Color of Maonan

Date of publication:2010-12   Press: Guangxi National   Author:Li Tianfen   Pages´╝Ü155  
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Introduction in the green mountains and rivers in the green mountains and rivers between

Chapter one landscape show
second chapter mountain who dance
third chapter antediluvian Gu Yun
fourth chapter Festival still
fifth chapters the gods
sixth chapters of love warm
seventh chapter eat flowers like
eighth chapter to wear taste

appendix @##@ postscript This set of features, with pictures as a writer and literary language from the perspective of reading the temptation of large-scale culture series, the 12 world will live in Guangxi in the territory of the peoples of their single volume, in the
the surface, system, thorough, fresh to show readers the charm of distinctive features and character of each national culture Guangxi, let people in the comfortable reading into a colorful ethnic culture of Guangxi corridor. The vivid literary context and a large number of fine pictures to a comprehensive display of Guangxi national culture of large volumes of books are published for the first time, in Guangxi.
we have reason to believe, published the series, the collation and protection of ethnic culture of Guangxi, Guangxi national cultural personality publicity, further expand the Guangxi opening to the outside world, promote the nationalities of Guangxi based on equality and mutual aid on the road of sustainable development will have a special significance can not be ignored.
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