Levinas and the "book" problem

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Liu Wenjin, associate professor at the Chinese Department of East China Normal University, master of philosophy, Peking University Paris tenth university doctor of comparative literature, Paris tenth University PhD candidates. 2009 - 2010 year French "home" Hermes (Herm è s) "postdoctoral Institute of philosophy, visiting scholar and University Paris tenth. Research areas of western philosophy, religion and literary theory; especially the Jewish Christian thought and contemporary French philosophy, literary theory, dialogue, pay attention to moral and literary, political and aesthetic interaction.
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The copyright page: the last century 70's, when ideology is disclosed as "discourse power", to resist the power of power has also been revealed. Foucault pointed out that the expression power of this life will never a one-way, there will also be in place against oppression, but this fight will be in a microcosmic form. Foucault's findings from our instinct and experience is not far away. We know that in the ideology behind the language will immediately produce anti ideology of language, the latter tends to extreme way a reverse to express. For those who go down to the daily language to pseudo sacred language, people often will instinctively seek an obscene language to respond, it seems that in order to throw back the pseudo sacred violence -- that the sincere trauma; it seems that the trauma requires a revenge, not only is a kind of rational negative, because this trauma is a kind of mental disease, a kind of poison, and people can only fight in a demonized against a demonized. Ideology caused by trauma has become the contemporary literary and artistic works of important source of inspiration, as if Pandora box release primitive impulse, all sorts of madness, parody, sick, orThose ice sheets as boundless indifference. However, anti ideology are not equally ideology trap? It is not also in the dialectics of ideology, developed from the opposition with a life program in the arsenal? The language also lost a sincere exchanges between "you and me", but only as a negation of negation. To this Levinas said: "in this strange book, emission extremely prosperous language, they are to each other and derision; resulting in some like radio programs like the pages of the book, for this program, people stubbornly want through their own programs to the trick; it also opened all the terrible and nihilism, reserve open manure, screaming, cursing, rubbish Literature -- a poem. However, maybe this unique language weakness is precisely its ability, those who accuse others quibble words is in itself a quibble. If the former is too good for the real, is the latter not equally, to reflect the reality is too ferocious?" In his view, ideology, language and anti ideology predicament of language into the ontological predicament of language. Levinas pointed out that the suspect is not enough to make the language out from the fictional labyrinth, doubt is still possible and fiction entangled together: "I think I may not in", "negation of negation is not sure". "A dream of another, and down before vanishing of a dream of people about their. Just like in Gogol's "the gambler" -- is already so Kafka - all the cards down, and all the servants were bought, all want to cut the Gordian knot attempt just reconnect with that awful continuation." Why ideology lies to be able to continue, can not be stopped? Levinas thinks, because there is no one language to terminate this natural Narration -- the narrative has a primitive energy spontaneous. When the human language completely governed by natural instinct of narration, the narrative when no longer encounter the human voice rebuttal, when extreme gravity human speech has lost its responsibility when, in fact people are no longer able to speak: "no one can start his speech, if in addition to talking things, he could not immediately see other. Study the question before the vote, from psychological analysis and social network. Words are some symptoms or superstructure. A part of which formed by the action of screaming and waking nightmare, but they are shall be terminated."
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The introduction of revelation, history and literature.
a leading question. A: "the book of history" questioned the
two introduction two: literature and its tension
three from the "face book" starting
first chapters other oriented thinking.
a horrible memory and the philosophy of
two "Bible" enlightenment and the philosophy of "experience"
three religions and in the view of phenomenology of Levinas
four research overview and the book of
second chapter Levinas of "the book" found that one one of contemporary French Thought "about" book "ambiguity and origin of
the first book of the civilization and logocentrism
a philosopher and writer of the book of suspected
two books Dialectics: from" the book of deformation end caps "to book" absent "
three books and" writing "the beginning of the
Four Books: from" works (1'(Euvre) "to" the other writing "
second philosophy with the limits of the" book "free
a philosophical language to establish
two style ethics means the
three" books "and the spirit of the free
four from Tamud's memory
five and the" book "puzzle.
third chapter "book 'ethical
section" book "and the history of
a history of evil and the literature of good
two poetry and philosophy ancient debate: how to conquer fate?
three" books "and the sacred history: the significance of fertility (1a
f6condit6) and the main fertility
second" books "and body.
a tragedy of the space and the hidden God
two hungry humility and responsibility consciousness.
three extreme hunger and opened the" book "is inspired by.
fourth chapters on ontological critique of language: the existence of shadow and" as "night
first idol worship: a philosophical criticism of ideology.
a ideology and idol worship.
Two Ideology and sacred appearance.
three known and Transcendence of the disappearance of the subject
four Prophetic Tradition and ontology language
five screaming and aphasia: the modern language disease reflection
second image, art and existence tragedy of
" essence "is a sport.
image, representation, similarity of two real
three" pure emotion "and works of art aesthetic effect of
Four" as a verb, "the Say 'is' essence' of nature "and the origin of the boundary
five existing tragedy and redemption
fifth chapter language: for others" speech "
sixth chapter" on the Maurice Brown Shaw "modern literature and" it "in the relationship between
seventh chapter literature as the" people Utopia "hunch: Levinas on the Paul Ce Lan
eighth chapter free debate: between poetry and the Jewish

bibliography published @##@ postscript postscript Based on the book of contemporary ideological climate, especially such a theory of observation of the European Literature: the last century is a poetics in theory, or is the philosophy of winning era literature, but this victory seemed only accelerated our despair and nihilism, because literature itself increasingly a professional self consciousness. Reading literature "should no longer and the problem of how to live, and more with professional theory. The book points out that this literary phenomenon is still romantic especially extension of German romanticism. Contemporary literature in the fundamental and no problem framework from the German romantic spirit, namely for self and subjective questions. The book is: with the death of God (the God of Death Philosophy) and start to Literature and art in its sacred and absolute pursuit of what it means? Book questioned: in the contemporary ideological climate of "Literature", "art" and "writing" and "poetry" of the pilgrimage, have deep reflection which may contain the other forgotten and repressed?
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This with the implications for the pious, the real feeling attentively written book, the literary thought of contemporary French philosopher Levinas, carried out comprehensive and in-depth research. The book tells us clearly that only back to its source, literature and philosophy can be passed to others face understanding, response and writing, reveal the ethical life. I was the master the material rich, use of language proficiency, comprehend deeply the original code, to reflect the reality of the cut skin deeply touched, but more let me moved, humane care in the book between the lines revealed that reflect the realistic critical spirit. Today, the concern and critical spirit becomes scarce, because scarce, it is precious. Du Xiaozhen Liu Wenjin has always been committed to the research of Levinas, this book after burnish, through a detailed first-hand literature firmly grasp the "speech" to highlight the activities of the "other", and the single "subject" breakthrough, to explain the existence and ethics sense of literature. Digging deep that I think is very knowledgeable, the Levinas study in China has reached a new level. Yang Huilin
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"Levinas and the" book ": the face of another and" song of songs "is the" Sanlian Harvard Yenching academic series "one of the series, by Liu Wenjin.
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