The old history of the old version of the old

Date of publication:2012-7   Press: Shanghai Far East Press   Author:Ni Siting   Pages:259   Words:213000  

"Zhang Yuanji and Yan Fu signed China's first" royalty contract "," not in his chronicle < summer song "," < > 采菲 recorded > Yao Lingxi's "Metamorphosis" for "," from the newspapers into literature tide "," to develop the northern popular small that newspaper "," talent of the three Tianjin book publishing sales northern popular novel camp "...... "The old old history the old version" (by Ni Siting) is the research about the history of Chinese culture.
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"The editor in chief and digest", dedicated to the study on the popular novels of 20 years, there are lots of books.
Catalogue of books

Preface to Zhang Tierong
"general theory of society" published at a hundred years ago is how to protect the rights and interests of the commercial press.
not into his chronicle "summer song"
taste from the new school at the beginning of the "school songs". "Artistic conception"
"采菲 recorded": Yao Lingxi's "Metamorphosis" for
sixty years ago "China Women's foot binding materials published by
from the prison crisis in literature tide from
in Tianjin popular novel the reasons of prosperity and publishing features of
culture of the northern popular novel personnel three the
from the" northern pictorial "," Oriental times "and" Daily "out of" taste "writers
Tianjin Bookstore Publishing sales northern popular novel base
a left-wing journal started by popular small said fame profit history book
Tianjin popular fiction writer beach sea literature
in Tianjin" Lili "and Shanghai" righteousness "relay publishing huanzhu Louzhu works as an example
Gong Baiyu is Zhang Henshui recruitment creation after the transformation of
" World Journal "the achievements of the two popular small Said the master of fate
reported Shi Jianqiao was released from prison the truth of the palace 竹心
martial arts master Bai Yu before the famous journalist
thrown out from the two Yin in the "money Biao"
the martial arts master Bai Yu's search
Bai Yu martial arts novels to know how much
attached: This paper to Mr. Gong Yiren at the
Liu Yunruo Ci "Dr and said "history" in the disturbance of
footage of Liu Yunruo Zhang Jingsheng from
"Hu" and "Fenmo Zheng pa" onto the screen with
Wu autumn world where "northern pictorial" and Liu Yunruo "bicker"
1928: the two "were recorded" under the pen of Tianjin River wall
Liu Yunruo's Tianjin Warren
pages of the Tianjin
Li Ranxi novel "the Tianjin brilliant track" in the "hoodlums"
pages of Tianjin two
open in martial arts novels "prosperity" prologue "the vagabond"
Pingjiang unlikely in the modern novel history status and the effect of
opera even play and the novel
been staged huanzhu Louzhu "Shushan" chivalrous swordsman biography drama set in the organ of
Chinese martial arts novels source and rheological test
from the "man" to "martial arts" and then to "martial arts novels"
the wizard Han Xiaochuang mystery
the stage documentary "Ningwu customs word the author's life and works.
" Gu Meng "and ancient Chinese rap art
on a non substance the cultural heritage of the historical roots of
appendix: Ni 斯霆" hook heavy work "Huang Zhongming
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