• Color of Maonan

    "Color: color of Maonan, Maonan Maonan volume" the book has 8 chapters include: a square landscape show, mountain who dance, antediluvian Gu Yun, festivals, the gods, love is still warm, eating patterns etc.. "Color of Maonan: Maonan volume" by Guangxi Nationalities Publishing house. ,

  • Tanhua Yi Flower Festival

    Tanhua Yi Flower Festival "" image, exquisite illustrations with text interpretation, presents a panorama picture Tanhua Yi Flower Festival of the intangible cultural heritage. Flower Festival is a traditional festival of the Yi nationality characteristic. Chuxiong territory from the Jinsha River Ailao foothills to the General Assembly the Yi, only the size,

  • Qilu culture and the people of Shandong

    "Qilu culture and the people of Shandong are analyzed in the" Qilu culture of geographical environment, historical origin, social background, introduces the Qilu culture represents the classic characters, Qilu culture, discusses the connotation and impact on the quality of Shandong City, the economic and social development of Shandong, Shandong family concept and so on. ,

  • Mongolia nomadic cultural origin

    "Mongolia nomadic culture origin" by zagel, by, Battelle edited, published by Inner Mongolia Education Publishing House, rich and colorful content. ,

  • Huayao Yi Long Festival

    Living in Yunnan Ailao Mountain only 40000 of the population of the branch of the Yi Hua Yao Yi created colorful, unique style of Huayao Yi culture, one of the Huayao offering Dragon Festival is a strong national characteristics and local characteristics of the festival activities. "Huayao Yi offerings into" with beautiful pictures, the culture of offering sacrifices to the dragon, the dragon people offering analysis,

  • The Tibetan Chinese bilingual dictionary

    "The Tibetan and Chinese bilingual dictionary" received a total of nearly 4000 English words (including the internal idioms translation). Each word according to the English alphabetical order, after each word with a number of examples to help users understand the meaning, and guide them to use words, infer other things from one fact. ,

  • Yi customs

    Yi volume, "Yi customs" book includes three chapters and 31 articles, multi-faceted, multi angle to explore the history and culture of Yi people, religion and customs, caves dug micro, often see. The book with pictures of hundreds of frames, most from Guangxi famous photographer hand. Edit work fine, well printed. ,

  • Kumbum Monastery

    The main contents include: "Kumbum Monastery" Kumbum Monastery panorama, introduction Buddha eight tower, Kumbum Monastery, Pope Caba the great, Jin w temple, the temple, Daikin watt temple, Vatican teaching building, Maitreya Buddha, Bodhisattva Manjusri temple, longevity hall, the medicine institute, Tantric college, when a college. ,

  • Wumeng flame

    "Wumeng flame" by the Guizhou people's publishing house. ,

  • The Songyue. The cradle of Chinese civilization

    "&", cradle of Chinese civilization both in the writing process of professional research and popularization of culture two aspects, informative, rich in content, text easy to understand, can be used as a professional research and reference books, but also can be used as the basis of reading culture popularization. Songshan stands in the world, is not only the birthplace of Zhongyuan mandarin,

  • Guide the learning performances of wisdom

    Interpretation of the Shaoxing County Library, leading learning inspired wisdom: reading, Shaoxing County Library ISBN:9787807354345, author: Li Hongxiang,

  • Wenzhou Guci Southern tour.

    Wenzhou Guci "Southern Tour" by the Gansu people's publishing house. ,

  • Hunan folk painting

    "Hunan folk art" is one of the Hunan Library books. Hunan labor people from the needs of their own lives of direct. Aesthetic, emotion, belief, social needs based on creation. Hunan folk art unique style, rich in content, has a rich cultural connotations, is a distinctive characteristics of Hunan art form,

  • Hunan embroidery embroidery Hunan Library of two volumes

    Hunan embroidery embroidery volume, "2:" the author has long been engaged in embroidery embroidery volume design and teaching research work, undertake a number of national, provincial, ministerial level scientific research, the embroidery history, status, development trend, technology characteristics, artistic features more understanding, and attempts to use history as the master line, to rise and fall, embroidery, embroidery,

  • The wind.

    "The wind deposit: Gelao volume" is composed of 6 chapters including: national origin, if molasses, sweet flavor, such as water, wind is always loving, beautiful wings etc.. "The wind deposit: Gelao volume" by Guangxi Nationalities Publishing house. ,

  • Beijing Hutong story

    "Story" of the Beijing Hutong editing method has characteristics of the times, not by age, region, things to classification, but by artist name to configuration, the performance of the folk artists respect. In the past, publishing folk story, emphasizing the narrator, collection, so that to reflect the folk stories,

  • Watch on the border of home - the Dai culture

    "Watch on the border of home: the Dai culture" after several years of efforts, this film entitled "watch on the border of home -- social culture" the Dai the book finally settled in a dust quite disturbed state of mind. In the manuscript forthcoming occasion, the hearts can not help but emerged in infinite regrets! ,

  • Xiangxi ancient cultural history

    "Xiangxi ancient cultural history (fine)" in the style, roughly in chronological order, from all periods are most representative of archaeological remains, in each period of the ancient culture of Xiangxi. The first chapter outlines the Xiangxi in the pre Qin period, cultural background, focuses on the local culture in Xiangxi in the discovery and study of this case,

  • Zhejiang silk culture history

    "Zhejiang silk culture history" to "series of" history of Zhejiang historical and cultural books. According to the time sequence of Zhejiang province introduce the silk culture. The book is divided into eleven chapters, the content includes: the dawn, Wu Yuesang, walk out of trough, the rise of the southeast, toward the brilliant, Jiangnan Silk palace, Lake wire all over the world, the sunset glow,

  • The legend series

    Xinjiang Tianshan Legends Series: mystery, ISBN:9787807440604, author: Wu Fuan,

  • Love song (Dong Dong volume)

    "Dong situation such as the song (Dong volume)" with pictures, as a writer for perspective and literary language for reading the temptation, in a comprehensive, system, thorough, lively narrative to show the charm of distinctive features and character of Guangxi Dong culture, let people in the comfortable reading into a colorful ethnic groups in Guangxi this paper,

  • China Changzhou

    Chinese "Changzhou" (2008): Changzhou, located in the Yangtze River Delta hinterland, in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Suzhou, Wuxi jointly, belonging to the Chinese most affluent Jiangnan land of fish and rice. This album as we introduce is the city. Through this book, you can know the situation, the city traffic geographic, economic and social,

  • The Jinuo Mao grams.

    A magical legend of the beautiful people -- the Jinuo Mao grams Festival, in this grand festival, now singing, now dancing to commemorate this by "iron" to culture, from dispersion to unity. The Jinuo Mao grams "special" image, exquisite illustrations with text explanation, the Jinuo Mao gram special section of this non,

  • Sichuan Cultural Development Report

    "Sichuan Culture Development Report 2007" content introduction: this book a comprehensive summary of the Sichuan cultural undertakings and cultural industries, the overall development of Sichuan culture for the first time, a systematic review, based in sichuan. Have the whole world in view, it summarizes the development of Sichuan culture, but also on the global cultural frontier problems of original research. ,

  • Suzhou ancient bridge culture

    "Suzhou ancient bridge culture" with an overview of your many ancient bridges in Suzhou! Suzhou ancient bridge is an important part of the ancient city of Suzhou, many cultural relics, is a valuable asset of Suzhou people are proud of. To do a hundred years, Suzhou ancient bridge as a picture of cultural connotation and painting, like a song of solidification of poetry, records of ancient Suzhou,

  • Zhejiang farmers "culture"

    "Zhejiang culture" points to review a farmer, Qunfang completed, gardener, from all walks of life, hand silhouette central media focus, experts and journalists on seven columns, the main content including farmers shining on the rural culture stage, Jindong low tin: low Tian Cun story PK season opening, five GUI Cun, Yuyao City: Farm library has,

  • The beauty of Danba

    "Danba beauty" to Danba's history, humanities, natural style, detail description, showing the historical panorama of a Danba to the people. Perhaps, those who love and care for Danba beautiful valley, eager to understand beauty, dialysis sequence of events, the desire to "hand in hand" to readers, from,

  • Beijing Tong Qu said that the old Beijing

    Beijing Tong Qu said that the old Beijing, ISBN:9787802152212, author: Shi Lianfang, Gao Guilian,

  • China Tibetology Research Center for 20 years

    "China Tibetology Research Center for 20 years: academic lectures" published by Chinese Tibetology press. ,

  • Shilong Bai Xiang drama

    This immaterial culture unique show strong national characteristics of the Bai people and simple folk customs, "Bai Xiang drama in Shilong (disc)", a convergence of Shilong Bai Xiang drama culture bit by bit of Xiang opera will be on stage. "Folk vaguely melancholy, Xiang drama Yiyi giggling in the." Four seasons and eight solar terms, the Bai village,

  • Study on regional ethnic and Hakka culture

    "Introduction to the contents of regional groups and the study of the Hakka culture": in the Chinese regional culture, Hakka culture is a cover of traditional Chinese philosophy, folklore, religion, art, architecture, broad and profound cultural system, is an important carrier of Chinese traditional essence of the folk customs, the ancient and known as the "China tradition,

  • The world view of Guangdong

    "World view" Guangdong include: examining the practice, 30 years of reform and opening to the outside world for Guangdong Guangdong to liberate a thought further, need to have the vision of the world, striving to be the vanguard of Guangdong Scientific Outlook on Development, need to have the vision of the world, Guangdong implementation spans type develops, need to have a world view, under the background of globalization,

  • Study on the state and potential of culture industry in Yunnan

    "State and potential: the main content of" Yunnan culture industry: then we accept the research project of Yunnan Province, the reform of the cultural system and the development of cultural industry leading group office of the entrust, related to the development of cultural industry in Yunnan province are studied, and the development trends of the cultural industry of the whole province made a,

  • Songshan Buddhism and Confucianism

    "Songshan" is six part of Buddhism and Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism two each part, although some of the content is not perfect, but hopefully "Songshan Buddhism and Confucianism" can give the reader in this noisy world bring quiet and cool. Since ancient times, here attracting countless people to pursue, to the emperor, down to the people,

  • Bronze ancestors and descendants of grassland (upper and lower)

    Yayi flower in full bloom, Cannes is so many charming. At the Tenth Asian Art Festival grand opening ceremony, "bronze ancestors and grassland offspring" album in the people's Government of Gansu City, Erdos organizer he e Academy of sculpture and joint efforts of Kangbashi New Area Administrative Committee of the units, which lasted a few months formally published, it is joy,

  • At one's leisure Beijing

    "At one's leisure Beijing (2008 Edition)" brings together the essence of 2007 Beijing city broadcasting service management "at one's leisure Beijing" broadcast program, divided into "the history", "narrow alleys", "city and style", "Beijing accent", "the secret" consists of five parts, covering about north,

  • The Gansu old shop

    "Old Gansu" almost covers nearly two hundred enterprises and units of all regions of Gansu Province, including petrochemical, metallurgy minerals, machinery manufacturing, electricity, transportation, building materials, arts and crafts, tobacco, wine, medicine purchase and sale, hotel catering, food production, flavor snacks, grain and oil processing, forestry and livestock,

  • Shanghai style culture and communication (Second Series)

    "Shanghai style culture and communication (Second Series)" Edit study by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University cross culture research center and Shanghai culture. The book consists of Jiaotong University in the spring and autumn, Noah's ark, old China hands, ink film, maritime customs and the Shanghai Painting of six parts, the main contents include the eagle wings and the development of Jiaotong University; to create a global context,

  • Benzilan Tibetan Guozhuang dance

    Guozhuang dance now has more than a thousand years of history. Tibetan Guozhuang dance contains Tibetan culture connotation is rich, diverse forms of complete, distinctive features, rich ethnic style, has the deep mass base, which contains the fraternity, unity and other traditional humanistic spirit, has high artistic and social value. "Benzilan Tibetan pot,

  • The new exploration of Qinghai folk culture

    "The main content of" Qinghai folk culture: Qinghai is China's Confucian cultural circle, the culture circle of Tibetan Buddhism and Islam culture circle edge, since the Qin and Han Dynasties, is the national competition and cultural exchanges, since the yuan and Ming, was formed and now national pattern. In the long river of history, living here,

  • Kagyu Lam rim (up and down)

    "Kagyu Lam rim (up and down)" is the Tibet Buddhist Scripture reading, is the Kagyu daily recitation collection, bilingual in Chinese and Tibetan texts, translation by practitioner discovery on. With the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha of compassion, I love all, without beginning as 运勤 altruism, Kosen continued by showing the bodhi! The supreme Tantra Vajra words, though I lack the solution permits force, long Qi sheng,

  • Shaoxing Dayu Festival

    "Shaoxing Da Yu Festival" content: Da Yu is a great hero of water control in ancient China, by the broad masses of the people respect and love. Shaoxing is located in the mausoleum and the Yu temple festival has a long history, memorial and the people offering endless, become one of our province and even the most traditional religious activities. Da Yu and Chinese two emperor,

  • Feng Xi Zhuang

    "National minorities in Guangxi culture series, Feng Xi" is the author of "after the traditional mountain dream city" is a new book. "Feng Xi Zhuang" the book consists of five chapters and 36 articles, multi-faceted, multi angle to explore the Mulao's history and culture, religion and customs, caves dug micro, often see. "National minorities in Guangxi culture series,

  • A study of Jinyuan dialect

    "The main content of Jinyuan Dialect:" in 1984, Mr. Li Rong said to "Shanxi province dialect series" Preface: "Shanxi dialect is quite complex in northern China. Research on the language of the people, the Shanxi dialect of Shanxi with the coal, is inexhaustible treasure, to open 18,

  • What is the Tibetan

    The frontier issues of Tibetan books, "Tibetan is what" main content: since the middle of the thirteenth Century, Tibet Sakya Dynasty conform to the trend of historical development, reflect the wishes of the people, resolutely decided to accept the jurisdiction of the central government since, Tibet has always been an administrative region of Tibet and China, dynasties maintained local and in the,

  • The old Beijing Hutong legend

    Hu Tong, after yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties of the three development of the expansion, peaked in number, cultural connotation to mature, to achieve full. The formation and development of every alley are left traces of history, and reflects the social customs. The alley is the name of the people to give it up, and the majority of the people to,

  • Chapter Ron Brown family building etiquette

    "Chapter of Ron Brown family building etiquette" will be in the form of illustrations, panoramic view of history, the main building section of Ron Brown family structure of the building, built village program and etiquette, building program the religious buildings and etiquette, residential program and building rituals and so. The Brown family housing construction for the dry column type bamboo building, is divided into two layers, downstairs,

  • Tibetan culture in Beijing

    "Tibetan culture in Beijing:" in Tibetan Buddhism as the carrier of Tibetan culture in the middle of the thirteenth Century, the Yuan Dynasty, from thousands of miles away in Tibet spread to Beijing in Qing Dynasty to Han, Mongolian, Tibetan, Manchu, dimension five group one as a symbol of national unity, has risen to an unprecedented level of Tibetan culture in the history of Beijing land,

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