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Date of publication:2007-9   Press: Tianjin Ancient Books Publishing House   Author:Cheng Zhi  

Take Yiyang as the cavity variants, it is widely popular in Beijing. Palace of the Qing Dynasty made it the queen tune, and literati favored Kunshan cavity together perform at the palace. At the same time, take more by the majority of citizens like, because it is easy to understand, is more suitable for the cultural level is not high, the lower the masses. This book is the author of the Beijing research work, but also set all director, assiduous research achievements.
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Chapter 1 introduction of Beijing origin first Ge Yang cavity to Beijing and into the palace second Ge Yang cavity of inheriting and improving the third day take the birth of the second chapter of the Qing court Ge Yang cavity section of the Qing Dynasty and the 昆戈 second Ge Yang cavity in the position third Festival palace of the Qing Dynasty drama and opera fourth Festival Palace 昆戈 fall third chapter folk rock section of Urban Rock second festival palace Ge cavity third day fourth festival in Hebei high pitched tune 昆戈 section fifth on Hexi Cun sixth 昆戈 terms and saying the seventh part 昆戈 artist biographies of the eighth section summarizes the appendix Hebei Province Cultural Bureau file chapter fourth rock and other Aria Relations Section Beijing and Kunqu Opera section third and section second rock rock and yellow fifth chapter rock art form the first rock accompaniment section second rock singing section third of fourth section of Beijing Beijing chimed through section fifth rock breaking sixth day rock roll adjustable seventh day rock characters eighth day rock class ninth rock the repertoire of postscript
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