on the analysis of application. Test coverage: 100% senior high school entrance examination requirements gathering, point to understand test. Evaluation: emphasizing examination comprehensive, especially the knowledge related degree, help you the ability to successfully implement leap! Special breakthrough: Series thematic knowledge topic, topic, focus on questions, senior high school entrance examination, be perpendicular and horizontal well! Simulation exercises: proposition, examination key, close to the senior high school entrance examination questions, questions; in which both national and reflect local. Answer: single volume, is convenient to use them. To reveal the key of problem solving, guidance law, emphasizing the answer of specification, Yi Hunyi wrong point, review the twice the result with half the effort!
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