Great Valentine's wall

Date of publication:2003-10   Press: Shanghai Pictorial Publishing House   Author:Shen Shanzeng   Pages´╝Ü116  

This is a set of Shanghai city life and humanistic care series, this book is one of the author's life, in Shanghai the major impact on other Chinese international metropolis city, through the analysis of the social phenomenon of life fashion, popular culture, what happened in Shanghai in the process of internationalization, the sentiment, write deep into the inside of the spirit of the people of Shanghai. Author from the unique perspective of excellent male part of Shanghai traditional culture and to verify and extraction, to awaken people to the sincere feelings of the past memories, to beautify the life in Shanghai, our hearts and living environment.
Author brief introduction

Shen Shanzeng, born in 1950 in Shanghai. The first piece published since 1970, has engaged in literary creation has been more than thirty years. As a representative of the novel "normal people" many sections of the full-length work "Shanghai people" in view of Shanghai, "people" in many chapters, point of view, is repeatedly reprinted, books in the Bund "concept named Valentine's wall" is a cultural landscape of Shanghai. The author has always been to self
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The first series without my habitat the Bund, Shanghai Great Wall of Shikumen Gallery's famous crowded car Symphony affect my personality of Zhuo Zi. After the dream of antiques and calligraphy profile fashion praised the Shanghai first ecological catastrophe nostalgia deconstruction fall in love with a static content to eat can bridge stay pomegranate tree Bookstore bookish dressing room TV for ask the comic where "feud" with nostalgia for Shanghai kelp the shock of second series of my habitat late cry grandpa heritage life experiment first cultivate a good happy orientation from "three one house" to "three one home" message from a Tong Nanti my weight loss view self-study ability's novels and prose with me Jinling miscellanies youth only know Book taste not or is a realm
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