The beauty of bookshops

Date of publication:2010-1   Press: The Star Press   Author:Tian Yuan   Pages:247   Words:170000  

If have what regret of my life, is also not out of my ideal bookstore. I don't want to repeat themselves. My ideal of a bookstore has the building elements, religious complex, humanistic care of the strength of character. He is a spiritual dimension. I'm in the bookstore this 10 years, suffered many failures, setbacks, unfortunate and unfair criticism and blame, but in my opinion these are my Savior, I am not a defeated people, I want to thank them, because of them, I just go to today, vanguard also because they are alive. The book is my a religion, a religion; God has always been very kind to me, I think the most important thing in my life that God put me in a book, no matter good or bad, I always put the bookstore as my first life, I treat their wounds through his bookstore, I hope to take a special love to you. The wind and rain have confidence, sowing in the wind, in the rain and strong, I just take my faith, I think all the effort will always be remembered, I am willing to pay for China book and courage. The bookstore book: 13 years, what is your experience or feel the bookstore? Chandler: do the bookstore every hour and moment not trembling with fear, see every day is full of crisis and threat, bookstore always the worst has just begun, I don't think the Confucius Temple store, Xinjiekou storeClosure is my failure, suffered the development process we don't use a narrow view of the pioneer in frustration, I wanted to create the experience. We should learn tolerance, because there is no tolerance will not have our own future. Of course, I have ideals of Confucius temple and Xinjiekou shop, but want to do ~ thing, a bit of ideal and passion is not without, idealistic passion is not going to be an. Man's life is not the success and failure, my concern is to put this experience to share with others; life is a mountain, you have to dare to climb. My book is not done well, this is not modesty, indeed, to understand their own soul, bookstore opened 10 years, crustily skin of head to survive, is to survive. In order to make the book, I almost lost my health, even their lives, to the bookstore to bookstore, do the best is my duty. Do the bookstore as in life, the people well is the most important. As a person, what is the most appropriate? To be good, not bad. I always think I in the book, a person or a student, I need from others and from their own learning, constantly reflect on their own fault. I hope the next life to have a new quality. I feel good bookstore is a kind of responsibility, I think that your life requires a great effort to spend, the pragmatic thing to pioneer a job, but also with the bookstore friends established Bookstore culture, mission and vision. Pioneer in the eyes of the people is the city's landmark, can contribute to create a culture of happiness is a good thing for the people of Nanjing, for Nanjing culture on the historical civilization footprint is a blessing, I wish the "labor of their bones", an effort. The private bookstore is our age children of civilization, it is the spirit of our age symbol, for the times pioneer. Book: which met what make an impression on your person? And those who produced a kind of help to you? Chandler: on my desk, placed a wreath, covered with such a word: "recalling the hard work hard, and now, ten years of book brilliant, pioneer bookstore, bring the history of civilization for the people!" This is the pioneer ten anniversary, an elder in the bookstore at the end of it, she did not leave his name, receiving flowers staff told me, she is a white haired old man is getting on in years, gentle and kind. Rosette with paper and hand woven be riotous with colour. Over the past few years, the wreath has been placed on the desk, I every day to work at this special gift, he's in front of me a life statues. Later we learnt the flowers elder is a founder of the aunt, she is a retired old man who lives in Yangzi Petrochemical, bookstore near five of the garden. She embroidered the plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum pictures, mounted to the bookstore. Last summer we Mount Wutai store a full renovation, she sent us to cook the mung bean soup every employee. This series of moves the old man let everyone was deeply moved, feel warm. There is a big brother Jing Jianming, us from understanding to now fast six years, when I was in the most difficult Mu shop master, he and his wife Chen Ling in gunny bags of 600000 yuan to the bookstore. They are helpless in my case out of his hands. There is also a NTU Professor, called Deannie Yip, she put 13 years all the national newspaper the pioneer Bookstore full clip in his book, from the book, as if to see growth of 13 years pioneer Bookstore history, is also a true to life's true love in the world. Only love can make people. They are not relatives are owning their loved ones, not the mother is worth loving. Book: publishing industry increasingly competitive market, the network bookstore on the entity bookstore impact, as a member of industry chain, you feel with publishers and bookstores how interaction, to promote the healthy development of the industry? If the independent bookstore is reduced, so the space niche publications may also be compressed, the development of social diversification is detrimental. You have no what advice or opinion? Chandler: industry usher in a subversive Revolution: digital publishing, online bookstore, electronic reading. Not only is the future of paper publishing will face big change, the industry will also face has already arrived in stereo business impact, which requires us to publish the operator positive thinking and exploration. Survival and survival state publishing houses should pay more attention to the private bookstore, do not say in Chinese, even in Taiwan, Japan, the UK, Chinese America and other local, independent bookstores are hard to survive, select off, compressed, relocation or merger. The whole book in a chaotic state, not from the chaos out of chaos. Many bookstores in the face of the crisis did not find "breakout" road, book industry forward in the mud in the state. A lot of the private bookstore that I see are on the verge of. Press in the private bookstore in crisis situations and exert killer mace, do not pay no shipping, make a lot of bookstore one disaster after another. Publishers are now looking to, Joyo, not in civilian battalion this small share, some publishers continue to compression agreed with the private bookstore amount. This is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry overall, press and private Bookstore should set up a good mechanism of harmonious and win-win. Press to private bookstores to relax, to give private bookstores and Xinhua Bookstore and Joyo, the same preferential policies, and private bookstores together to organize the local academic report, book promotion and marketing activities. Press this several years of publishing stock bubble is becoming bigger and bigger, the special book everywhere, causing confusion in the market and disorderly competition is enlarged, the private Bookstore survival pressure, just on the book, not a few days special bookstore to have sold out, makes a nuisance. Busy is some big press, backbone claim of national culture, books are reduced to the point where it sold by catty, the press how health! If the publisher doesn't do health publishing, not create social responsibility, Book Future mentions from where? In the commercial society towards the impact of large, we should not lose as a social citizen shall have a conscience and dignity. Society calls for fair and just!

"The world everywhere all have good scenery, but the most attracted me the most, or bookstore scenery." Zhong Fangling of this sentence is so good, it recognizes the voice of my heart. I think, this is also a major voice. I never deny that when I conceived "bookstore" the beauty of topics, from the "scenery" and many other related Bookstore Bookstore book. My original intention is to allow more people to appreciate the beauty of the bookstore. Let more people walk into a bookstore. Let more Bookstore into our mind, our life, our city. In "the bookstore" the deadline the beauty of the occasion, suddenly pulls out many years ago wrote an article called "spring" of the text. "I have a house, facing the sea, with spring." This poem is written very beautiful, whenever I see the sea, I would think of this poem; and walked into the bookstore, smell the faint scent of ink, to move a rocking chair on the bookshelf, also can make me have this feeling. Sometimes, even want to put their own house to a bookstore, often experience to face the sea, with spring feeling. Finally, happiness comes. When the new semester begins, I got a dream of a night watchman work bookstore. It is God's gift to me. I feel, because his heart in the happy forest, to be flung to the four winds. After a day of learning, I immediately ran to my "home". You know, my heart than my body fly faster! Came to the bookstore, is the bookstore closing time. Everything was quiet, small bookstore, I am the only one left. No, it should be said, my feast has just begun. Shut the iron gate, I sing a happy song to clean the home is a house of books. That kind of happy feeling, not only in the construction of their homes. And finally realize the dream, I put my "home" in the bookstore, that Zhang's historic folding bed placed beside the bookcase. People often say that "a good book is a good friend, it will be with you a candlelight night; a good book is like a good teacher, it will tell you the life philosophy; a good book is like a great man, you stand on its shoulders you will see farther". This silence of the night, how could I let the bright lights to destroy such a beautiful atmosphere? On the bed gently lit a "small orange light", and let it out the window com. little stars. Lying in bed, readily picked up a book from the bookshelf, slowly the taste of happiness. What I do not know when, tired, just put the book back, turn out the light and lovely "small orange light", happy, sleep. I think, in the dream, I will happy smile. Early in the morning, no alarm call, have a roommate out because they could not find a smelly socks screams but not. With the ink smell light, a ray of sunshine through the window beside the bookshelves, gently caress my happy faces. As you slowly open your eyes, Shengelanyao, readily picked up a book from the bookshelf, free to turn the page, maybe see is that one sentence: "I have a house, facing the sea, with spring." Good day, and from this happiness, imperceptibly began. This is I and the bookstore "the first intimate contact". Later in life, although engaged in is and the bookstore has nothing to do with work, but I still used to hang around in the city's bookstore. The bookstore is not only I buy the book places, more become an indispensable in my life "place". I want to open the "bookstore, beauty", though, is indispensable for the full book "". The bookstore, some I have gone, some friends. Maybe, next time, we can meet in a full scholarly "place".
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Just miss -- if drink book the legendary "read easy hole" -- Reading Yi Dong community study we study -- Park in large study children's picture book library -- Pu Pulan -- the ultimate personality Fenglin late Book cubic fashion Gallery monsoon -- change -- wind concept store spiritual dimension -- pioneer bookstore that feeling is not the same! -- the City Lights Bookstore downtown next to a tree -- Park Road cottage look Bookstore -- let the pace of walking, let the heart -- Fengyu library we desire -- Book Art Spirit of innocence apartment -- Today Art Museum Bookstore under the sun -- look elegant book - a red symbol -- Juxiang house accident surprise -- Bovo Mond0 book reading Coffee Museum -- photosynthesis Wudaokou ferry ferry bookstore shop revisited -- wise in the fishing -- perhaps @##@ Bookstore In a city, bookstores should be small local flow and the rest of the soul. Because these places, we this is located in the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, just is not so rough and desolate, and like a huge piece of cake. Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, xi'an...... The huge complex, through the middle of the street, hidden the tranquil and quiet beauty bookstore, its door handle, stair, pot, windows, all in all, like air, be neither friendly nor aloof......
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Read base, heart garden. Walk into the bookstore, my heart was deeply moved...... 20 cultural landmark building elements, religious complex, humanistic care. If you drinkThe book, read Yi Dong community library, bookstore, Today Art Museum in large study, Pu Pulan picture book library, book cubic, fashion Gallery, wind concept store, pioneer bookstore, City Lights Bookstore, Park Road, cottage, book bar, Fengyu library, books, publishing house, the age of innocence as Juxiang house, Bovo Mond0. Photosynthesis, Wudaokou shop, ferry bookstore...... I just want to open a good bookstore...... Read easy hole: too rational, the bookstore is not opened up. Too emotional, bookstores do not go on to open. Pioneer bookstore if have what regret of my life, my ideal is not out of the bookstore. Park Road, cottage: and I do not too much praise culture, culture is just skin. And I do not too much respected art, art is just hair. I care about, is just between the palm of the warmth. Fengyu Library: I was the rain Maple Inn, I exist, just to see you, again, my shadow.
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