Green snow song

Date of publication:2000-7-1   Press: Yunnan Education Publishing House   Author:Yang Fuquan   Pages:331   Words:190000  

Yang Fuquan, born in September 1955, the Naxi people in Yunnan Province, the Old Town of Lijiang, Ph.D., professor. Candidates for the "Chinese Talents Project" in Yunnan province and the cross century academic technology leaders ranks. Now the ethnology research of Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences institute. International Naxi Studies Association vice president, the Secretary general. Was invited to go to Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, American, Canada, Thailand and other countries access to lecture. The major
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Found in Yunnan (Preface) Introduction: Miss "green snow singer" snow capped mountains to send the 1 hair sent to Germany to send "2 God fell Meadow" from Taihang Mountain to West Lake 1 2 West Lake arts master young journey they will introduce the Naxi ancient 1 Shen Congwen led to "green snow margin" 2 Dong as Penn enlightenment his door maze adventure of Li Lincan and Naxi Dongba culture 1 "what some gentleman" and 2 "old Dongba Naxi people more snow" for migratory path to ERON Daisetsuzan 1 debut 2 "holy mountain" was really fun 3 pay Xunqing Li Lincan and Wu Guanzhong snow capped mountains margin of 1 Wu Guanzhong's Jade Dragon Snow Mountain complex 2 "ERON Xuefeng" before the final gather Appendix 1 selected works by Li Lincan and Dr. Rock on what some people form pronunciation word has what some classic art on what some family story of the Lijiang murals (first draft), picturesque, ERON to Hutchison minority wisdom -- what some people's view of life and death in Appendix 2, Li Lincan resume Appendix 3 Li 霖灿 works on the list of major @##@ bibliography. This series are invited and a topic the cultural celebrities have more exchanges or have more study on writers, academics. After six months of careful planning and fellow author painstaking written nearly a year, finally in the arrival of the new century published. In order to let readers have a comprehensive understanding of the cultural celebrity, in each of which includes three parts: one for the original text. Author in prose style introduced this book relates to the cultural celebrity life, especially their experiences and activities in Yunnan, history, nature and culture as well as the area of Yunnan and the culture of celebrity related activities, and to the cultural celebrity works especially the ideological and artistic connotation of related works and Yunnan. Part of the history of literature. Included among the celebrities or description or study in Yunnan works, Monographs (text or historical photos), as the culture and literature of the Yunnan region, a people's history, records, for readers to read and reference. Directory three chronology, as the celebrity culture research or works, as well as some historical and realistic picture, as much as possible to do with pictures. In this regard, we do not expect all, the three part is relatively speaking, the proportion of each part and detailed slightly different in each book, each have emphasize particularly on, which not only shows the richness and diversity of books, but also make it has relative independence.
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