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Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Shanghai Culture Press   Author:Chen Haiwen   Pages´╝Ü289  

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Shanghai Huangpu District Shanghai Pudong New Area Shanghai Jingan District Shanghai Luwan District Shanghai Changning District Shanghai Xuhui District Shanghai Zhabei District Shanghai Putuo District Shanghai Yangpu District Shanghai Baoshan District Shanghai Jinshan District Shanghai Chongming County Shanghai Nanhui District Shanghai Jiading District Shanghai Qingpu Shanghai Songjiang District Shanghai Fengxian District District @##@ postscript appendix This book puts Shanghai 19 administrative divisions in all, after demanding specifications, high quality pictures of projects in the arts, the team and the publishers together to form a working man, emotion, attitude for the resonance Shanghai culture and Shanghai spirit and echo, I want to say, the new Shanghai every day filled with fresh unknown, all information about Shanghai publications will be outdated and become an episode of history, the key is a high level of the Shanghai reader, to reflect the nature of the new urban rhythm and state, depict the life and growth in nature the power and beauty of Shanghai. In this group, Shanghai accept young people around the incentive efforts, the album almost 100% pictures with great momentum and unique perspective to the Chinese Shanghai temperament and spirit, is a tolerance grace view, meteorological, cultural twenty-first Century new Shanghai album, a lot of image editing process is repeated adjustment, slightly confused about it must tear down heavy industry, after more than two years, the editorial team successfully docked Chen Haiwen creative team and Shanghai Culture Press, complete cross team collaboration a cultural landscape and the pursuit of beauty, young attitude and Shanghai daily stimulation with this publication in the process of constantly updated, which makes the original publication date was over and over again to delay......
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