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Date of publication:2009-9   Press: Cultural Relics Publishing House   Author:Beijing folk literature and Art Association   Pages´╝Ü255  

"Story" of the Beijing Hutong editing method has characteristics of the times, not by age, region, things to classification, but by artist name to configuration, the performance of the folk artists respect. In the past, publishing folk story, emphasizing the narrator, collection, that the actual so as to reflect the folk tale. Our professional folk artists rarely, they live in Beijing, are exposed to a story, and then organized into words, this is also an important way to save the oral culture, folk literature and art characteristics. Practical implementation Scientific Outlook on Development is need to do practical work, I believe that the "Beijing Hutong story" will give the Beijing culture industry development, to provide strong intellectual support. Beijing Hutong stories were published, our generation is the historical responsibility of the ancestors, descendants generations under his. I like this story "Beijing Tong", it is a kind of art to enjoy. I hope you like this story "Beijing Tong", as a love of the people of Beijing, not only need to look at the matter of places of historic interest and scenic beauty, should also listen to the voice of the people in Beijing. "Beijing story" hutong is the voice recording.
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