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Date of publication:2004-4   Press: Beijing Yanshan Publishing House   Author:Cao Jingzhou  

"Beijing" published by Beijing ancient hearsay, Yanshan press, including: Imperial anecdotes, with its capital in Beijing who first, northwest of Beijing City, the capital may lack a corner why convex shape, monuments "Thirteen king", "folk eight", crime of innocence, the Tiananmen gate Huai God asked designers, heaven monkey
Tiananmen "her for giving an" calamus River, recalling the past, the history of "Cheng" make the best of a bad bargain, the Xinhua Gate, Zhongshan Park, the origin of the eight column Beiting, tan colored, in national humiliation Fang variable victory Fang, bell lady, nine door eight code a bell, the Forbidden City.
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Cao Jingzhou, graduated from the Peking University Department of western languages French professional, national translation. He is now a senior tour guide China travel service member, overseas, the national tour guide qualification examination and the intermediate guide qualification examination Beijing exam judges, Beijing tour guide qualification examination training materials, member of the expert group, Beijing Tianma Travel school invited professor.
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The anecdote capital Beijing who first northwest of Beijing City, the lack of a corner why why Beijing convex monuments "Thirteen king" folk "eight" sin Huai innocence asked God the rostrum of Tiananmen designer heaven monkey Tiananmen "Jinfeng awarded edict" calamus River recalling the past imperial history "Cheng" make the best of a bad bargain Xinhua Gate the origin of Zhongshan Park eight column Pavilion sheji altar in the national humiliation Fang Fang colored variable victory bell lady nine door eight code a bell forbidden city name origin make one's ancestors illustrious Yang Asun the nine sons of the Dragon Dojo royal temple poly rare and movable type Ivory mat national treasure "Ca Mau YONGGU Cup" Chu Xiugong the maid in tears after mapping "to eat" and "Cai Hu" limbo was born. Emperor Qianlong tunic Xiu to needle Royal tours in the Imperial Palace gate on horse Genggu misjudged case "kneeling gate fire wufenglou before the royal treasury Hong Yi Ge Ting hall hung the Xuanyuan mirror the Forbidden City BRIC story golden throne in gilt bronze to forge a library to Yangxin Temple dragon bed two into the Meridian Gate hierarchical" took the Forbidden City the "gate of Heavenly Purity" in the Royal gate "five Fenglou "by captive ritual" before dinner banquet the Empress Dowager Ci Xi used "secretary" palace of Heavenly Purity of longevity lamp remaining base before the imperial Peace & bai...... Beihai Park, Houhai Tiantan park the Summer Palace Lama Temple pottery Ting Park Beijing West Beijing Legend anecdotes White Cloud Temple Ming Dynasty Tombs of Ming Dynasty Jingdong myth
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  •   Although the story is heard, but it is love!
  •   These days are watching, I am a little knowledge of this aspect are not, I feel very good.
  •   A very good book tell me a lot of often overlooked story very practical articles are not long also not let people get tired embellishment in the discourse

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