Guide the learning performances of wisdom

Date of publication:2008-11   Press: Xilingyinshe Press Limited   Author:Li Hongxiang   Pages´╝Ü140  

Shaoxing County Library Comrades hard work and achievements, has been in the "guiding learning inspired wisdom -- Shaoxing County Library Reading" embodied in the. When reading the text and the booklet, my mood is very happy, Shaoxing county library is like a window, from which you can see in recent years and the prospects of prosperity and development of public library cause in Zhejiang Province, see the people of Zhejiang Library of hard work and selfless dedication. Therefore, my gratitude also to the Shaoxing County Library Comrades, also to the "leading learning inspired wisdom: Interpretation of" Shaoxing county library publication congratulations. There is no doubt that, as a previous work of the author, a communication with readers of the media, a way to share experience and peers, "leading learning inspired wisdom: an interpretation of" Shaoxing county library publication is valuable to promote the development of County Public Libraries in Zhejiang province.
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County Public Library Development Paradigm
history overview chapter
the ancient Yue library
Shaoxing County Library
Lu Xun Shaoxing County Library
Shaoxing County Library Literature Resources

of natural science and social science literature literature
young son Tong Wenxian

local special textile special literature the literature
"Si Ku Quan Shu" and "Xuxiu Sikuquanshu"
Town Street Branch Library
social donation document
reader service
Basic lending service
readers new book notification
special books
evening open government information public borrowing

reading lounge
New Exhibition Center
mobile library
mobile library
Town Street Branch
flow card service
send books to the countryside engineering
network information
automation construction of Library Website

digital library information consultation

information the wizard culture sharing
Cultural Sharing Project and Shaoxing
Shaoxing County County Cultural Sharing Construction Scheme of
project implementation requirements
the County Center
Cultural Sharing Project grassroots service construction
Educational promotion

pearl pearl forum Gallery

juvenile readers reading section
"service week" series of

international exchanges and cooperation in
inter library loan
business cooperation
Public Library Manifesto
Library Services Manifesto
Zhejiang province public library management approach
the ancient Yue Library of
Shaoxing Library Association of
Shaoxing County Library Association
into the universal equal service times
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