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Date of publication:2003-09   Press: Shanghai Far East Press   Author:Yao Zhimin   Pages:312   Words:16000  

The lucky chance coincidence with eye ground hands, we have not yet entered but all sorts of obsession I end into the force made such a 300 real photos and text combination, called the "book.". Readers may be able to smell the Romanticism from these old papers seeds germinate when the smell of the first in the Chinese literature soil. At the same time, also should see the "vernacular" this is a Chinese literary history is very eye-catching milepost.
in this book, the editors to types and styles in the theme content and the cover design on the acquisition as much as possible, in the hope of "graph based, supplemented by the form of the" of "New Literature" works for a brief whole program representation.
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"Shuying (volume one)": in recent years, China modern literature has attracted more and more academic and version of the attention and love. Especially in 1911 1949 published works, is defined as "academic Chinese new literary period" of the works, because the majority of works at general circulation in one, two thousand, and decades of washing, submerged, they figure, now can be said to be a rare view.
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