Feng Xi Zhuang

Date of publication:2010-10   Press: Guangxi Nationalities Publishing House   Author:He Shuqiang   Pages´╝Ü157  
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The phoenix dance
phoenix dance
the first chapter understanding Mulao
Mulao have old
break through the half day
mountain scenery and faith
unique social organizations at the grassroots level: "winter"
second chapter home
to create a room
gaze sweet home hall
Mulao village village of Temple of
> and > third chapters long Qingshi dependent
Add flower bridge
colorful life courtesy
Phoenix not flying -- Mulao custom
Night Songs -- Mulao funeral
thirty late night "to steal"
Lunar New Year's Day "pick a new water"
the second day of the new year, eat Qi Niang meal
the first spring thunder
cattle birthday
send fathers.
Yifan Festival
Fourth chapter the wisdom of life

strap dress is green embroidered Ambilight dream weaving straw hat

Coal sand tank from Paramecium
to dig for furnace
bamboo basket go dear
mardel cattle farming
fifth chapter green diet
pillow rice dumplings alkali dumplings dog tongue cake
like eating acid
fight Ciba
dry cutting powder < br > The sixth chapter of symbiotic aromatic music
plump folk song culture of
seventh chapter pluralistic religious
"offbeat" Taoist
appendix book picture photography, @##@ provider list This book is the author of the "dream city" after the mountain is another new book. "Feng Xi Zhuang" the book consists of five chapters and 36 articles, multi-faceted, multi angle to explore the Mulao's history and culture, religion and customs, caves dug micro, often see.
the book with pictures of 172 frames, most from Guangxi famous photographer hand. Edit work fine, well printed.
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  •   One of the best books Mulao understanding, but not the hardcover, content is more rich, after reading can have a comprehensive understanding of the nation
  •   With the ethnic origin, the first time such a detailed understanding of it

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