Benzilan Tibetan Guozhuang dance

Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Li Zhinong, Lu Shuangmei   Pages´╝Ü116  
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Tibetan Guozhuang dance in Tibet Changdu Qinghai Yushu Guozhuang Sichuan Jiarong Guozhuang dance Guozhuang Yunnan Diqing Princess place -- benzilan benzilan place name legend Tea Horse Road Town -- benzilan curl sang Yan of benzilan benzilan Guozhuang dance art form weddings Las festival dance gorgeous costumes -- benzilan Zhuang costume benzilan Guozhuang garment basic shape benzilan traditional men's wear traditional dress benzilan benzilan Guozhuang dress cultural connotation of Zhuoma and her benzilan Tibetan clothing workshop three generation folk who dedicated Guozhuang old artist Guozhuang practice and promotion of a new generation of people @##@ Guozhuang postscript Guozhuang dance now has more than a thousand years of history. Tibetan Guozhuang dance contains Tibetan culture connotation is rich, diverse forms of complete, distinctive features, rich ethnic style, has the deep mass base, which contains the fraternity, unity and other traditional humanistic spirit, has high artistic and social value. Picture book beautifully with text interpretation, presents a panorama picture benzilan Tibetan Guozhuang dance this non-material cultural heritage. In order to enhance their understanding of the intangible cultural heritage protection, and promote the widespread practice of effective deployment.
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  •   Overall. 09 years in July to the benzilan, shopping street in the center, no exposure to the folk dance, or go to Lhasa in August the first word to see the Tibetan dance, very interesting, good, has the imposing manner. In Tibet, interested friends can see.
  •   Hope to understand folk dance of the reader, this book is very good. Just about Tibet graphic introduction slants little, a bit of regret!

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