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Date of publication:2008-1   Press: China business press   Author:Shi Lianfang, Gao Guilian   Pages:304  

Our great motherland -- the capital of Beijing, is not only favorably in New York, Paris, London, Tokyo international metropolis, but also is a famous historical and cultural city. Old Beijing has a long history, as early as millions of years ago human beings thrive in this. A spring and autumn and the Warring States period, here is the capital of Yan, the ancient "Yanzhao much chant in a heroic but mournful tone," look attractive, has left many moving stories. Since the Yuan Dynasty, Beijing as the national capital, and gradually become the center of politics and culture in china. In 1267, Kublai Khan ordered the construction of the capital city, "sixty...... Eleven door". Emperor Yongle Yu Yongle years and the guide and large-scale construction of Beijing City, the basic formation of today's Beijing city pattern scale. Beijing city built the very typically reflects the cultural characteristics of Chinese traditional architecture. This concentrated expression in: urban construction pattern is fairly complete symmetry, outstanding characteristic and has set the city city, is the city that is (or outside the city, or hat city), and the inner city (also known as Beijing); capital and imperial, imperial and a forbidden city (also known as big inside, which is called the palace). On the whole, Beijing city is a city as the center, the four corners of the world symmetrical large buildings. Through the north south line: South to Yongding gate, Bell Tower and Drum Tower to the north. To the Forbidden City as the center, in the west of the city, Chaoyang outside, with Tan (or toward the west of the city of Ritan); J Fuchengmen, include Yuetan (also known as Xi Yuetan); the south of the city, Tiantan; north of the city, there is the altar. Both sides of the Tiananmen, "Zuo Zu right agency", namely east ancestral temple (now Beijing working people's Cultural Palace), West Tan (today Beijing Zhongshan Park). In the northern end of the axis, built to the city's time with the clock tower and Drum Tower. The typical Chinese architecture pattern, everywhere embodies the broad and profound connotation of national culture. The Forbidden City, and Zhongnanhai, Beihai, Jingshan Hill, the Summer Palace, the Royal Garden, is the extreme manifestation of feudal imperial. In addition, the old city gate of Beijing, temple, Guta, ancient inscriptions, ancient arch arch, "Yanjing eight"...... Numerous cultural attractions and the natural landscape, it is rich in cultural taste and profound national spirit. For modern times before the people, especially the capital, with its strict authority, and the most mysterious and awe inspiring, but also with its no Guanghua glory and become the most desirable and dream of lies. The leadership of the Communist Party of new China, let the ancient, mysterious, majestic Beijing City coruscate gives new luster, and constantly to show the world the Chinese nation traditional culture lasting charm. Since the reform and opening up, the capital city of Beijing and many great changes have taken place in the city, attract worldwide attention. Especially for the 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, Beijing will be more attracted worldwide attention. In order to let more Chinese people and the peoples of the world to understand history cultural ancient city -- the old Beijing, "Beijing general interest that old Beijing" by Mr. Zhao, Mr. Qian two "Beijing" a chat Kan way of writing, let the reader understand the history of the old Beijing cultural connotation and details in the popular humorous language. Believe that the "old Beijing" Beijing general interest that people know, understand and study the ancient capital of Beijing, to provide some reference data, also believe that the "old Beijing" Beijing general interest that will be affected by the various aspects of people welcome and love. Old Beijing, just like an encyclopedia, it can provide valuable knowledge useful, but also allow people to experience the mellow taste of thick cultural enjoyment. Because of this, who also can not completely describe and express her aspects. Because of the knowledge and the level is limited, so there will be mistakes in the book, please readers and friends help.
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The first chapter of Kublai Khan and Dadu City second chapter Ming emperor Yongle and the Beijing of the city, outside the city and sixteen city gates third chapter the nine cities fourth chapter Beijing famous earth sun and moon altar fifth chapter Beijing axis of Chunting million and Bell Tower and Drum Tower sixth chapter Beijing famous day an origin seven chapter in front of Tiananmen, China in the eighth chapter of fine buildings south of Tiananmen of existing buildings and the famous board Street ninth chapter "sons of the heaven", the emperor, Empress and concubines robes, the tenth chapter of the Forbidden City in Beijing in the eleventh chapter of the main building of the Forbidden City in the twelfth chapter, Xiaozhuang · clepsydra family status thirteen chapter Royal Garden South Haimen fourteenth chapter of Beihai Park gardening is king family status fifteen chapter the basic situation of the the Summer Palace, installation art and the evolution of the Summer Palace in the sixteenth chapter the predecessor of the famous Renshou temple, Le Shoutang, Yu Lan, Xin Li hall, the hall of the seventeen chapter, the north shore of Lake Kunming family fine architectural promenade family -- eighteen chapter the Summer Palace center building and longevity hill in the main building and the two the nineteenth chapter is storm tower of great fortune and Chung Yeung Festival and the garden of harmonious interest on the twenty chapter of Kunming Lake and the East Gate Side and Sai garden with king the twenty-first chapter the twenty-second chapter and the twenty-third chapter of Beijing Buddhist temple in Beijing Beijing Guta Beijing, the twenty-fourth chapter of ancient inscriptions of ancient memorial archway, archway twenty-fifth chapter of Beijing famous "Yanjing eight" chapter twenty-sixth Beijing white Longtan and Miaofeng Mountain
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