Fujian Culture

Date of publication:1996   Press: Peking University press   Author:He Mianshan   Pages´╝Ü306  

Fujian culture is an important branch of Chinese culture. This book first describes the origins and characteristics of Fujian culture, and then divided into chapters from philosophy, history, literature, art, technology, religion, folk custom, education, architecture, economy, technology and other aspects of a comprehensive exposition of the history and current situation of Fujian culture, deeply reveals the connotation of Fujian Culture and its position in the whole Chinese culture in the. Both longitudinal and transverse discussion, analysis, which cited informative, precious, is a superior education monograph. Suitable for liberal arts students of TVU, society, philosophy and other social sciences workers.
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The first chapter of Fujian culture origin and characteristics of Fujian culture origin two min culture features second chapter philosophy development overview two Min Min school features third chapter history a historian writing features two Fujian Fujian local literature fourth chapter literature a Fujian writer creation overview two Fujian culture and Fujian literature in three Fujian literary features of the fifth chapter of Art a dance drama music two three sixth chapter four painting process New Year paintings stone three two four five six puppet carving paper-cut ceramic seventh chapter two Buddhist Taoist religion Islam four eighth chapter three Christian folk wind Festival two marriage fertility three birthday funeral four faith taboo five recreational athletics six diet and drinking tea ninth chapter education teaching development of Fujian summary of the two Fujian education the unfailing reason the tenth chapter building a city and Castle two houses three buildings eleventh chapter twelfth chapter four temple economy science bibliography postscript
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Six food and tea in China Beijing, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan cuisine, Fujian have a style of one's own. Fuzhou cuisine is the main representative of the south, has a unique flavor. Fuzhou cuisine ingredients and seasoning were dominated by local materials, emphasis on a knife, operation duration, good color, fragrance, taste, shape, cooking fried, fried, stewed, good at stew, steamed, blasting the method, its main features are: (a) the use of sugar. Fuzhou people cook, likes to use sugar, partial to sweet, acid, pale, and Sichuan, Hunan with pepper to form different style. Sugar can go Xingshan, vinegar acid can make tasty, suitable for Fuzhou hot climate taste; light is to preserve the taste and flavor. Because to be just perfect, so sweet but not greasy, acid instead of Jun, and light but not thin. (two) used. Red vinasse is a specialty of Fujian, Fuzhou dishes are bad, bad, light gun drunk bad and so on more than ten kinds with a bad law. In addition, the condiment also multi-purpose oil (oil). (three) a soup. Fuzhou food is good at soup taste, "100 soup taste" theory. The soup is also the essence, plus soup appropriate accessories, can make the original soup brings out numerous Yizhen caramel flavor, without losing the flavor of this. Fuzhou flower color varieties have more than 2000, the "sea food and poultry", "pale worse fried Solen", "a product with Oyster" are famous at home and abroad famous. The formation of a distinctive local flavor of Fujian diet, with Fujian unique geographical, climatic properties, there is a close relationship between the. Fujian's long coastline, rich in seafood, the seafood main dishes are, such as the famous "chicken soup Sichuan mussels," "white fried scallops", "fried shredded squid", some snacks with seafood for many, such as "Shanghai and Shenzhen water pills (FISH)", "Fried Oyster (midges oyster omelet)", "Sauteed Crab soup".
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  •   On my graduation thesis and help understand the culture of South Fujian
  •   Textbook model standard, clear, clear, but the language and wizened, Don't Get Around Much Anymore. Of course, learning to learn, very helpful!

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