Bronze ancestors and descendants of grassland (upper and lower)

Date of publication:2009-8   Press: Kyushu press   Author:Wang Mo   Pages´╝Ü238  

Yayi flower in full bloom, Cannes is so many charming. At the Tenth Asian Art Festival grand opening ceremony, "bronze ancestors and grassland offspring" album in the people's Government of Gansu City, Erdos organizer he e Academy of sculpture and joint efforts of Kangbashi New Area Administrative Committee of the units, which lasted a few months formally published, it is like you are. Send this to teach English to the front, and the "book" counterparts, coplanar Sihai friends.
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Gen Gi Khan star Gen Gi Khan sculpture group order -- history great beautiful Erdos Gen Gi Khan sculpture square sculptures panorama sculpture "Tianju" line group "Tianjiao generation" sculpture "world famous" sculpture "all rivers run into sea" sculpture "mothers in the grassland" a riddle solution -- living giant sculpture "Gen Gi Khan group" sculpture creation with the construction of "Gen Gi Khan" the giant sculpture art project memorabilia abstract "Gen Gi Khan sculpture" data "Gen Gi Khan sculpture" creative production team list Asian sculpture art theme park ordered the eleventh Asia Arts Festival of Asian culture ministerial Roundtable Memorial kettle Asian sculpture art theme park of the eleventh Asia Arts Festival International Sculpture camp "dialogue" in the "platform" -- the international sculpture camp and Tsinghua University academic exchange activities Erdos bronze bronze sculpture exhibition Erdos amplification profile thanks to Asia, thanks to the prairie dialogue -- Visual Art "Asian art sculpture theme park" creative team "cross time Asian art sculpture theme park" production team list
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