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Date of publication:2008-1   Press: China archive press   Author:A side built up   Pages´╝Ü319  

This book brings together the essence of the 2007 Beijing city broadcasting service management "at one's leisure Beijing" broadcast program, divided into "the history", "narrow alleys", "city and style", "Beijing accent", "the secret" consists of five parts, covers many aspects of the folk custom of Beijing history. The writing is vivid, concise, informative, illustrations, helps readers to understand history in reading. To understand the old traditions of Beijing, thus more love Beijing. Stimulate the construction of new Beijing's sense of responsibility and the sense of pride.
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The capital of the "lonely hearts set aside to take care of you Xu" of Sun Chengze in his renunciation strenuously Zhu Yizun "karma" hung snow sights of Beijing in the Qing Dynasty seal in their book "snow bridge poetry" Beijing wind and Fengshen temple like to street and Miaofeng Mountain road tiger hole ancient Qianmen Street in words now chastened jade the Buddha to be delivered from oppression and the twin Qian Long monument "Jingde Street" arch downtown in the ancient ivory unearthed thousands of years about Beijing ancient lion Biyun Temple lions off Hongqiao column look kept in the Forbidden City and lion bronze Gilt Groupe apricot, YuLan, Fahai Temple -- Guo Moruo and Beijing Xishan active in hidden front hero -- Xiao Fang Lin Maike, comrade Xiao Tian and international friends of Xiangshan Yuhuang Ding of the Liu brothers tomb for French poet in Xishan creation Beijing Royal Theatre in Beijing province Beijing City Temple mansion of Taipei city hall stage play Beijing restaurant in Beijing City Garden stage and stage of antique stage narrow alleys of Beijing city fire lane mystery...... Urban style Beijing accent the secret
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