Chapter Ron Brown family building etiquette

Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Jie Shunbao   Pages:163  
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The village of administrative division of population location environment social and cultural village living life history village environment elements tools, technology and craftsmanship tools technology building houses a unique architectural -- granary temple tower pavilion built village program and etiquette construction site of heart and the vertical boundary stone circle Zhai Zhai Li men choose 召曼 designated drinking water engineering and Izong Nori cemetery building construction procedure and etiquette temple construction procedure and etiquette Banta program and etiquette procedures and construction site preparation ceremony residential building on the premises and logging granary Pavilion building program and etiquette granary construction procedure and etiquette etiquette pavilion built village plant configuration tree village of planting flowers and plants @##@ temple. The Brown family housing construction for the dry column type bamboo building, is divided into two layers, the downstairs off animals, who lived upstairs. Brown nationality villages inhabited by three, usually five to dozens of the same blood family, housing two layer of tile roofed house bar type bamboo structure, the upper main hall, bedroom, balcony, lower in general as a warehouse, captive animals. The house is arranged in the middle firepit, igneous pond edge is family meals, the local hospitality, Huotang around in bed at night. The Brown family with its unique architectural form of the ancient and profound architectural culture and folk custom etiquette, this book will be illustrated in the form of a panoramic introduction, history, construction of the main chapter of Ron Brown family structure of the building, built village program and etiquette, building program the religious buildings and etiquette, etiquette and residence procedures and construction content.
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