Folk customs and tourism / Qilu states of Shandong volume

Date of publication:1998-2   Press: Tourism Education Press   Author:山曼 ed.   Pages:255   Words:210000  

"Chinese folk · travel books" is a large-scale series, with tourism as the line, the broad China into several culture area, tourism area into the culture, and then displays the regional cultural characteristics. In the analysis and description of the regional culture, outstanding tourist point, line and important scenery, customs. Therefore it is not only tourism folk series, is the regional folk series, show is a regional culture, and the overall cultural scene. The contents of the book are obtained through on-the-spot investigation, research, and then a relaxed tone. Therefore, the researchers, workers, the folk culture, have important reference value.
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This list 山曼, PI gen, male, was born in February in Shandong Province in 1935 the city of Zou Jia cun. Is a retired professor of Ludong University, engaged in the research and writing of folk, between the field and the desk. Works include "Shandong folk", "Shandong", "the belief of folk rhyme", "China folklore dictionaries" and "post" Wan Li -- Zhong Jingwen; editor of "children have Chinese custom prose
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General Preface introduction, Shandong people do when meeting called brother bald tail onion pancake roll seats to eat fish culture launched dumplings River Shanghai horse riding a donkey cart taboo sitting Shandong yangko dance of Shandong Bangzi opera, folk paper-cut and two springs in Ji'nan three, Taishan four, Dongyue township of Kong Meng five, "Water Margin" hometown six, the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, Shandong seven, the Yellow River eight, Zibo nine, Golden Triangle city of Weifang kite ten, the Yellow Sea Pearl Qingdao eleven, Yantai twelve international Wine Town, Weihai City, the remotest corners of the globe thirteen Yimeng style postscript
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