Alashan scenery of Inner Mongolia.

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Alxa League is located in the west of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the territory of China, the Helan mountain (Mongolia pronunciation called "Alashan mountain") and the name. The land area of 269885 square kilometers, accounting for 22% of the total area of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. East of Bayannaoer League. The southeast and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region phase, the west, North and south sides to Gansu, Mongolia, people's Republic of China even the world. The border line of more than 700 km long. The high terrain southeast and northwest low, with an altitude of 1000 meters to 1400 meters. Highest for Helan mountain peak of Lang Hao around, 3556 meters above sea level. The lowest for the western gaxun lake, 820 meters above sea level. The territory is vast, the wavy shape. To the landscape of the desert, gravel Gobi, dry plain of denudation, low mountain and hill and dry erosion Plateau Basin. North Mongolia plateau East barrier, Langshan, Helan mountain tower, south of Wushaoling, Longshoushan, heli Shan Ping fan, the West has MAZONGSHAN surround, is a closed inland plateau basin, known as the Alashan plateau.
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An overview of the natural scenery of Helan mountain Alxa Plateau in Ejina river lake Su Bo Nai Noel gaxun Lake Jilantai Lake yabrai Saline Lake Ulan Buh, Tengger, Badan Jilin desert Helan Mountain Forests in Ejina forest places of historic interest and scenic beauty Azuoqi dinosaur eggs and animal fossil stone heritage site Han ruins Juyan black city site music sites were hematoxylin ruins of Xixia Guta Weiyuan city Alashan Dingyuan camp flag palace of Yanfu Temple Temple Temple Guangzong blessing desert rock ethnic customs Mongolia package staple sheep back all the sheep seats Roasted Whole Lamb hand meat mutton sheep milk curd cheese with milk milk or butter milk wine...... National culture and cultural celebrities of special fields of rare animals and exotic flowers and rare herbs tourism bibliography postscript
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Ulan Buh, Tengger, Badan Jilin desert, east of the mountains in South, West to Ejina in the West Bank, the vast boundless, across the whole territory. Blog platform, and Rick desert desert, cold desert, the hairs off by desert and desert rally, complex and connected to. The three largest desert in China, but also the world at the highest altitude, the relative height of the largest desert dunes. Second lake, hills, desert, mountains, plains and dunes staggered residual distribution. Dune to moving dune for up to and from west to East power difference. Ulan Buh Desert, with vegetation coverage barchan dune chain, larger, sand dunes and composite dome dunes and other components of the desert. Total terrain is a southeast northwest low. The relative height of the dunes. In general 10 a 30 meters between, up to 50-100 meters. The desert inside Saline Lake and soil ground area is vast, sand dune area about 39%. Area of semi fixed sand dunes accounted for about 3l%, accounted for 30% of fixed sand dunes. The Tengger Desert, is a crescent dunes, stretches of sand dunes and the chain chain, sand dunes, Sha Wo is most common. Sand dunes relative height of peripheral is generally lO ~ 30 meters high, middle, in general between 100-200 meters, the formation of several kilometers or even dozens of kilometers tall dune chain ridge. The decreased gradually from the south to the north. Mobile dune accounted for 83%, fixed sand dune and semi fixed dunes about 7%. Desert oasis basin inside, there are a few low hills and mountain. Badan Jilin desert for composite megadunes. Sand dunes relative height, generally in the 200 ~ 400 meters. The highest place up to 500 meters, is the desert wonders of the world. Types of sand dunes, the linear dunes, barchan dune chain, composite style, like dune chain, dune, sand etc.. Dune chain is large in scale, high hill body, stretching several kilometers or dozens of kilometers. The plane was a chain arc form obvious. Dune chain for the southwest - Northeast trend.
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