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Date of publication:2012-11   Press: Century landscape / Shanghai people's Publishing House   Author:Yang Xiaozhou   Pages:159   Words:61000  

Long Fusi China Bookstore around in Beijing old bookstore, Long Fusi China Bookstore is I often go to a. Long Fusi former Beijing Temple is busy place, with Liulichang, also has an old bookstore lined streets. Start a new Beijing city construction more than 50 years ago, longfu Temple original temple construction began dismantling, to the "Cultural Revolution" period was completely removed light. The old bookstore merger, relocation, Guan Zhang, with only the autumn to spring look precarious, in witness longfu Temple gradually depressed helpless, lonely to guard the old Beijing cultural history. I moved to Beijing three years ago, Long Fusi often and book designer can sell to the sky gradually dim, now they are gone. Along the Long Fusi garment Street East to go in with all kinds of fashion window shop, which specializes in old China Bookstore not conspicuous. The bookstore open a door and doors at the street, a pair of his appearance, like a two floor Hongkong bookstore, leaving only a staircase for readers to climb along the way, and "the beginning of a very narrow, only people, complex dozens of steps, suddenly" the mood is similar. Originally the old bookstore is on the eye do second-hand business, not like an antique shops in the decoration on the issue, to love books, than with low cost and low price is easy. Go around the door, is a narrow one car one room, two wall shelves to store, like a care greetings, check with your eyes. Entered the shop abdomen, is a world of books. Thread bound edition, the version, Wen Shizhe, novels, poetry, biography, language, foreign language, geographic traffic, political reader and so on, the miscellaneous, unique charm, let you feel the white lady in waiting waiting for the appreciation, mutual was leaning with the joy of your home. Visiting an old bookstore is the old customers, they enjoy the Shu fun at the same time, also love the old style old bookstore itself and in the past. Unlike the new bookstore, is the old bookstore with serene, as if time still, but the books in a silent narration, the door snow wh frost are block in the wall. Plus all the stores books, books that have stolen jade 怜香 mind, day and night into a frost. Here for the first time in the beginning I should buy version of Tao Shu, Hu Shi the "Outline" of the history of Chinese philosophy, although expensive, but the shake up in the hands of bear. 50 Cao Juren twentieth Century, after visiting Beijing as "Chinese" northbound, recorded in old bookshop buy capital works of Hu Shi's story. From its forty years later, I still here on the old bookstore in the first edition in eight years Hu Shi's works, joy a.. The sentence Hu Lancheng to Eileen Chang, "may the years of quiet, secular stability", it is a used bookstore screen autumn original landscape map, covered with dust in the mood for love. That time,I earned revenues, a left 舜生 compiled in twenty-seven years edition "history nearly a hundred years of Chinese preliminary" volumes and "China nearly 100 years of history data of" volumes all income bursa. Hongkong bibliophile Huang Jundong has written about his own book hunter, buy the book and sigh of 100 ask not be preliminary, really lucky compared to my Tao shu. Huang Jundong will his books compiled in Taoshu around the world of the past, known as the "Book Hunter notes", the book the book predecessors cavity is running the exclamation, read an unforgettable. "Amoy book is a kind of fate", there are numerous in search of her degrees, suddenly look back the wonderful, like a watch and wait, is concerned about the book loving mood, experience the moment heartbeat several beauty does not meet. Since then, every week I will go to the old bookstore taoshu. Beixin press in twenty years, Zheng bin in the version of "Chinese literature history" and in twenty-four years of Hu Yunyi's "the history of Chinese Literature", are all from here to harvest. Taoshu more frequently, and the store clerk also gradually familiar, Shu also often and old gossip. Master Wang is about sixty years old, purchase and pricing for books, was Kang Sheng, with the book, experienced social change and times change. Listen to him with humble tone and you whispered gossip, enumerate Fengyun anecdotes, small plot with human well-being, more make the things and benefit Tao shu. Sure enough, I found Qiu Huizuo's chapter of Ben and Gu Mu's signature book, ask Mr. Wang, said Chen Boda collection just sold felt regret. Master Wang said: "no good do not move to the customer, not the bookstore." The so-called good, he also like prey in exile, hook fishing of Tao Shu's appetite. Once saw a "Ming and Qing history" E series volumes frame, which is the Zhonghua Book Photocopying Taiwan Academia Sinica Institute of history and language published in hardback, I first in hand to bookstores everywhere hunting other books, turn back found Mr. Wang from the library book to take the shelves, near a look, is this book has been compiled volumes, I happily and the clip in the armpit. Second days to go, or find G series of volumes in the original position. With this experience, I each time in the store are more about Tao Shu, waiting for the Master Wang shelves from the stacks, hunt that embrace the beauty return joy. In 2004 October, in Beijing.......

Yang Xiaozhou, a writer, publishing planner, photographer. The published works "fast snow sunny leisure reading", "rain", "Peony poems book window tie", novel "rose purple.". Published "Li Xiucheng Pro for handwriting", the "film magazine" etc..
Author brief introduction

Order the bookstore article began in 2004 October, in the "Xin Jing Bao? Review weekly" manuscripts published by the end of 2006 has set more than 10 articles, after the mother ill, minus the idle, it is a period of time not the bookstore, then later to write the bookstore this year, stretches for about eight years in length and put 来二十九 article into a book. The bookstore text are personal friends, which has own wandering feelings, skimming over the surface of the often only at that time, every harvest always thank the early bird catches the worm, or blame fate shallow and the right book missed, interview book detective book Taoshu in between gains and losses, not to surprise and sigh far-reaching significance. However, the bookstore has written several already close down, then the reader cannot tracking visits from the book to see if some bookstore once existed, borrow some feelings, retained some regret, or has become a kind of meaning is unknown. In the book are taken with. His book look, look different, their spirit, the Central Plains have many interesting appearance changes, find it, is not a kind of happiness. The selected shadow, a cover design and visual perception, a cover design light feeling, does not consider the book edition. While the use of light and shadow effect display books look like portraits of Rembrandt Bbu Gon and the butterfly light, to make the expression more vivid, give books to the vitality of life, produce visual beauty, find pleasing to the taste. During the Imjin year after the beginning of autumn day in Beijing
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overlooking the stream back to listen to the wind.
Longfusi China Bookstore
Sanlian Taofen Book Center
Sanwei bookstore
cloth press impression
revisited commoner.
Lubo house
thought Lok bookstores
antiquarian bookshop bookstore < br >
divine sages bookshop
Han Fen Lou bookstore
one way street library
Cai Wei Ge bookstore
Fuxue antique book
the guest articles piano across the bridge of

Bo Guang Bookstore Bookstore
Bo Guang Bookstore autumn Amoy in

thirty-two Hiromichi bookstore the ancient bookstore
Changsha ancient old bookstore
monsoon bookstore
Hongkong Tiandi bookstore
houses bead curtain of water
Art House
eight time zones east bookstore
Fashion Gallery bookstore
watch house

postscript @##@ bee Bookstore
"all-weather reading" Yang Xiaozhou since 2004 -2012 visited several characteristics bookstore, the book collection of essays. The 29 article is divided into the bookstore, outside the bookstore and Art Bookstore three series. The 27 store mentioned in the book, a number of industry have been closed, but the text can feel the unique taste that vanished or surviving bookstore. This paper narrated author Shu during the leisure fun, revealing all the interest and fascination Book Book Book Hunter's visit. Private library. Filming illustrations for the author's own, love books and from the inside out, give books to the vitality of life, more add a taste.
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Music, Guangtong publishing house, Changsha ancient old bookstore, art house the disappearance of the bookstore scenic thinking too much about reading memory...... Love s bookstore, guarding the remaining human land, 27 characteristics bookstore, nearly 40 books the phantom of the opera, details and temperature as the Tao shu.
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