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Date of publication:2011-3   Press: Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:Zhao Lanying   Pages:408  

10 years of the new century, great changes have taken place in the city of Shanghai. Culture, from the form to the kernel, inadvertently, have changed, affect the person's essence, gas, god. "Cultural imprint (Shanghai 2000-2010)" author Zhao Lanying “ Ji Yun fan Zhigua sea &rdquo, “ &rdquo, &ldquo backbone; culture; culture; reproduction terminal, ” “ a stream of smoke hung, Liu Wansi ” “ Luo Dan in Shanghai, ” “ century age a cloud of ”, “ and Chuang-tzu &rdquo, with Mencius; “ today is &rdquo, &ldquo her distress;; I took of culture, ” “ toward the sun ” and so on, or in the angle, or express in words, or in the writing method, or in the ideological and mining, or in the the structure of a text, write a reflection on Shanghai culture progress for ten years a senior media person.

Indeed He Ping heard that Shanghai's Press Association, Zhao Lanying held a press conference on special works, to extend our warmest congratulations. Seminar of &ldquo ” truth; two words as the theme, I think, is very appropriate for Zhao Lanying. In the Zhao Lanying style, many features, influential news works, always full of life feelings, to report the truth, to the party, the motherland and the people's true feelings. The news works, the writing skill is important, but it is more important to convey the truth. False display of affection works, even writing is vivid, also can let a person feel affectation, difficult to move people, more can not afford the time test. But the truth is different. It originated from the profound call sincerely, unremitting exploration of truth, persistent quest for knowledge, the infinite love of truth. YesTrue love, honesty, love is beautiful, love beautiful. The true word, is a kind of life attitude, is a kind of occupation ethics, is a state of mind. There is the truth, the text body is the living soul, authors and readers to a spiritual dialogue, works can pass for a long time. In my opinion, Zhao Lanying is indeed true writing news. Sincerely hope that, in Zhao Lanying's news career always keep the truth. (preface the author is vice president of Xinhua news agency, the editor in chief, the Zhao Lanying news conference in the letter @##@) A, obtain thepractice the city skirts flowers although not as magnificent high-rise building, not like so great, however, it — — scattered in the high streets and back lanes of only two square meters of Oriental book kiosks, but such as compose in city skirt on the flowers, fragrant, showy, admire the eye, Qin people. (a) in January 1, 1999, early in the morning, took to the streets of Shanghai citizens pleasantly surprised to discover, roadside stands a beautiful and exquisite kiosks, but see the pavilion on the lintel writes “ Eastern kiosks ” 5 eye-catching headline. 1012, not a small figure. This is the Shanghai municipal Party committee, City Hall doing things for a strategic, forward-looking measure. City culture is the reflection of the city's character. Change rapidly in Shanghai, always in the development of material civilization and spiritual civilization to synchronize. In 90 years, Shanghai has the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai library and a number of cultural landmarks. However, culture is a multi-level, demand is diverse. In Shanghai City, and the world is comparable to that of the facilities, also needs to face the masses, for most people to the requirements of “ fast food &rdquo type facilities. So the cultural function of the city is complete. It is also the fact that. Shanghai municipal Party committee in the survey found, the streets of Shanghai some kiosks, shape simple, function is simple, and some also is illegal buildings, and even books and periodicals style sale is not high, the operation is not standard. Establish standard book kiosks, is not only the supplement is indispensable to the Shanghai city cultural function, to meet the growing cultural needs of the people, can lead the book and newspaper market, newspaper and book market norms, broaden employment channels. Based on this, in 1998 March, Shanghai municipal Party committee held a meeting on the construction of spiritual civilization, clear years to build 1000 kiosks, and this included in the City Hall project for the tangible things. A small kiosk, is not only a newsstand issues, involving the aspects, such as public security, municipal, environmental protection, streets, etc.. Real ban, Shanghai established a leading group of kiosk project, city leaders inspected solve a series of problems. 7 city civilization office, municipal committee, municipal administration and other departments, but also issued a joint "on the implementation of the first batch of standard booth location notice", "on further implement the 1000 standard booth location and for the kiosk business site certification notice" etc.. All relevant units to actively cooperate with the. Some areas also by the mayor personally led the investigation, determine the pavilion site. Baosteel Group Corporation, the Jiangnan Shipyard Group Company, Jianghai movable house construction company, bear a heavy manufacturing and installation work. Two years later, when the East newsstand in the city has become an indispensable part in public life, when adding WTO is before, people see more clearly, dotted with Oriental book kiosks, meet the challenge, grasp the initiative, an important carrier of the construction and occupation of the ideological and cultural front. (two) 371 Jiangsu Road Pavilion, the clerk Fang Jianguang is a disabled. See the reporter visiting, speak not clear square from the bag took out a full of newspaper clippings about Oriental book kiosks reported. He said: “ I love Oriental book kiosks. I always bring them around. ” and Fang Jianguang also took a small notebook to allow reporters to see, originally, in March this year, it is him into eastern kiosks work throughout the 2 years. To express his feelings, he wrote a song "love in the East" poetry. The poem wrote: “ human feelings in the East, a warm home century love. ” he has also prepared 3 banners, sent to the relevant departments. The 38 year old Fang Jianguang, was born because malposition, head slightly askew, that affect the nervous system, the upper body straight board, enunciation is not too clear, walking inconvenience. He worked as a clerk, sold newspapers, worked as a librarian. 2 years ago, he worked for the municipal construction down milk booth. Is sad heart, street arrange him into the eastern kiosks. Never to have stable jobs, income from the beginning of January hundreds of yuan to 2000 yuan today, Fang Jianguang can not excited. Fang Jianguang's 70 year old father said: “ the last was very sad. Now, I am old has enjoyed. Thanks to the government, for the Communist party. ” small Oriental book kiosks, although only 2 square meters, but it gives people the world is very big, bright. Huaihai Road No. 204 Ting Yao Yiqiong, the original is the printing factory workers. Oriental book kiosks when first built, Shanghai printing system is system reform, and 600 workers were diverted to here. Recall 2 years ago, Yao Yiqiong said: “ think of crying. At that time, my unit broke. Their only junior high school diploma, no proficiency in a particular line of work, where to find? Really, Oriental book kiosks can solve more than 1000 re employment of laid-off workers, but also stabilized the more than 1000 families, also the stability of society. ” in the Oriental book kiosks, almost everyone has the experience and feeling and Yao Yiqiong is the same. Near million Museum 280 booth, a couple of off-duty co - operation. His wife Wang Jufang straight talk from an honest man, said: “ off at only 280 yuan of living expenses, unit efficiency is poor, a heavy heart to go. Take the son of Shangjie, a bottle of water is also reluctant to buy him a drink. The son is in junior high school, I had no money for his son to increase nutrition, heart acid to be. Parents also worry about us. So, Oriental book kiosks is our Savior's house. ” her husband Wang Zhengyuan a year ago after laid-off cableAlso to help his wife a kiosk. Wang Zhengyuan said with a laugh: &ldquo have the Spring Festival; this year, 280 yuan a box of wild ginseng, I bought 3 boxes, to mother-in-law. In the past, we want to honor their parents, but no way to honor. I have enough money to buy a guidance material, help son please tutor. Son graduated from high school this year, results in the top 5, was sent to the key high school. Now, one family happy everyday, the United States and the United states. Oriental newsstand is a popular thing. ” 2 square meters in the scenery, colorful. The reporter did not expect, in the Oriental book kiosks more than 1000 sales, 23 have a college education. What factors, will attract them to the East kiosk working? Located in the Longhua martyrs cemetery in front of the booth number 9, assistant Sun Ping was studying in Japan, the Chiba University Business Administration undergraduate diploma, and work in a Japanese electronics company for several years. He told reporters, he wanted to return home after the office of a company, at rest, heard of Shanghai to build 1000 Oriental book kiosks news, went to the street a. Through training and assessment, became the 9 booth clerk. During this period, there are several travel agencies and the translation to find him, hope he go to them, but he did not go. Mr. Sun said: “ I'm good at Eastern kiosks mood. From the government to the relevant departments at all levels, up and down: everyone's support East kiosks. For our business, leadership is also very concerned about, feel very warm. I have a world of difference in Japan for 8 years, without any human warmth. Selection of Oriental book kiosks, I did not choose the wrong. This way I will always go on. ” (three) figure may be boring, but it can illustrate the problem. In 1999, the annual sales income of 62320000 Oriental book publication company, sales average monthly income of 980 yuan, the company profit 284000 yuan. Company in 2000 sales revenue 120000000 yuan, the average monthly income of 1800 yuan in sales, the company profit 5650000 yuan. It is make a spurt of progress, is an amazing facts. Out a new road of the development of cultural industry, is the eastern kiosks factors of success. … …
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The truth (Preface), Ji Yun fan Zhigua Sea city skirts flowers will be dispersed “ fingers grip ” “ a ” obtain thepractice the new concept of “ &rdquo “ storm; I wish God pity child, born Mo beauty for sore sore ” Shanghai century: leading the domestic digital publishing cultural system reform in Shanghai: take big strides on the road of Shanghai World Expo Cultural Center: “ after the Expo ” culture effect of sample two, cultural backbone malleable civilization blow mad sand at the beginning of Jin Xinsong literature, Tianshui toward the word John treasure "processing": a supplement to the traditional Chinese medicine literature major discovery Shanghai academic circles: carding century culture into the China backbone of social science history of Ming, prominent achievement “ no more word not Muslim ” a "Ci Hai", a hundred years the history of social development, cultural reproduction three terminal in Shanghai to a learning city into joy, Shanghai! The party and the common aspiration of the people with advanced culture nourishes the city culture, city vitality and soul "is a drama" “ &rdquo is play; beating drums to sing a new song, the Chinese people let the dream fly, let the dream come true City hope and the festival a "Palace", Shanghai: endless reproduction culture pier four a stream of smoke, Liu 万丝 vertical let the books up to block the Shanghai academic circles: from management to service Shuxin engineering ” “ really comfortable public at an early age to the general public and private social science research institutions can sing opera not to engage in their own small courtyard, force do social class peach Li for spring is not learn ceremony, not to legislate a Xi Yan Liu 万丝 vertical civilized etiquette: to the world of recommendation five, Luo Dan in Shanghai “ ” Luo Dan &ldquo in Shanghai; ” Shanghai Xinghe brilliant historical culture city three “ ” pulse burst into flame folk Arts and culture, how to develop the city &ldquo ” six, century village; their cloud century age person "spread a cloud culture:" our chew small journals, impact teaches you how to be Juan Juan not obstruct, and eventually became a river paper Prosperity in pursuit of good reading last night "read modern history" has the feeling seven, and Mencius Chuang-tzu “ with ” interpretation of Chu bamboo slips of the Warring States a towering tree must have a root, Chinese yam water will active lift “ Weng collection ” veil Shanghai the earliest immigrants: before 4000 Shanghai light resources in Library: rare books rubbing from a stone inscription pleased Sharen oracle bones: that far away, far away. Chinese first private archives and Mencius Chuang-tzu “ with ” eight, &ldquo today; her ” also worried China art market: like? Also the worry? Why the teenagers from literary classics &ldquo today; her ” also distressed please cherish &ldquo rent our text expensive; extrusion ” walk Pudong's largest bookstore Street fate Zou Taofen Memorial, lonely waiting to book: the rich family decoration? Old Summer Palace tears literary translation, Houjifaren respect for cultural work, work, work! Nine, I took it for Shaoxing opera culture is only half are fighters half scholar, a political one verse unmoved either by gain or loss is Xue fan Zhou Xiaoyan “ womanishly fussy ” into the Wu and Wu Han to the cloud sea like cup magnanimous and cultivating my love to listen to the Tsien Hsueshen “ I was shooting in culture of ” rare Danding is ten, toward the sun cry Shen Yuan know someone: modern archaeology China father Li Ji Ba Jin: a life in blossom Xie Jin: great tree Sun Daolin: toward the sun disappeared, a chapter that a unique view eleven, “ 0, the first long ” the sour, sweet, bitter, hot crab become Hushang a cultural landscape our history must be clearing supermarket embarrassing admission “ taste ” recorded in Shanghai before the Shanghai people's Congress on: difficult work to promote the city development of Mount Sanqingshan enjoy the sunset 21 @##@ cotton. "Cultural imprint (Shanghai 2000-2010)" author Zhao Lanying “ Ji Yun fan Zhigua sea &rdquo, “ &rdquo, &ldquo backbone; culture; culture; reproduction terminal, ” “ a stream of smoke hung, Liu Wansi ” “ Luo Dan in Shanghai, ” “ century age a cloud of ”, “ and Chuang-tzu &rdquo, with Mencius; “ today is &rdquo, &ldquo her distress;; I took of culture, ” “ toward the sun ” and so on, or in the angle, or express in words, or in the writing method, or in the ideological and mining, or in the the structure of a text, write out a senior media person another thinking of Shanghai culture progress for ten years. Collected in the book, may be just the tip of the iceberg, but can also see some historical traces and trajectory. From this point, to write "cultural imprint (Shanghai 2000-2010)" this book, to a city records, have a history of “ ” significance.
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