China Tibetology Research Center for 20 years

Date of publication:2008-3   Press: Chinese Tibetology press   Author:Glenn   Pages:188   Words:196000  

"China Tibetology Research Center for 20 years: academic lectures" published by Chinese Tibetology press.
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China Tibetology Research Center 20 years of scientific research and development and prospects, Chinese Tibetology Research Center was established in two, the historical background of China Tibetology Research Center's main task three, Chinese Tibetology Research Center development prospects China Tibetology Research Center of Tibetan literature review and Prospect of research Chinese Tibetology Research Center, a literature review of research work two, China Tibetology Research Center of literature and research work experience and outlook three, I in the Tibetan literature and research aspects of linguistic theory in the Tibetan language research in the application of a linguistic theory, before twentieth Century, the Tibetan studies the influence of two, at the end of the twentieth Century social linguistics in the Tibetan language and its application in the study of Tibet Valley and valley economy research domain of definition two, ditch, ditch area economy research foundation, three Valley economic significance, I four of valley economy preliminary study on the implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, to promote the study of the modern history of Tibet comprehensive, in-depth development of the Tibet ancient history and the prospect of a, China Tibetology Research Center of Tibet ancient history and present situation of Tibet two, the ancient calendar The study of the history of understanding and Prospect of Tibet Art History Retrospect and Prospect of the study of art history research, Tibet two, I review research work and to the Tibet art history three, the prospect of the future development Reservoir Research Center Institute of religion of Tibetan Buddhism research status and Prospect of a historical review, two, reservoir research center of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism research team three problems in the research and improvement of my study and Bon indissoluble bound about Tibet Sanskrit literature protection and research of Sanskrit Pattra leaf scriptures, formed in two, domestic and foreign research present situation, the three Tibetan research center of Sanskrit research results and future planning China Tibetology Research Center and the contemporary Tibet politics study, I to Tibet contemporary political studies two, some of the views of domestic politics in contemporary Tibet research and reservoir research center of the contribution of three, domestic when generation of Tibet political studies four characteristics of four, conclusion Chinese academia "Tibet problem" and the Sino US relations research progress Chinese status and trends of the development of Tibetan medicine study on standardization and Tibetan medicine discipline construction
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