Folk customs and tourism / the Songhua River of Heilongjiang.

Date of publication:1998-2   Press: Tourism Education Press   Author:Jiang Zhijun, Guo Chonglin,   Pages:225   Words:168000  

Jiang Zhijun, male, born in 1954. Hulan Shi experts reported to deputy editor, deputy editor in chief. The young members of the national college liberal arts journal research, national and 10 provincial-level academic society director or member. Author of "Lu Xun and Xiao Hong", "Research on the draft surplus essays", chief editor "editing plexus on" 3 books, reference books, 8, published papers and literature papers, few articles were above the provincial level awards. Cut into
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Introduction a preface, looking back the Great Northern Wilderness Heilongjiang Shuoyuan Kanto three treasures Kanto three strange mining mugwort legend valley of shortage and people recognize the flag two East, northeast of Harbin City three, Nenjiang four, Xingan 奎城 plain Bu Ling near the mother river of five, two rivers and one lake run Shan Xiang six, Sanjiang Hui Guan Ping. Harbin City: A, the introduction of several travel service two, Harbin Hotel, hotel @##@ bibliography. "Chinese folk · travel books" is a large-scale series, with tourism as the line, the broad China into several culture area, tourism area into the culture, and then displays the regional cultural characteristics. In the analysis and description of the regional culture, outstanding tourist point, line and important scenery, customs. Therefore it is not only tourism folk series, is the regional folk series, show is a regional culture, and the overall cultural scene. The contents of the book are obtained through on-the-spot investigation, research, and then a relaxed tone. Therefore, the researchers, workers, the folk culture, have important reference value.
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Folk customs and tourism / the Songhua River of Heilongjiang. download

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