The old house

Date of publication:2012-11   Press: Life reading. New York.  

"Leisure Square: in a bookshop" content introduction: Mr. Liu life management of foreign books, of course know foreign language, also known in version of books. Canglongwohu Beijing old bookshop old shop assistant, such as he man, now almost disappeared. Mr. Liu in the West China Bookstore, I'm on Dengshikou Chinese bookstore and he met, often heard from him some Shulin witticism and literary anecdotes. E.g. he hand books, there Xu Zhimo gave Lu Xiaoman the signature of the Guangxu years, also involving China's first published by editions. My collection of Japanese Tokyo version of the add field involving translation of Lu Xun's "a brief history of Chinese Fiction", is he helped me to find. Tang Tao to his letter is to thank he found Snow compiled "living China" English for themselves, the letter said: "the first part of all the works of Lu Xun, I'd like to know what he thought of Lu Xun from the editor's preface, reference for research purposes. We sent for five yuan, please give us down to a sense of!" Research and 贩书 people's friendship, is established in this way.
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  •   This is an introduction from the literati's eyes the old bookstore books. The book introduces Beijing old book of history. This book is about the domain knowledge of the books.
  •   Each book love is unforgettable memory.
  •   The historical value is more important than leisure significance.
  •   Books collection, the past memories!
  •   The true, the description is the past the bookstore and the recipient.
  •   Who love books required manual): read up a lot of knowledge, but also very yearning for the book describes those old times.
  •   The ancient book, tall wooden shelves, the ornamental and the combined plain properties selling books, are now we cannot feel the temperament.
  •   The famous, famous, famous, very good, worth reading
  •   Like the contents of!

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