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Date of publication:2011-2   Press: Zhonghua Book Company   Author:Fu Yuean   Pages:268   Words:120000  

"People of the book, the book also to subsist. Wake up to the book, the toilet reading, read a book, car, work book, work books, find a book book book under the lamp...... Because of everything, so it cannot help feeling, idle to note, not for the college, not jealous person peep, for 'public hearing diary'." Writing is a kind of therapy, the ancients called "the person to be stagnation, shall not pass the road, so the past, think of it", probably is. Because there is no way out, is "the", "thinking", as the water walk according to. Saints become bigger and bigger, unworthy person was small, is always a. This book is worthy or unworthy of such a will.
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  •   Order book packaging are good, but no carton protection, book corner slightly touched, slight.
  •   Like other books the author. So buy, but also did not see.
  •   Or more like the format, content is also good readable also interested in reading.
  •   The paper binding is earlier, but let a person have the feeling of nostalgia. Idle when the rain when the readable.
  •   A very good book, but there are off the page!
  •   Read this book every day, that nerd is also good
  •   The content of good, need to calm down, for a boring to read on the journey.
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